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Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring deep beats into The Coppice all weekend long. Euphoric, luminous and with an incredible attention to detail, this beautiful spot within the festival, run by these tried and trusted promoters with their finger on the pulse of their audience, brings regulars back year after year.

2017 line up includes…

Dirty Saffi is Al from Psymmetrix and DJ Nuky; one is a production monkey the other a DJ, which makes for great combination of understanding of how to make a well structured track and what it should sound like. The first release from Dirty Saffi was in 2009 and since then they have released over 20 tracks on 5 different labels, most of their releases are on their home label ‘Bom Shanka Music’ where their début album ‘Beauty and the bitch’ was released. They have been playing their live set in many countries and many of the biggest festivals, as well as countless underground parties where their high energy live set ensures that the dancefloor rocks and no one leaves without a smile on their face. 
Alta is the solo project of Al Shanka. After working on the nightish sounds of Psymmetrix and Dirty Saffi for over 10 years he looked to a slight change of direction, this project still has the energy that hes known worldwide for but now it incoorpates more space and soul and melodies.
Based in the UK, Al and Richie Psymmetrix have been deeply immersed in the global psychedelic music scene for a combined total of over 25 years as DJ’s, producers, label owners & party promoters. Firmly established in the psychedelic underground they have released 4 albums on Bom Shanka Music and amassed an impressive back catalogue and an ever growing list of past performances, having released over 35 tracks across 8 different labels & played at all the major festivals and parties in the UK, across Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and the Americas.
Aardvark is the solo psytrance project of Nigel Shiva Valley, a medium-sized, burrowing nocturnal mammal with a long pig-like snout used to sniff out food. He roams over most of the southern two-thirds of the African continent, avoiding mainly rocky areas. A nocturnal feeder, he subsists on ants and termites, which he digs out of their hills using his sharp claws and powerful legs. In his spare time he writes groovy psychedelic tunes for the night time, and does all kinds of other cool stuff.
Over the past few years the inimitable Monk3ylogic have been playing dance floors across the globe and working tirelessly in the studio to continue producing their unique groove drenched style. This Bristol based duo are continually evolving, keeping their sound as fresh as when you first heard it, embracing so many genres fluidly, which is obvious to every dance floor they direct their electrifying live shows at. The guys have played their part in helping the new wave of psybreaks find its sound, pioneering their own take on this ever growing scene. This has now seen them playing many major UK festivals, as well as festivals and events around the world, and have a string of successful releases to much acclaim. Working with top UK underground labels Liquid, Broken Robot and Broken, Monk3ylogic take great pride in placing themselves firmly in the underground psy scenes, ever evolving and ever attempting to take psychedelic sonic sound to new destinations.
Occular began his exploration into trance at the age of 17 and since 2010 has been producing and DJing psytrance. His focus and love for the music have helped him develop his style and skills in a relatively short amount of time. At the age of 23 Occular has already had a few releases and played across Europe and Goa, India. Occular’s main influences through his short time involved in the trance scene have been mostly the UK night time sound of Bom Shanka and Wild things. He was first introduced to the scene when he attended Tribe of Frog in Bristol. At the time Occular was mixing and producing drum & bass, techno and dubstep, but he immediately started making psytrance. Based in Bristol, he was able to get involved with the local free party crews like Ninja Hippies and Psychedelic Resisdance and soon after started playing Tribe of Frog on a regular basis. His sound combines driving bass lines with groovy and hypnotic leads, with a daytime influence and is made for any time of day! Occular continues to build on his psychedelic sound and trip over on the astral turf.
Subliminal System is a full on psytrance project with its roots firmly in the underground music scene. Combining influences from the international festival circuit, and many different genres of electronic dance music, the music is a fusion of full on psy with an emphasis on varied beats, baselines and melody to create a dance floor friendly and psychedelic experience.
Lurk is old enough to know better, and has been immersed in the electronic music since 1993, playing his first gig in 1998. He is chuffed to bits to have joined Zero1 as a label DJ. He is also a resident and co-promoter at Planet Shroom in Bristol, a psytrance club night with a fast growing reputation as one of the best in the country. Lurk is a very versatile DJ. His taste in music covers a large section of modern psychedelia from trippy techno to gnarly psybreaks and tech-funk to psytrance. The unifying theme being quality production, unrelenting grooves and acid drenched leads, but when it comes to psytrance the acid test of the music he plays is that it does not mess about. He is well known for being able to build a set which allows a smooth transition from one point on the psychedelic, sonic spectrum to a totally different one.
Originally mixing Goa trance, Neutron has developed his style to be fluid and melodic. Playing parties all over the UK, this Lua signed DJ will get you floating.
DJ Nuky has been in and around psychedelic trance for many years, A natural DJ she started to mix 6 years ago and very quickly gained a huge reputation and following for her super-smooth mixing technique, cultured choice of music and awesome power and energy behind the decks.
Jägerhertz is the creation of two musically synced brains. The idea behind this project is to deliver unique, energetic and full-on Techno. Anna and Philipp are frequency hunters who were connected years ago by a very special energy which includes a great love for music, old synthesizers and partying (with Jägermeister of course!) This explosive mix of energies is an inseparable part of their every day life that will always translate to the magic on the dance floor. Their sound will surprise you with high-energy slabs wrapped in floating soulful melodies, twisted by dirty synth lines. With their mixes and their production these two will take you through an unforgettable musical journey to the edge of the 4/4 universe.
DJ Lorraine started as a Northern Soul enthusiast, but in 2002 all that changed when she started going to club nights and outdoor psy parties in North Wales. In 2005 she was offered a set at Kulu in Bradford. She wasn’t going to let the fact she’d never DJ’d stop her – she had 2 months to get to grips with the mechanics, but was well aware it’s the tunes that count. Since then Lorraine has held residencies at Messmedia and Sunrise and plays regularly all over the U.K. It’s been an interesting learning curve for Lorraine but as long as they keep making tickety boo tunes that make her move, she’ll keep wanting to play them.
OOOD (aka Out OF OUR Depth) are long standing heros in the psytrance arena noted for their wavey sets and originality. Steve is a co-founder of OOOD and has been producing dance music since 1988. He can usually be seen on stage playing either guitar or keyboards. We are very pleased to welcome him back to The Coppice!
PsyDigital‘s passion in life is music. This Nozstock and Tribe of Frog regular produces trance, progressive and techno music.
Orestis plays pumping, positive and deeply-psychedelic sounds which ignite dance floors wherever he plays.
Rama aka Ramsay Melhuish is one quater of psytrance heavyweights OOOD and an eclectic and versatile DJ who blasts through musical boundaries.

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Previous acts who’ve graced this stage include: Brainiac, Asimilon, OOOD and Psymmetrix.