Bantam of the Opera


The Bantam of the Opera will again be filled with a weekend of strange occurrences, enthralling theatre, side splitting hilarity, jaw-dropping circus, mesmerizing puppetry and more moments of magic than you can shake a stick at. As the night draws near, check in for the Laughing Stock takeover, where stellar comedians will have you roaring ’til the cows come home, and Velveteen Valley cabaret in the wee hours late-late Saturday night…

2018 line up includes…

From a liquid that boils at room temperature, to gases heavier than air, Andrew Szydlo explores magical molecules and enchanting elements in this family event, showing practical demonstrations of the magic of chemistry.
Spectacle Stunners, the ultra-violet and fire spectacle company, Hummadruz, will wow and stun you with Psychedelic UV shows in the Theatre and Coppice and then take you on an adrenaline-fuelled trip through a Labyrinth of Flames.
Be More, Do Better But Don’t Change is a collection of stories and poems about self-improvement. It premiered at 2017’s Prague Fringe Festival to rave reviews. One of those rare shows, just as likely to make you belly laugh as it is to bring a tear to your eye.



If good old-fashioned wit and hilarity is your thing then this is the place for you. Staging a Saturday & Sunday afternoon takeover of the theatre tent, please welcome the Laughing Stock comedians who will have you cackling your way into the stratosphere. Don’t break a rib. Seriously.

Armed only with his broken guitar, his wit and an empty crisp packet, funnyman Phil Kay roams the open roads spinning yarns, singing songs, spouting gentle obscenities and generally making merry. He’s been hanging around causing mischief on the comedy circuit for almost thirty years, described by Fest Magazine as “tender, poignant and fitfully hilarious” and this summer he’s welcoming us all back onboard Planet Anecdote to be beguiled, bewildered and thoroughly tickled. Leave your common sense at the door and pull up a stool around the warm crackling fire that is Phil’s masterful combo of song, story and semi-derangement. After all, it wouldn’t be Nozstock without Phil…
If you missed her in 2016, never fear – one of the best British comediennes Jayde Adams is returning to the Nozstock comedy stage to captain the good ship Laughter as MC for the weekend. You may recognise her from 8 Out Of 10 Cats, her sold-out Edinburgh Fringe shows or just from your wildest dreams: mixing music, social satire and characters into her sets, Jayde describes herself as a “comedian, dancer, opera singer, piano player, MC, beatboxer, photographer and octuple threat”.
Joe Davies‘ set is a mix of weird, silly, surreal and downright comical. His most recent show ‘Who’s The Daddy’ focuses on Joe’s discovery that he is actually the son of Perrier-nominated country singer Hank Wangford. The show was an instant success at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and cemented Joe’s reputation as a ‘glorious loon’ (John Kearns)


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