Theatrics & Spoken Word

Photographers: Paul Appleby, Lee Hawkins, Hristina, James@Example Mag, Simon Lewis, April Newman, Angus Rushworth, Joe Singh, Ray Whittaker, Mike Hale, Mairead McHugh, Rob Thomas, Ffion Roberts, Ian Palmer


The Bantam of the Opera will again be filled with a weekend of strange occurrences, enthralling theatre, jaw-dropping circus, side-splitting poetry, mesmerizing puppetry and more moments of magic than you can shake a stick at. Swing through the saloon doors and get stuck in – by day we’ll have theatre, dance and puppet-making workshops suitable for all audiences and by night sit back, relax and enjoy as the Bantam slowly morphs into the Velveteen Valley Cabaret.

The Fetch

Spellbinding puppetry company The Fetch (A tour de force of theatre – The Stage) will be making a welcome return with their beautiful bunraku puppets with shows, workshops and a very special surprise planned over the weekend…

*Bantam of the Opera Stage is happy to announce a partnership with Birmingham Guild of Students. Students from the Guild will be working closely with festival crew to gain more experience of operating lighting and sound over the three day theatre programme. Work experience crew from previous years have gone on to work at venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Britain’s Got Talent.


Don’t miss the walkabout interactive performances all weekend. They’ll be surprises round every corner. Let your eyes be boggled by the mind-bending performance artists who weave, wind, twizzle and sizzle their way through the weekend for your pure pleasure and astonishment. Expect plenty of surprises on site but what we can tell you about is…

Sock wrestling

The ultimate wrestling game, complete with sock facts, quizzes and sock trophies to be won!

Wild West High Noon Shoot Out

John Wayne can move aside. The Sheriff of Nozstock is busy keeping order at HQ while he devises his cunning plans. Meet the sheriff in the Dingle everyday at noon, walk twelve paces away from each other, and shoot! The first cowboy to get paint splattered wins. The Sheriff’s decision is final in this town.

The Turkey Twizzler Game

Fancy being ‘crowned’ with a handmade wattle? Of course you do. The game involves tarring (gunging) and feathering yourself in a Fun House scenario. The first one to wrap themselves in tin foil and hurl themselves into the oven to be roasted, wins. Meaty and basted, just the way we like you.

Cream Pie Fight

Cream Pie fight! Think Blazin Saddles in style, this year’s Noz sees our jailbirds create chaos, through the medium of pie, in your face. Taking place Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Follow the jailbirds sign. Location: DINGLE.

Dirty Looking Mobile Disco

Introducing the Dirty Lookin’ Mobile Disco, possibly the best sounding mobile sound system in the world. Hand made in Wales, tried and tested across the festival grounds of the UK it’s the mobile party that really hits the spot. The revolutionary battery powered sound system will be featuring some of the UK’s finest DJ’s, playing super-lush sounds from the cutting edge of global underground music.




Featuring wisdom, debate and opinion from all corners of the globe, come and test the bounds of your mind in this tent, here one minute, gone the next. Thought has never felt so fleeting, or maybe it has?


Aubrey De Grey

We don’t have to get sick as we get older…

If we can stop the physical deterioration that comes with age, molecular biologist Aubrey de Grey sees no reason why human beings shouldn’t live to be 1,000. Ageing is a physical phenomenon happening to our bodies, so at some point in the future, as medicine becomes more and more powerful, we will inevitably be able to address ageing just as effectively as we address many diseases today. Here he talks about the outcomes of such a future, and what this would mean ecologically and ethically.


Sophia Walker

Sophia Walker is a poet. But only on Tuesdays after 3pm. The rest of the time, she is Batman. Well, no, not at all. But let’s pretend anyway, she could look so cool in a cape and she really wants that inexplicably complex belt. When not busy failing horribly to crusade in a cape, Sophia is the winner of the 2012 London Poetry Olympics, the Edinburgh Book Festival Improv Slam, and the UK’s representative for the World Queer Slam, where she came third. Seriously though, she really wants a cape, help a poet out.

Errol McGlashan

Errol is one of the London scene’s brightest up and coming talents, winning audiences over with his confident stage manner and on-the-nose takes on everything from the Big Smoke to his lifelong search for love! He’s won more slams than I’ve had hot dinners, and his night “Poetry Jam” has been taking the capital by storm. Don’t miss him!

David Lee Morgan

David is a big-hearted firebrand of a performance poet, a street saxophonist and the winner of more than a few slams over the years, including the 2010 Farrago UK Slam Championship, the London Slam Championship and the Soul City Arts I-Slam. He’s about to take his latest one man show, “Science, Love & Revolution” up to the Edinburgh Fringe this year, so don’t miss this chance to score a sneak preview!

Stephanie Dogfoot

Steph Dogfoot (aka. Stephanie Chan) is a poet and sometime law student from Singapore, currently based in London. She started off scribbling rants in the margins of law textbooks and yelling them at drunk people in pubs and squats. She’s ended up as Singapore Slam Champion of 2010 and the current reigning UK Slam Champion! Her poems continue to draw people in with their subtle blend of insight, compassion and just the right amount of awkwardness.

Matt Cummins

Matt Cummins is a rather friendly chap hailing from North London who enjoys nothing more than introducing folks to the wonderful world of performance poetry. He’s the host of the The Big Smoke’s friendliest open mic night “Forget What You Heard (about spoken word)” alongside Steph Dogfoot, part of the Hammer & Tongue Camden slam team and the compère of this year’s Tent Of Temporary Thought! He’ll mostly be busy herding Nozstock’s crack team of wordsmiths about the shop, but hopefully he’ll find a little time to deliver a dose of his own heartfelt home-truth hip-hop too.

Charlie Dupré

Charlie is a pulsing concoction of literary influences and kinetic verbal onslaughts. Described by Annexe Magazine as ‘ a unique brand of poetic wizardry’, on the spoken word circuit he has supported the likes of Scroobius Pip, Ghostpoet and Chester P, and is a two-time Hammer and Tongue National finalist. His one man spoken word show, ‘The Stories of Shakey P’ gives Shakespeare stories a riveting contemporary slant by re-imagining the Bard as a playground battle rapper – It premiered at the Edinburgh Festival 2012, and will be touring festivals in both the UK and abroad throughout 2013.

Rik Livermore

‘Rik the Most’ (aka Rik Livermore) is a poet/breakdancer/teacher who likes to write “about you and you and you, all of them, that, him, her, what they’re doing and me.” Taking inspiration from the, both, amazing and horrifying aspects of humanity – his poetry has been described as, “achingly honest”, forming a “heartfelt connection to the audience.” Rik is also a scriptwriter and has recently finished creating a hip-hop theatre show; starring his breakdancing crew ‘Methods of Movement’, so keep an eye out for its launch over the next year.

Michelle Madsen

Michelle Madsen is an undercover poet. Host of Hammer and Tongue London and scourge of festivals and slams around the country by night, she’s a journalist by day. She has performed at festivals and venues around the world including Glastonbury, Latitude, the Secret Garden Party and the Bowery Poetry Cafe, as well as working as a poet in resident in Belgium and Argentina. Michelle’s poetry is jibing, dark and as delicious as a bowl full of crack coated toffee apples, encompassing all sins, heartbreak and anarchy. Her debut collection is being published by Burning Eye Books and will be out in September.

Katherine McMahon

Katherine hails from Edinburgh, where she helps run Inky Fingers – a grassroots spoken word collective with an emphasis on creating a welcoming space for new voices, and the quarterly queer spoken word night OUT:SPOKEN. Her first pamphlet, paired with a CD album in collaboration with musician and sound designer Fiona Keenan, is published by award-winning Scottish press Stewed Rhubarb. She also loves swimming in unlikely places, baking elaborate desserts, and growing things!

Andy Craven-Griffiths

Poet, rapper, chiselled charmer…You might expect the work of the front man to acclaimed genre defying band Middleman to be all about the swagger. In fact, Andy Craven-Griffiths’s stage presence is engagingly humble, his narratives disarming and his words honest, lyrical and insightful. He’s a festival stalwart, beguiling audiences at all the usual suspects. He’s mesmerized masses at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Leeds, Reading and Latitude; toured throughout England, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Ireland and America; appeared on national BBC radio and television, in people’s front rooms…and on buses… Now he’s OURS!

PLEASE NOTE: Nozstock’s theatrics are kid-friendly all day until 8pm, with some specific children’s workshops and performances. Please bear in mind that programming after 8pm could contain profanity and graphic imagery.