Cabinet of Lost Secrets

“Come, relax in our den and let us entertain you. If you dare to explore, we will show you the doors to your darker side, your playful innerself, the freak show, a place of lost secrets where the animals still party, inside this place where strange things found in time are collected and stored.”

Shortlisted for the AIF Festival Award ‘Most Unique Arena 2015’, The Cabinet of Lost Secrets returns for a fourth slice of weirdness at Nozstock the Hidden Valley, bringing you surprises and dancing in this strange, multi-roomed underground lair!

Expect the unexpected with immersive performance and pop up experiences, get properly ‘funked up’ with live funk & soul grooves, upbeat world rhythms and a touch of cutting-edge electronica, complimented by our dj funksters. And remember to keep an eye out for the secrets……

2018 line up includes…

Normanton Sreet are a Brighton based soul/hip-hop group with a lyrically focused sound. Ned, Nicholson & Phoebe give three distinct vocals with jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves, tight rhythmic drums and memorable saxophone melodies all making for a truly dynamic groove.
Nautical rockers Seas Of Mirth have caused quite a ruckus across UK and Europe for the last six years. The nine-strong crew based in Nottingham come with their varying sound of worldly rhythms, interactive silliness, and bizarre sea-based song concepts, filling the independent festival circuit with their unique, upbeat and rambunctious shanty style performances! You can also catch them on the Orchard Stage on Sunday
Feelgood Experiment features the best of Bristol’s blossoming music scene combining jazz, soul and R&B to create a truly progressive sound with compelling rhythm and mellifluous harmony doused with liberating improvisation and rich lyrical content.
One of Bristol’s grooviest all-original funk-latin-soul bands comprising of a super tight rhythm section, explosive horns and two incredible vocalists. Mango Factory gain rave reviews wherever they play with their infectious mash-up of funk driven sounds.
A flamboyant jazz-punk fivesome from Manchester. Fluorescent and flirtatious or blunt and vulgar; Ask My Bull crackle with an infectious energy that always sends a current through the crowd.
Almatic are a hip-hop five-piece based in Bristol, effortlessly melding styles including neo soul, folk and breakbeat to create a truly captivating high-energy show with moments of intimacy crafted into each performance.
With their rock & roll swagger and unusual sultry frontwoman, ‘Acid Doll’, Pink Diamond Revue (Tim Lane and Rob Courtman Stock) are an underground live sensation who use samples and hard electronics to create transcendental psychedelic jams.
Collective 43 are a playful congregation of multi-instrumentalists influenced by a New Orleans street band style. Creating some life on the streets near you, their sounds range from swing, funk, ragtime and dub all blended together to make a big band street sound.
Behold the musical stylings of The Imaginary Hat; 1920s jazz meets rock/punk, resulting in a band that’s as distorted as it is danceable. Through characteristically dark and absurd lyricism (think Cole Porter meets John Cooper Clarke), their songs explore the pitfalls and pleasures of 21st Century life. With a reputation for energetic live performances full of onstage antics and spontaneity, 2018 sees a new and expanded line-up, with a powerful brass section of trombone, saxophone and clarinet. Their sophomore EP is out Spring 2018.
Razzomo are a full power Balkan house/gypsy folk duo (members of festival favourites Mr Tea and the Minions). Mixing gypsy+Irish fiddle with booming guitar beats, you’ll be amazed at the sound and energy two can make! Razzomo have performed to loving audiences from India, Asia, their beloved hometown of Bristol as well as many UK festivals and often collaborate with other musicians to create new exciting blends. Creating their own unique spin on Balkan folk, variations of Mr Tea and the Minions original tunes and by “gypsifying” other styles of music they bring a broad range of influences into their energetic live set.
Capas aka Phil Wilkins is a Worcestershire based, multi instrumentalist composer and producer using electronic and live recordings to create big cinematic sounds. Capas joins forces with drummer Daren Wood and guitarist Olly Irwin creating a super tight unit working in many forms from electronica, jazz, dub, afro and triphop. Performing as a three piece or by bringing in other musicians for larger shows, Capas’ style is diverse and flexible with solid grooves to get your feet moving and haunting melodies to captivate your soul.
7 Suns are a ten-piece Afro/Latin funk group based in London! Universal music for universal people!
Mohawkestra do exactly what their brilliantly clever name suggests…they make up-to-date, break-heavy music in the style of ’60s Hammond/Library icons The Mohawks.” DJ Format
An offshoot of King Solomon Band, one of the south-wests finest reggae bands, this new outfit is made up of singer Kingsley Salmon and DJ Sal Davidson with special guest singers and players from the full band. Their hybrid set up of sweet vocals, DJ and a live jam makes for an interesting twist on the classic style. KSSS have been making movements for last two years supporting the likes of Macka B, Chali 2na, So solid Crew, Maverick Sabre, The Mouse Outfit, Dreadzone and many more.
Fun, energy and hoe-downs…all plentiful when you see The Woo Town Hillbillies. This collective of musicians really love what they do and it shows! You can expect high-flying bluegrass with tumbling banjo, mandolin and harmonica breaks, all mixed with a smattering of beautiful heartfelt tunes, accompanied by harmonies. All the musicians are versatile, composing their own songs and using pulsating rhythms on double bass, ukulele and guitar to drive this catchy fun-fueled band.
Swansea Laptop Orchestra use hacked game controllers, laptops and sensors to create and perform experimental, classical, electro-acoustic and electronic music. Controllers are used to track the performers gestures and theatrical movements, bringing a unique physicality to electronic music while also creating a symbiotic audio-visual experience.
Our resident funksters Del & Dan return, bringing you the finest Afro, Latin, funk, jazz, hip-hop, disco and rare groove the universe has to offer. If Funky Navigation can’t make you dance, then you can’t dance!
Girl/boy duo conjuring up ghostly waltzes and chamber dirges using electronic loops and cinematic spooks. Deathly Pale Party‘s influences range from from David Lynch to Broadcast to create a unique blend of the serene and the sinister with cavernous guitars, fairground organs and glitchy rhythms providing the muscle.
High pressure, mains powered funk fusion fantasma. Fresh on the scene, delivering tight grooves, tasty licks, and face melting riffs. Copper Feel are the hottest three-piece on the menu!
Beatwell is a veteran vinyl collector, selector and DJ who has graced many a dancefloor, bar space and festival stage with his funk driven grooves. He presents 1Brighton FM show ‘What’s Wrong With Groovin’ with co-host Glen Fallows. Dante also has a show on 1Brighton FM – ‘Thank Family Funktunes It’s Friday’ (with his Funktunes co-founder, DJ Delv) playing an up-tempo blend of raw soul, rare grooves, hip-hop, disco and funk since 2001. Running numerous club nights in Brighton, he has DJed alongside Andy Smith, Norman Jay, DJ Derek, Norman Cook and graced the stage at festivals nationwide.
Expect a diverse mix of Afro influenced sounds from Larsey’s DJ set, sculpted into a hedonistic soulful journey touching on the fringes of house, 70’s African disco, hip-hop and dancehall.
Worcester based outfit The Collective, play roots rock & reggae rhythms with touches of jazz and soul.
Tinkling those ivories, the fabulous Dan Bramhall returns for the Cabinet’s customary sing-a-long!
In need of a festival haircut or beard trim? Then look no further as The Demon Barbers return to the Cabinet to make you look fresh each day!
Take some time out from the festival frivolities, immerse yourself in art and take part in our Life Drawing session.


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