Green Initiatives


At Nozstock we aim to reduce our environmental impact every year by running fun, green activities and making it easier for festival goers to make greener choices. In 2014 we were very pleased to be given a Commended Award from A Greener Festival and to be shortlisted for the Greener Festival Award at the UK Festival Awards.  Thumbs up to all the staff, volunteers, traders, performers and revellers who did their bit to keep Nozstock green.

You can read our full Environmental Policy or here are a few highlights:

Waste & Recycling

Campsite Competition – Who’s the cleanest of them all? Our judges will be scouring the campsites, looking for tidy campsites to reward and encouraging untidy campers to clean up! An awards ceremony will be held on the Sunday at 16:45 on the Bandstand stage, so to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes, as the Welsh say; “keep it tidy!” We get the traders in on the action too with our green trader competition – the cleanest and most environmentally aware are rewarded each year.

Reuse-Me Box –On the Sunday and Monday there will be a place to donate any items that are still useable that you don’t want to take home with you, like tents, camping equipment, wellies, sealed dried foods and cans etc. These items can then be reused or donated to charities.

We recycle as much of our waste as possible both during the build up and during the event and are striving to improve this each year.  Each attendee will be handed a bin bag and recycling bag on arrival. There is a no glass policy on site, to help keep our fields safe from broken glass, and all the traders will be using biodegradable plates and cutlery. We also offer awards to the greenest, cleanest stalls each year.


We run a FREE shuttle bus from Bromyard to the festival site and specially organised coaches run from Bristol Temple Meads, London Kings Cross St Pancras, Worcester Shrub Hill and Hereford Train Stations, with return journeys available on Monday, making traveling sustainably to the festival a doddle! Check out our travel pages for more details on the bus services and how to book your tickets…

We encourage people to leave the gas guzzlers at home and therefore charge for car parking. However if you are bringing a car, save some petrol and lift share with GoCarShare, a wonderfully green scheme for getting to the Farm. Check out the Nozstock page for details and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way. Score some eco-points and make some new festival friends.

Green Education
The ProclaimersPhotography- Aaron Child

The Proclaimers
Photography- Aaron Child

Celebritree Avenue – A percentage of money generated from the car parking charges will be spent on tree planting on the festival site. There will be a tree planting workshop on Sunday in the craft area, including a planting by one of our headlining bands! The Proclaimers planted the first tree in Nozstock’s star studded Celebritree Avenue at Noz 2012.

We support Grown In Britain’s ethos and values so wherever possible use locally sourced British timber from well managed woodlands.

2015 will bring an exciting range of green workshops and activities for all ages, from funky junk workshops to willow weaving.  Be sure to check out our programme to keep up to date with everything – there’s more green initiatives at Nozstock 2015 than you can shake a stick at!

Love Your Tent

Pink Support

In 2013 Nozstock joined Love Your Tent, which is is a new campaign created by ECO ACTION PARTNERSHIP and in association with A GREENER FESTIVAL designed to bond people with their portable homes, and encourage them to re-use, instead of discard.


 1. Thou shalt Love Your Tent.

 2. Thou shalt not buy cheap, one-use tents, but invest in one that will last for years to come.

 3. Thou shalt never leave your tent anywhere for someone else to dismantle and take to landfill (recycling facilities for all tent components currently don’t exist)

 4. Thou shalt respect your tent and the area in which you pitch it, making sure you clean up after you……even after a weekend of partying at a festival.

 5. Thou shalt spread the word and encourage others to Love Their Tent.

 6. Thou shalt clearly demonstrate your devotion to your tent and send evidence to and earn a chance to win festival tickets.

 7. Thou shalt love thy neighbour and not disturb them by playing bongo’s at 4 a.m.

 8. Thou shalt follow all additional on-site guidelines in order to carry on the respect and loving you tent

 9. Thou shalt join our community and keep up to date on news from festival land as well as the chance to enter other exclusive competitions.

 10. Thou shalt be happy campers and share the love and joy of Love Your Tent.


Hate the stress of setting up camp, not to mention taking it down again?! Well, this year we have teamed up with Camplight, these guys offer pre-pitched tents for hire, starting from £40, they’ll set it up in a good location with a comfy air mattress and a warm sleeping bag too if you so wish! All their tents are picked from those abandoned at UK festivals. So by hiring a tent you are helping clear up events and supporting a solution to campsite waste.