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Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring deep beats into The Coppice all weekend long. Euphoric, luminous and with an incredible attention to detail, this beautiful spot within the festival, run by these tried and trusted promoters with their finger on the pulse of their audience, brings regulars back year after year.

2016 line up included…


Formed in the UK in 1994, OOOD have been around for as long as there’s been psytrance. Their eclectic third album ‘Free Range’ (Organic, 2006) was regarded by many as one of the very best psytrance releases that year. Two years later they released ‘Fourthought’ (Phar Psyde, 2008), an 80-minute psychedelic journey through downtempo, breaks, electro, blues and a varied selection of psytrance; again the album attracted ’11/10 A+’ reviews and saw them consolidate their place as one of the few acts from the birth of the scene who are still actively contributing. Recent releases have seen them reach high positions in various download charts, with their Oddball EP (Broken Robot, 2010) reaching #1 on Trackitdown and #13 on Beatport. As well as the originality, sense of fun and excellent production they bring to their releases, OOOD have been praised for their live sets. They have been surfing the wave of their creativity for over 15 years and their mission has always been to have a good time, spread joy and write the best tunes they can; if you’ve heard or seen them recently you’ll know just how well they are succeeding.


French producer Fabien is the man behind Illegal Machines, Psykodroids and Pirated Machines. His influences come from various styles of music and some artists like Squarepusher, Autechre, AFX, Snake Ting, Kox Box, Alec Empire, Phoenecia, Autophonic and many more. This mixture gives a music based on psychedelic sounds, acid leads and groovy bass lines. With over 30 tracks released on compilations, Illegal Machines are one of the most exciting acts on the scene at the moment!

Dance floor and studio wizards Al & Richie Psymmetrix will blast you into orbit with their full power psytrance. Dark textures with a sense of humour.
Al & Nuky make up Dirty Saffi. They are a partnership who lovingly craft their productions into high grade psychedelic night time monsters.

Richie has been writing, producing and DJing as Asimilon since 1996. His full-on yet groovy tech edged sound is perfect for the transition from day to night.


Occular is latest member of the Bom Shanka music family. His sound combines driving bass lines with groovy and hypnotic leads.


The Brainiac sound combines futuristic rhythms and high-tech sounds with a psychedelic twist while keeping the essence of melody and atmosphere alive.


Hemp has been a resident frogger for years and is no stranger to showing Nozstock how it’s done with his dark psy sound.


Rama is one quater of psytrance heavyweights OOOD and an eclectic and versatile DJ who blasts through musical bounderies.


Tribe of Frog marauder Krosis will be on the ones and twos with a dark and fast paced set to get the crowd pumping.


F’da F’da’s sets always leave an impression on the Nozstock masses. He has gigged all over the UK at club nights and festivals and has even walked up Mt. Kilamanjaro for charity! It just adds to the awesomeness of a DJ who delivers again and again…


Psychosonic is one of the original core frog crew. Step into the TimeGate and he will send you on a nocturnal journey of twisted growling psychotech.


A resident frogger and experienced DJ, Dr G’s love for expansive progressive psychedelia shines in the open air.


PsyDigital’s passion in life is music. He produces trance, progressive and techno music.


Originally mixing Goa trance, Neutron has developed his style to be fluid and melodic. Playing parties all over the UK, this Lua signed DJ will get you floating.


Part of the legendary Tribe of Frog coew crew nd a resident there, Simon has been DJing for 15 years now across the globe with his own style of blatantly disregarding genres limitations.Pieman‘s style can air on the more psy breaks electro side of psytrance. His live shows pound out solid track after solid track which has led to the title ‘hero behind the legendary ToF”, a moniker he definitely deserves…


OOOD (aka Out Of Our Depth) are long standing heros in the psytrance arena noted for their wavey sets and originality. Steve is a co-founder of OOOD and has been producing dance music since 1988. He can usually be seen on stage playing either guitar or keyboards.


Wicki, originally from Denmark, is one of the few Tribe of Frog female DJ’s. She has played at parties and festivals all over the UK, including the legendary Synergy Project, Alpha Omega, Broken, Tribe of Frog, Sunrise Festival, Boomtown Festival, Wickerman Festival as well as gigs in Denmark, Ireland and India. Wiki’s versatile style is said to take her audience on a musical journey, one to watch in the Coppice this year.


“Dripping with volcanic, molten lava funk” (The Message) Pertual Present has a fat set for the excited Nozzer.


Graham ‘Geo’ O’Reilly has been a disciple of electronic music since it first started to appear on our streets well over 20 years ago, a journey which continues with passion and enthusiasm to this day. It wasn’t long before he took to the decks himself, inspired and influenced by the new Scandinavian progressive sound. Around 2001 he and some friends put a progressive psy night in Bristol called ‘Entheogenic’; this attracted the attention of Tribe of Frog where he has been a resident DJ ever since.


Nigel has spent the last 15 years on the beaches of Goa and has been part of the music and culture there for the past decade.

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Previous acts who’ve graced this stage include: Brainiac, Asimilon, OOOD and Psymmetrix.