Garden Stage

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The Garden Stage hosts a diverse and eclectic brew of bands and DJs providing alternative sounds. This stage spans all genres from throbbing dance, funk, and hip hop, to blues, rock and acoustic musings. At the right time, you might even hear a burst of opera. Ideally situated on the hillside overlooking the Farm’s lake, with the Garden Bar just around the corner, this is the perfect spot to sit in the sun and wet your whistle to beautifully blended guitar riffs, stoking the fires for a late night dance to some filthy electronic beats.

2017 line up includes…

Famed for his inventive combos and wily technical chops, Krafty’s sets smack of a man addicted to funk in all its forms and have won countless awards, whilst his showman skills have remained as in demand as they were at the turn of the century. This is largely down to his ability to properly entertain, pay attention to detail and to dust his knuckles in his bottomless crates. Just as likely to play Parliament as he is Plump DJs, Krafty’s party know-how and reputation for digging deep and catering for music lovers of many distinctions has ensured a broad and loyal following the world over. Krafty Kuts is a DJ you can trust who doesn’t rely on big hits or over the top theatrics: A DJ who’s still inspired by blowing people away with blue sky musical dot-joining through decades of dancefloor heritage and intense dexterity.
There are few artists who can claim to have shot to drum ‘n’ bass fame as quickly as DJ Hazard. In just a few short years this incredibly talented producer knocked out enough dancefloor bombs to be considered a serious sonic terrorist, adding to the noise pollution problems of neighbourhoods around the world with his earth-quaking basslines. His incredible anthems ‘Busted’ and ‘Mr Happy’ topped drum ‘n’ bass charts, receiving support from just about everyone in the scene. The incredible power of Hazard’s production and the insane levels he’s prepared to take it to has secured his place in the top echelons of drum & bass producers. He’s joined by Eksman, multi-award winning master of ceremonies, and the man behind the massive Overload & Award winning Next Hype parties. Eksman remains a huge inspiration for the next generation of budding mic-munchers. With a lyrical range that flexes from political observations to three-way hotel rendezvous, his delivery is one of the most distinctive available.
General Levy, real veteran of the UK urban music scene, grew up influenced by reggae music. Thanks to his older brother- a huge music fan – he was able to build up a consistent musical culture: from ska to rock, calypso to soul and hip-hop to reggae. He began writing his own lyrics and created his first sound system, ‘Third Dimension’ with friends. However it was ‘Tippertone Sound’ that really launched the General in the MC Circuit. From then on he began to build his reputation, signing to Fashion Records, one of the most influential reggae labels. By the time he was just 19 years old, with the release of second album ‘Wickeder General’, General Levy received international recognition, a best reggae album and best MC award and best single for ‘Heat.’ His song ‘Incredible’ with producer M-Beat was a top ten success and featured in the movie ‘Ali G In Da House.’ His other studio collaborations are just as impressive; Capleton and Sly and Desmond Dekker to name a few. Festivals across the globe have been conquered by the extraordinary talent of this performer. Now it’s Nozstock’s turn.
Ocean Wisdom spent years perfecting his craft, remaining relatively quiet even in his home town of Brighton. That was until a chance encounter with UK hip-hop producer Dirty Dike. One take later and ‘Walkin’ was born. No hook, no ad-libs, just raw, unfiltered energy and originality. Since its release, Ocean Wisdom has enjoyed a meteoric rise. His blend of genre-merging flows and thought-provoking lyricism have seen an unprecedented takeover of the scene. A versatile artist with unparalleled lyrical creativity, his stage presence and flow has shut down main-stage crowds of over 10,000 people. His debut album ‘Chaos 93’ was named best of 2016 by Wordplay Magazine and hit the top ten in the iTunes album charts. In Summer 2016, social media giants Unilad posted an article claiming that Ocean Wisdom had dethroned Eminem as the ‘fastest rapper’ after managing to fit an impressive 4.45 words per second into ‘Walkin’ compared to Eminem’s 4.31 words per second in ‘Rap God’. The article went viral, being shared and commented on by some of the industry’s forerunners such as D12 and Akon.
Mungo’s Hi Fi is a Glasgow-based sound system and production unit which pulls off that rare trick of making reggae/dancehall that is original and of quality. Mungo’s was the brainchild of two likeminded dance DJs at the turn of the millennium. True to reggae/dancehall’s DIY ethos, they built their first sound system from speakers found in a skip and began producing on an old Atari. Today Mungo’s is a global operation with five members: all committed to spreading their philosophy of serious, seismic productions plus easy going democratic dancehall fun. Highly collaborative, they’ve worked with everyone from Major Lazer to Solo Banton. All of Mungo’s releases combine a keen sense of history with a wicked creative streak and some industrial strength drum ‘n’ bass. Mungo’s Hi Fi are always looking for new collaborators and people who share their vision. It’s a vision based on taking music more seriously than yourself and pushing forward while never forgetting where you’re from.
Since his days in the seminal UK hip-hop group London Posse, inspiring British emcess by being the first to rap in his authentic London accent, Rodney P has been widely regarded as the Godfather of British hip-hop. Skitz is equally respected. An immediate success following the release of 1996’s 12” Skitz alongside Roots Manuva’ Skitz certainly caused a stir in the underground scene. Together Rodney P & Skitz are a UK hip-hop powerhouse. With award winning releases, remixes for the likes of Roni Size and a Radio 1Extra’s flagship hip-hop show under their belt, the duo are legendary figures who have played at clubs and festivals all over the world.
Simply put, Dabbla is your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. Since appearing with LDZ, Dabbla has proved himself to be one of the UK’s most valuable and original assets to Rap Music. His debut album ‘Year Of The Monkey’ was released last year on High Focus Records and featured impressive collaborations with the likes of Ocean Wisdom and Dirty Dike. To say Dabbla is an electric live performer is an understatement, his signature fast flow incites riotous behaviour. He has destroyed stages from Iceland to Australia to Glastonbury leaving very little ground untouched. He’s joined by DJ Frosty and Illaman, who’s worked with some of the biggest names in drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, garage and grime in the last ten years. From small capacity clubs to festival stages across the world, Illaman is a versatile vocalist with an ability to flow over any style or genre.
Chanelle Williams – a.k.a Lady Chann – is an imitable female presence in the world of dancehall and bashment. She first burst onto scene with a cover version of Beenie Man’s ‘HMM HMM’, which quickly became a local underground anthem in early 2006. Since then Lady Chann has evolved as a solo artist in her own right, working with the best names in grime, dancehall and dubstep, including Toddla T and Skibadee. The ferociously fast chatting Chann is responsible for bashment classics such as 2009’s ‘Your Eye Too Fast’ and 2010’s ‘Sticky Situation’. She released ‘Sticky Situation’ as part of the EP of the same name, on Toddla T’s ‘Girl’s Music’ label which earned her plaudits from the The Guardian and Clash. Chann has been continuing her assaults as the go-to-girl for Dancehall since with a slew of releases including ‘The Trilogy Volumes 1-3’ and her mixtape ‘Dun Dem Season’ which received critical acclaim from the like of VICE & FACT Magazine.
Jeramiah Ferrari fuse together styles of reggae, rock, ska and punk to make a truly memorable and essential new sound. Brought up on a diet of Bob Marley, Toot and the Maytals and Sublime, the band have brought their own unique brand of dancing reggae ska to the festival stages. Their first release of ‘The Dubby Rock EP’ received strong radio airplay support across the UK and reached number 4 in the Itunes Reggae Charts. The band were also featured in a new documentary – ‘Manchester: Beyond Oasis’. They’ve played with the likes of Madness and UB40, performed at Boomtown and Kendal Calling and were special guests on The Wailers UK Tour.
Sola Rosa is one of Kiwi music’s most evolutionary and enduring acts. With seven full-length albums, four EPs, a handful of hits, countless collaborations and numerous world tours, it’s been a near 20-year labour of love for the man behind the music, Andrew Spraggon. And although it’s punctuated with twists and turns in the form of constant change and innovation, one thing has remained the same – Spraggon’s steadfast commitment to making great albums that seamlessly blend a myriad of genres, from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, latin and funk.
Father and husband that happens to rap; Micall Parknsun in his own words. In 2006, “The Working Class Dad” defined Micall Parknsun as one the most dynamic MC’s on the UK hip-hop scene. His  ‘beat-driven bangers’ put a modern-twist on the classic Hip Hop sound, standing tall alongside UK Hip-Hop heavyweights such as Jest & Dirty Dyke. His latest album ‘Me Myself & Akai’ is entirely self-produced and showcases Micall’s skills on the MPC as well as the mic. 
Returning for another year as our Garden Stage host, Natty Speaks is an irrepressible hip-hop entertainer – versatile, gifted and outspoken. On stage he carries audiences on a journey via freestyle hip-hop, off-the-cuff comedy and human beatbox. It is an explosive combination that has ignited stages from Jazz Cafe to Glastonbury Festival. Off stage he is a producer, DJ, record label boss and inspirational workshop leader propelled by a passion for empowering young people. When Natty Speaks, people listen.
Junior Bill’s educated, street-sussed sounds cite a melting pot of global influences from sleek ska to deadly dub, Latin to raucous rock ‘n’ roll and even Portuguese rap. You may leave a gig of theirs feeling as though the world is a smaller place than it once was. Fronted by Costello-esque songwriter Rob Nichols and lightning fast Portuguese MC ‘L-hyo’, the band carry a unique cross cultural collaboration with a stage presence and vitality that is reminiscent of The Beat in their prime, whilst backed by deep dub grooves awash with delays and sirens. 
Up beat raw funk & soul 6-piece from Worcester, offering up some energy to get you moving and shaking! With influences in Northern soul, jazz, funk, soul & electronica, Desert Boots are an unstoppable funk force to be reckoned with. 

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Previous acts who’ve graced this stage include: Beardyman, DJ Hype, Mr Scruff, Foreign Beggars, Friction, DJ Marky, Ed Solo, Congo Natty