Photographers_ see the Nozstock Flickr for all credits.

Nozstock’s original dance arena is a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space to be enjoyed by musicians and music lovers. Now the room serves as a cocoon to the dance world as the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. Take a detour into this old barn for a dance-lite distraction and keep an eye on this area in the day time… we might make DJs of you yet. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.

Booking under way for 2016’s festival


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Previous acts who’ve graced this stage include: P Money, Chimpo, Deadbeat UK, Killjoy, Mad Professor, Adam Prescott, Deadly Hunter, Klashnekoff and Devil Man.