Wrong Directions Cinetent

Head in the Wrong Directions Cinetent to be entertained, amused, confused and inspired. Open throughout the whole weekend, the Wrong Directions Cinetent is an audio-visual sanctuary for the weary traveller. Re-energise your mind with informative and provocative documentaries; immerse yourself in cinema classics; reset your cultural compass with an array of quality shorts; and be hypnotised by an eclectic selection of experimental works.

In 2012 Nozstock welcomed Herefordshire-based, experimental visual collective MASH to host the tent. MASH Cinema have been organising events and screenings since 2002 and continue to promote art, film and music through their events locally and internationally. Over the years MASH Cinema has gained recognition for visual performances working with artists, musicians and DJs at events, clubs and festivals throughout Europe.

Booking under way for 2016’s festival


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Previous films that have  graced this stage include:  Metropolis, The Empire Strikes Back, Thse Journey of George Méliès, Plan 9 from Outer Space and Cat Show

PLEASE NOTE: The cinetent is kid-friendly all day until evening, with some specific children’s showcases screened. At 6-7pm each night the tent switches to ‘night-mode’, then throughout the night the tent is only accessible to those aged 18 + and will be signed to explain this. Please bear in mind that content screened after 6pm could contain profanity and graphic imagery.