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Nozstock’s original dance arena is a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space to be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers. Now the room serves as a cocoon to the dance world as the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.

Previous hosts staging beastly takeovers include Sika Studios, UK hip hop collective bringing some of the skankiest riddims to the scene, Reggae Roast showing what’s great about good-time, bouncin’ reggae rhythms and The Blast bringing a mixed bag of bassy wonder.

2016’s line up included…

Sika Studios

Get ready for a brand-new exclusive SIKA records showcase. Featuring multiple genres of music from live hip-hop and grime acts to bassline smashers with heavyweight MCs hosting. SIKA records have been making very big moves this year, conjuring up at least one fresh release a month! This is set to continue for the rest of 2016, so by the time Nozstock comes around the SIKA records roster will be full of heavyweight, multiple-genre fire, containing something for all Nozstockers to enjoy! Their line up included…


Born and bred in Hackney, Klashnekoff is one of the most recognizable artists on the UK hip-hop scene. His raps reflect the society he’s had to grow up in, making him an identifiable figure for many young people in the UK today. His expertise as a genre unifier has enabled him to perform in a mix of locations from big festivals like Glastonbury to London’s musical hubs Coco and Jazz Cafe, to well known club venues such as Ministry of Sound. Klashnekoff has featured alongside the likes of Kano and Shaznay, he hooked up with renowned DJ Jus’ Blaze for Playstation, plus Rio Ferdinand, Pete Doherty and the Arctic Monkeys are all fans. In 2004 he won a UMA Award, and in 2007 DJ Premier put him forward for a BET Award nomination. So, to sum up… Nozstockers, we’re good to you.


The self-proclaimed drum ‘n’ bass father is hitting up The Bullpen with crazy bars and straight up pars. Renowned for his dubwars with ‘Boy Better Know’s’ Skepta and Chipmunk, SIKA studios’ very own Devilman is a fiend for the unconventional…This filthy set is a must-see for all you grime heads; we’ll see you there for a good old traditional Saturday night skank to some less than traditional Saturday night sounds.


Technoo has been rapping under various guises since his early teens but has settled into being a solo performer. Signed to Haji’s Yard/First Son, his album Scary Monsters is available now showcasing his lyrical hip hop style. With his towering height, menacing dread locks and razor sharp freestyle ability, Tenchoo is one of A formidable opponents within the rap battle world. He won the Don’t Flop Doubles competition in 2010 with Lego, the 2010 Battle Scars competition where he beat Dekay in the final and he was 2012 Jump Off Champion, beating felllow DF rapper Dotz to win the title.


Flash Harry is a mash up DJ whose fluid style consists of reggae, hip-hop, funk and DnB. A bit of a Nozstock veteran these days, he has played alongside the likes of Krafty Kuts, Freestyliners and Foreign Beggars and has a weekly underground music show on UKFM.


Real.Life.Drama Records is an independent UK hip-hop label, founded by Leaf Dog and BVA to bring you the fresh talent! Leaf Dogs combination of real lyrics and inventive punchlines have made him one of the most exciting acts on High Focuses roster. BVA MC started rapping at just 8 years old and has performed all over the UK. Real.Life.Drama Records is closely affiliated with the amazing High Focus Records, both of which are dedicated to bringing you the real music.


Skuff and Inja bring live hip-hop back to the crowd-blazing stage it deserves. They are one of the most explosive UK live acts to date. Made up of MCs Inja and Skuff, both acclaimed solo artists, who are renowned for stellar live performances, lyrical diversity and undisputed crowd-pleasing showmanship.


Signed to YoGoCop Records, Team Dreebs are a hip-hop crew from Brighton made up of some well known names on the scene – Cloud 9, Illiterate, Benaddict, Awfer, NuffZed, Terry Tonks, M Kozi, Mr Slipz, NuphZed, Tom Yum, Hank Hiller and Bo Bribery.


Katch Pyro is a cross between fire and melody ,drum and bass, country and western, rock n roll and tropical dance music for any ears. A collaborative producer, he has worked with many underground record labels (Life4Land/Erisian/Jigsore/Irritant/Kaotik) and tours regularly in the UK rave scene. Katch Pyro has also produced the music score’s for Pyratrix Circus’s stage shows ‘Lil Red Rioting Hoodie’ ,’Reconbobulate’ and the film ‘Alice through the wonderglass.’


Osh-Kosh has been rattling about the heavy end of the UK drum & bass scene for years. He got on the turntables aged 17 and has rarely left them since. Working with an array of sound systems, promoters and radio hosts, he’s cooked up his own brand of his high-fuelled, frighteningly-fast, junglist turntablism and he’s been pushing that sound right across the UK and Europe through live tours and releases. These include “Opium Den”, Bun Dem” and “Murder Ya Bloodclart” which are out on Jigsore Records. Osh-Kosh is currently part of The Jigsore Sound System, has 5 vinyl releases and a number of residencies across Bristol and the south west.


Aristocrats. High class hip-hop. J Maxfield and Double.Negative on the beats. Stash Mandizoot & Twiggs on the verbs.


Lean In The Evening are a hip-hop collective consisting of 5 MCs; Mr Byte, Harvs, Sonny Mac, Bill Greene and KLB. They’re straight outta Ely…? Which is a tiny city in Cambridgeshire of course, not that you can tell by their London-accented vocals that hint at Foreign Beggars and are served with THC-smoked beats. Their new album Lite was recorded during hazy night-time sessions at Rasta Clown Studios.


Culture Vultures have been working hard releasing an album a year for the past few, including 2014’s Fucking Wing It and 2015’s Squawktown. They’ve been featured on the hip-hop programme of Newport City Radio, The Hold Up Show and this year Nozstock welcomes them to The Bullpen.


SWMS is a massive nine-piece rap collective based in Manchester consisting of emcees Treece, Rittens, Gormless, Caskavet, Cool Hand Luke, Crook, $ire, Binners and Ruez. They’ve been drip releasing tunes and playing live shows over the past year, steadily gaining momentum.


Sox is part of the KH Media crew, who broadcast UK underground talent with rap and freestyle videos.


Trilla is an MC from Birmingham well known for his singalong choruses and upbeat tracks. Some of Trilla’s most popular songs are Etap Riddim, G Star and 0121, which was featured on the compilation This Is UK Grime, Vol. 1. Trilla has received airplay from many top DJs such as Jamie Duggan and DJ Cameo, and has performed all across the UK and abroad.


The Otha Guys consists of UK Legend WorDsmiff FLIP and certfied underground king, Spitfire. Their ‘The Otha Guys’ EP is out on SIKA records now.


Renowned for his razor-sharp delivery and warped content, Jibbarish is acknowledged as one of the most exciting talents in the UK hip-hop scene. His twisted style and machine-gun spits will blow you away, and it is only a matter of time before the world embraces his vision and gives him the attention that he deserves.


Current resident for LabRat Records, Omus One AKA Spittaman AKA Mista Long Shanks (Jordan piper) Born in Bolton Lancs and raised in Folkestone, Kent, started taking music seriously in around 2008, working on various projects with a number of different producers. In 2010 he formed Animated Spittaz with fellow emcee Anim’e and in 2011 released the mixtape ‘Abominable Micmen’. In 2012 the debut album ‘Stop Motion’ produced by Bambu Hands was released followed by ‘Tales of The Omus One’ and ‘Zombie Nostrils’.


Duo Chedeye Knights, along with lyricist 420 already have a busy 2016 planned with gigs at Balter Festival and various Sika Studios showcases.


Skinzmann is bringing the best of the grime sound from Birmingham, His EPs such as 2010s Herbzdem have led to support from the likes of BBC Radio One and 1Extra and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the scene including Devilman and Traumatik.


Bonafyde is a Birmingham DJ / Producer working with Sika and All Vibes Records. You can catch him on Silk City Radio every other Wednesday.


Bassline producer and DJ Fiyahman, aka Kane Dowler hails from the South West. As well as his work with Sika Records he is signed to Second To None Music.


Isaac Pallares-Tort AKA Snoopy Dubz is a Lancaster based DJ/ Producer originally from Barcelona, Spain. He has collaborated with Devilman and you can catch the best of his ‘Scary Tales’ EP in The Bullpen.


Part of the Bracket Records and SIKA family, King Bracket is a Brighton based rhythm and dub producer. Tracks of note include Ilodica Season of the Harvest and Lions Raw ep.


Founded in 2008, Don’t Flop is the UKs #1 rap battle league and a hip-hop media platform.Travelling up and down the country pitting the fiercest emcee’s against each other they bring the show to The Hidden Valley to test wits, show skills and spit some shocking bars.


Based in Bristol, Datkid is 1/8th of stellar hip-hop crew, Split Prophets. Wordplay, the UK’s leading hip-hop culture magazine voted Datkids’ ‘Home By 8’ as video of the year 2012.


Born and raised in Birmingham UK, grime DJ/Producer and dub plate master DJ Big Mikee has built a massive underground following and gained peer respect for his support of music and artists from the grime genre. Inspired by watching his uncle & friends spinning vinyl’s Mikee decided to buy his first set of belt drive decks in 1997 for £150 and started mixing. Determined not to be another bedroom DJ he got bookings playing out in pubs and on pirate radio stations. His first break was getting a slot on the number one underground station in Birmingham, Silk City Radio where he still has a weekly show. He has also had slots on popular London station DejavuFM and guesting on 1xtra, Rinse FM and BBC Asian Network.

Booogieman is resident DJ for Devilman and the SIKA crew. Most of the time you can catch him touring across the UK heavily loaded with a selection of smashers, dusting out his quick mix styles containing certified DnB, bassline and grime bangers.

Elias Cole AKA E-Coli is a gypsycore producer and mash-up DJ. He’s been a core member of the Nozstock crew for a few years now and is the head honcho at Balter Festival in Monmouth.


Already booked for Balter Festival and Illusive Festival this summer, we welcome C3B straight outta Brighton with his techno and jungle sound.


The Verbal Highz are an underground UK hip-hop group from Hereford. They consist of five rappers from the Ford, Coosie, Chillman, Goose, Entra P and their DJ, Sayk. The group was formed in April of 2012 and since then have made great progress on soundcloud with regular live gigs. They have supported acts like Split Prophets, Dirty Dike, Chester P and more.


Hailing from East Anglia, Onewish & Brie are the UKs most caffeinated hip-hop duo Tea Unit. Their track ‘Get Together’ has been playlisted on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1Extra.


Ash The Author is Reading’s Ash Murphy. He is a rapper and host of Holdin Court – a collective of creative individuals who come together to put on independent hip-hop, funk and soul events.


Dert Bagginz is live from the shire, an urban pirate, signed to Bracket Records, who provides dirty vibes from grime to jungle, selecting bangers and rudeboy remixes.
signed to bracket


The Blast

Back in the days when single genre music events were all the rage, a group of friends from Bristol thought enough was enough. They wanted to step outside the box and give themselves and the people around them a taste of musical variety and something to shout about. Why shouldn’t you be able to listen to a whole range of different genres on one night all under one roof?! After many long and late nights experimenting with the boundaries of drum ‘n’ bass and bass music The Blast was formed. Creating a path for others to follow, The Blast always strive to make each event the most fun that they can. Expect to enter The Bullpen and forget where you are… The Blast’s 2016 line up included…


Top Grime DJ/Producer Sir Spyro is widely recognised and respected for his impeccable mixing ability and track selection. Entering his 10th year on London’s pioneering Rinse FM, his weekly grime show is looked upon as the go to for everything new from the Grime scene generating millions of views online. Growing from DJ to producer releasing grime classics such as ‘Shadow Boxing’ and a number EPs from his own Dragon Punch Recordings imprint. Sir Spyro has also collaborated with many of the grime scenes top MCs.


President T is an MC with a cult following and a truly singular and impactful style. Often called your favourite MC’s favourite MC for his quality verses, he is an immediately recognisable voice in the grime world who makes a real impact and has an ever growing fan base. In the past, he has been a key part of the celebrated North London Meridian crew alongside big names like JME and Skepta. It was his iconic first album, 2007s Back Inna My Face, that really announced his arrival on the grime scene, and in 2015 he followed it up the only way he knows how, with top singles like ‘Don’t Give a Monkeys’ and ‘Don’t Care Bout The Law.’


London boy Riz La Teef is usually found behind the decks of his show on Radar Radio. When you tune in to his sets you hear a selection of funky, grime, dubstep and UK garage.


Bristol boy Boofy is the co-founder of Sector 7 Sounds. He joins with another of Bandulu Records best, Hi5Ghost, to show The Bullpen how it’s done.


Welcome The Blast regular Nastee Boi. Nastee is a bassline DJ from Leeds who incorporates a fun mix of grime and garage into his sets.


Blazey became the first DJ to actively support grime in Bristol back in the noughties and now lays some gritty, deep sounds for the crowds delight.


This young and aspiring DJ/producer, hailing from Bristol, is bringing his high tempo tunes to The Bullpen. Jaydrop has graced the main stage at Fabric, and gained much support from the likes of Skeptical and Loxy.


Bristol DJ FireManSam is bringing to Nozstock the best of bashment, dub, reggae, afrobeat, grime, garage and hip hop. His mission: to spread the love for pure dancehall and keep up the good vibes. Resident DJ of Bristol’s dynamic bass music party, Shit The Bed, and host of #DRB Bashment party, FireManSam is promising to shake up Bullpen stage.


One of the founding members of ‘The Blast’, TS2W will be bringing the roof down with his fast-paced tunes, with jungle, D&B and juke inspired sounds. Let him make you dance like a robotic crab!


This established MC is now notching up his releases on his own label. Having the rare skill of ‘knowing when to shut up’, he has played at the big ‘uns including Glastonbury and all over the place from Croatia to Manchester. Taking in garage to hip hop, dubstep to jungle and everything else in between, Koast will have you popping and locking to his hard-hitting tunes.


Love Kulture Project Takeover

Renowned vibes and party specialists Love Kulture Project is one of London’s biggest collectives supported by the likes of Reggae Roast, Nice Up Records, Chopstick Dubplate, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Channel One Soundsystem, Benny Page and various others. Lovers of all things funk, soul, reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, dub & jungle, their mission is to spread awareness and culture through music. Love Kulture Project’s 2016 line up included…


London lady Tiffani Juno is only 23 but has the talent of someone twice her age. She gigs regularly around London and has collaborated with Jakwob, Gardna and Hybrid Minds.


Having emerged out of the Brighton reggae scene, Kings Hi Fi have played their electric brand of the genre both nationally and internationally throughout the urban scene. Their highest achievement to date was performing at Europe’s largest reggae festival ‘Rototom Sunsplash 2007’ where they performed alongside artists such as Beenie man, Shaggy, Sizzla, Zion Train and British legend YT.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica and now of London Town, Culture B is a core member of the Kings Hi-Fi crew.
Signed to Vinyl Gems Records Reuben Da Silva is set to show The Bullpen how it’s done as King Hi-Fi’s resident M.C
Leo Samson is a DJ and Producer who plays everything from roots reggae to digital dancehall and beyond…
Alfonzo Fox joins the Kings Hi-Fi residents to start Friday’s Hidden Valley shenanigans in style…
Model and DJ Scar Duggy aka Scarlet Duggan has a weekly show on Flex FM and has performed at London’s One Dance Festival.
Bristol vibes from vinyl and cdj DJ Sour Phree who is releasing new material Summer 2016.


Liam Furneaux - Bullpen