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Pulsing with whompin’ basslines through the night to the wee hours of the morn, Nozstock’s largest dance arena is a converted cowshed run by our own musical prodigies, Dex, Octo-pi & Koncept. This dance arena houses deep and dirty drum ‘n’ bass.  Cubicles revellers will be treated to the heart shaking bass and breaks of local resident talents alongside some of the most skillful world-renowned turntablists from the DJ establishment.

2017 line up includes…

Delta Heavy are the most exciting duo to hit dancefloors since Chase & Status, although their music is darker and more multi-textured. Simon James and Ben Hall met at Nottingham University in 2003. Si was the musical one, with the background in playing instruments, while Ben was the one with a penchant for sound engineering and a background as a DJ. It proved the perfect combination. After graduating, they wound their way back to London where they decided to align their knowledge. After several years of hard graft their debut release appeared on Viper’s acclaimed ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ compilation in June 2009, followed by the anthemic ‘Abort’ in June 2010, which received widespread support. They signed to Ram, establishing themselves as credible newcomers with ‘Space Time’ nominated as Best Track at the 2010 Drum&BassArena Awards whilst earning Si and Ben nominations for Best Producer and Best Newcomer DJ. Millions of youtube hits, daytime radio plays and massive U.S shows later and Delta Heavy have truly international appeal.
 Widely renowned as one of the hardest working labels in the drum ‘n’ bass chronicle, Critical Music has been integral to some of the industries most prolific artist’s careers. Never deviating from it’s quest to find a more sophisticated dance floor smasher and opting out of entering a commercial market. 2017 sees 15 years of Critical and they’ve come to Nozstock to celebrate…
 Break is one of drum ‘n’ bass’s most prolific producers, having released music on many of the scenes top labels. Starting his own imprint, Symmetry Recordings, in 2006 opened the door for full control of his musical output. His remix skills have been regularly commissioned, leading to remixes of commercial artists such as Miss Dynamite and Bloc Party. A talented musician with a wide range of influences, Break looks to push the barriers in whatever he’s doing. Crisp breaks, heavy bass and strong melody are trade marks of his productions, making him a firm favourite with a variety of the scenes top DJs. Break topped the Beatport DnB chart for downloads of 2014 and 2016 saw him celebrating 10 years of his label with the ‘Ten Years of Symmetry L.P,’ one of the strongest releases to date.
 North London trio Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the drum ’n’ bass scene. Several years on from that initial coming together, the collective have earnt a place in ‘The top 10 DJ’s of 2015’ (Mixmag). Boasting a crew comprising of both recently established and veteran talent, the individual Ivy Lab members have enjoyed rich success, including remixing for Kate Tempest and Goldie. Ivy Lab first came to prominence when their anthemic debut single ‘Oblique’ was released. Tracks like ‘Make it Clear’ further captured the trademark soulful-cum-melancholic sound the trio had become celebrated for. Ivy Lab have an anchored presence at the cutting edge of the bass-music landscape, but have also a secured reputation as pioneering label bosses and event promoters.
 Kasra founded Critical Music, a drum ‘n’ bass label that is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the modern underground scene. A passionate curator and DJ, he has grown the label from humble beginnings to one of the most respected imprints in the genre. The first quarter of 2012 saw Kasra achieve what only a select few have managed in their careers: being asked to mix the new Fabric Live album, a huge honour which resulted in FabricLive 62 being one of the most successful drum ‘n’ bass mix albums that year. Since then, Kasra has continued to DJ sets and lay on label events throughout Europe, with 2015 seeing his debut performance at EDC Las Vegas, marking a new chapter in the label’s development as one of the most inspiring imprints in dance music today.
 The name Foreign Concept has come to represent both a DJing distinction and a multiform production style that synthesises the sounds of yesterday and tomorrow in chord with the Critical Music ethos.The London-born but now Bristol-dwelling talent took to the turntables in 2004. Whilst bringing to the fore a future-thinking genre inclusivity that makes his DJ sets uniquely hard to miss, Foreign Concept was quickly noted for his finesse for infectious blends which has lead to an international DJ schedule as a club favourite. In 2011, after forging a distinct sound of his own, the young producer galvanised the scene, with signings to Shogun Audio and Samurai Music amongst others, as well as catching the attention of drum ‘n’ bass visionary Kasra, with the dank dystopian half-time hitter ‘Mob Justice’, and was immediately signed exclusively to his label, Critical Music. The eclectic producer has consistently experimented in his music with a devout focus on the quality of his repertoire.
 Loadstar, made up of friends Nick Hill and Gavin Harris, first met when Gavin booked Nick for a drum ‘n’ bass night he was running in Liverpool. Nick was a classically trained musician with theory dutifully drilled into his cortex and Gavin an engineering wunderkind who knows mixdowns like a cabbie knows London. The name Loadstar came about through an in-joke about a dodgy old Akai sampler and a box of old Commodore 64 games gathering dust in Gavin’s studio. The sound they launched with has a much better story, though. It was ‘Link To The Past’ which sang to every shade of drum ‘n’ bass DJ and still commands rewinds today. Thanks to the distinctively savage, distorted bassline, Loadstar literally tore into the scene. Since that scorching debut, Loadstar’s currency gets stronger and stronger: Each release showcases a stylistic range that pushes them deeper into every corner of the dance. Loadstar releases are as excitingly unpredictable as they are expertly produced. Somehow amid the singles, album, live shows and remixes of household names such as Rudimental, Loadstar still manage to embrace everything about bass music that scintillates and satisfies while remaining wholly true to their drum ‘n’ bass roots.
 Sometimes all it takes is one tune and your life will never be the same again. For schoolmates Laurie Carroll and Stefan Anfield it was Resonant Evil’s Renegade Hardware 2003 classic ‘Troubleshoot’. The second they heard that snarling bassline they knew drum ‘n’ bass was going to be a major force in their life. The shamanic state it left them in even influenced their name: Mind Vortex. Classically trained musicians, the pair both dropped out of their jazz bands the following day. Picking up whatever software they could afford, the duo spent the following six years chiselling their craft. By 2009 they were confident they had a sound sharp enough to unleash. They wrote a wishlist of labels they wanted to work with. Ram was top of that list, so they picked up the phone. The rest is drum ‘n’ bass history. Their debut Ram single ‘Hotbox’ quickly cemented them as an exciting new act, dominating the drum ‘n’ bass charts. At the end of that year, their slamming mix on Ram’s Drum & Bass Annual 2012 went straight to number one in the iTunes dance chart. With fans such as Zane Lowe and Grooverider and weekly DJ appearances across the globe, Mind Vortex remain hot property. With a water-tight production regime, both know when it’s right for the other to take the lead as they bounce exciting ideas back and forth until they’re honed and polished to production perfection.
Frankee‘s history spans back more than a decade of dedication from when he was first introduced to drum ‘n’ bass at the age of 13. He was 22 when he began to concentrate heavily on his production. This eventually lead to a collaboration with d’n’b don Basher (producing the ever-popular track ‘Nevada’) and recognition within the Ram Records circle, which in turn gave him the confidence to hand a demo to Andy C. Two months later and he is signed to Ram’s sister label Program. After two critically acclaimed releases on Program, 2013 saw Frankee exclusively sign with ‘Black Heart’ & ‘Wonderland’ on Ram. As if this wasn’t enough, several of Frankee’s huge tracks including a VIP of ‘Black Heart’ made it into the mix of Andy C’s Nightlife 6. Frankee kickstarted 2014 winning ‘Best Newcomer Producer’ at the Drum & Bass Awards and continues to smash up dance floors and charts worldwide, proving he’s a producer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve.  

DJ Mag Bunker is a brand new event and live stream, bringing the very best in underground drum & bass, footwork, grime, dubstep and more to the ears of the many.
The ever popular Jungle guru, Uncle Dugs returns to Nozstock for the fourth time in this DJ Mag Bunker takeover. Uncle Dugs is the award winning best Jungle DJ of 2013 who also presents the only legal daytime Oldskool / Jungle radio show in the whole world known as #RCFF (Run Come Follow Friday) on Rinse FM. Expect ‘vibes 4 miles’ from the UK’s newest old skool legend.
 A true pioneering icon of British underground music and culture, Billy Daniel Bunter has been in the roots of many of the UK’s freshest dance movements for over 25 years. To try and categorise his style would be an insult as he’s spent his career breaking through boundaries and macheteing his way through a jungle of repetitive, static music design to consistently deliver the freshest of sounds. 

‘Different flows for different shows’ is how Carasel responds when asked to describe his style. Being able to read the crowd, when to hype and when to get lyrical, is something that can only be perfected with years of experience and Carasel has that by the truck load. He has worked and performed with pretty much every major brand in the scene and has lent his hosting abilities to scores of festivals and club nights. Carasel holds a great passion for the music he loves and a great knowledge of the music he is hosting. He presents a weekly radio show showcasing 100% new music on Bristol’s Ujima 98fm and runs his own label AFT Records.
Nozstock’s resident, Remidy MC has had a keen interest in drum ‘n’ bass since the turn of the millennium. His passion started after being taken to raves in Birmingham and being amazed by the unique sounds he was hearing. He set about trying to contribute to the scene by writing some vocals of his own and soon the whole package of drum ‘n’ bass became an intense passion. 2006 saw Remidy pick up his first sizable gigs with the likes of Zinc and Grooverider and by 2010 he has become resident MC at huge nights such as Run and Shit The Bed. Remidy’s niche is in the deeper and more tech side of things with his original, thoughtful and hard-hitting complimentary vocal styles. He remains a respected and inspirational figure, with a true understanding for what is required at a drum ‘n’ bass show and a solid positive attitude.  
Octo Pi‘s style of drum ‘n’ bass can only be described as ‘up front,’ with most of his tracks featuring punchy drums coupled with complex melodic basslines, set on a backdrop of euphoric, evolving pads. 2015 was a great year for this Swansea lad, with releases on Signal Jam Records, AFT Records and his biggest success to date with heavy-hitting ‘ Matter’ on Viper Recordings ‘Summer Slammers 2015’ Annual. Octo Pi’s technical ability is something to behold. Blending together a selection of the very best of old and new on 3 decks with oodles of energy and finesse, he’ll tear off the roof of any venue he plays in. Previous events have seen him play alongside the likes of Andy C, Sub Focus and S.P.Y to name a few. He’s also appeared on the synonymous D&B TV after winning the Drum & Bass Arena Competition for Remixing DJ Fresh’s ‘Gold Dust’. This is certainly one cephalopod to keep a very close eye on. 
Aspiring to the heights of the high, Trafic MC is spitting and emitting some new vibes into the Bristol and UK underground music scene right now. Musically involved from a young age, Trafic has held those lyricists capable of telling their story, and emblazoning it upon your ears and your mind’s eye, in the highest regard. Consistently engaging and creating, it’s easy to see why this ball of effervescent energy has gone from rhyming for free at a mate’s night, to becoming a sought after Host and MC at nights and festivals across the UK. His intricate intonations and original prose allow Trafic to create a vibe, that not only makes you smile and consider yourself; but also has a cheeky little wink at life, not taking it too seriously. Playing alongside top drum and bass DJs like Noisia, LSB and Hazard, “if you’re not skanking please continue walking” and other signature bars can be heard in a timely and enhancing delivery, resulting in very hyped up and happy crowds of ravers. 
Lewis Jones aka Scope DJ has been a resident at Nozstock from the beginning and has been a recurring hit each year. He has played up and down the UK, performed in Thailand & Croatia, has worked for labels Metalheadz & Ram Records and supported the likes of Andy C, Goldie, Chase & Status & DJ Fresh to name a just a few. Over the years he has gained popularity and the respect of his peers for his fast paced, energetic sets that send any dancefloor into a frenzy. Scope lets the music do the talking… 
Once a cornerstone of the local D’n’B scene after running his club night, MonuMental, since the 90’s, Dex goes digging in the crates for a set full of Nozstock anthems that have done damage in the Cubicles over his 16 years at the festival.
Being one of the crew behind the ridiculously tasty Beefy Boys, Mayhem is perhaps known more for his burgers than his beats these days. But Mayhem can still dish out one hell of a party. Previous owner of the legendary Hereford club The Jailhouse, Mayhem’s hardcore night, Spunky, is still remembered today. Expect a mash up to get you moving with hardcore, funky old school, jungle, techno and everything in between…
Oli Walters aka DJ Choppa is a Hereford based DJ. He started learning the trade around the year 2000 when he bought a pair of stanton str8-80’s with a stanon sk1 mixer He finally got his chance to try out the other side of the DJ booth on 27th November 2004 when he was booked at The Lock Up in his local town. After smashing every set he played for the regular hardcore night, ‘spunky’ he won the best breakthrough act at the first Golden Glowstix Awards in 2006.Over the past few years Choppa has also been playing jungle, drum and bass and breaks supporting the likes of Mickey Finn, DJ Hype and Wilkinson.


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Previous acts who’ve graced this stage includes Andy C,  Friction, High Contrast, Sub Focus, Ed Rush + Optical, Dillinja, London Elektricity, SPY, Metrik…