Interactive Theatre & Games

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Don’t miss the walkabout interactive performances all weekend – there’ll be surprises ’round every corner. Let your eyes be boggled by the mind-bending performance artists who weave, wind, twizzle and sizzle their way through the weekend for your pure pleasure and astonishment.

2017 line up includes…

Ghanaian Ras King Bobo 1 brings a massive slice of West African sunshine back to Noz this year, with his dramatic blend of acrobatics, street dance and circus skills. At night, he mesmerises as he incorporates fire into his routines in the most spectacular manner.
Connoisseurs of a good time, after their epic all day sessions at Noz ‘16, the team at Sunken Yard are back, bigger and better, to take up residency at the Pond Stage once more. They’ve got party jams, games a plenty.. and more paint than you can shake a piñata stick at!
Deep within a dense and overpopulated city centre, four characters find refuge in a long-forgotten backstreet named Cape Alley. Each night the group meet to create their own blissfully carefree world, turning Cape Alley into a gritty vaudeville that illuminates in a whirlwind of limbs, rhythmic rituals and playful sparring. The four begin to live on the fringe of delirium, as lines between reality and fantasy start to dissolve they find themselves in an illusory trap of their own making. Cape Alley is an exhilarating and highly entertaining 20-minute dance theatre show that focusses on imaginative character driven storytelling through breath-taking movement which is rooted in breaking, circus and contemporary dance. All accompanied by a heart pounding soundscape which spans from Nick Cave to Eddie & The Showmen.

Beth invites intrigued festival guests to present a word of their choice along with a handful of other prompted memories or thoughts. After a couple of minutes seeing the typewriter in action, she presents them with a bespoke poem, created uniquely for them. You may have seen Poetry Machine whirring and tapping away at all kinds of festivals, bookshops, record stores, markets and private parties including Farm Festival, Valley Festival, Bristol Literature Festival, Bristol Poetry Festival and Tobacco Factory Markets.
A unique fusion of walkabout performance and sound system, Sticky Fingers bring you a classic ice cream tricycle, straight from the underground of some distant utopia. Breaking the boundaries between electronic music and walkabout performance art, Sticky Fingers delivers mad interactive theatre with a showcase of DJs from Bristol and the South-West, who operate from behind their handmade ice cream bike sound system. They captivate and lead the crowd across the festival, Pied Piper-style, in a flurry of cream and glitter. A computer-programmed light show greets late-night customers, who dance through clown encounters to ice cream-themed remixes and live production mashups.
The PoCo puppeteers are returning to Nozstock this year bringing you a giant creepy crawly you won’t be able to miss! Expect to encounter our weird and wonderful critter roaming around the festival. Make sure you come up and say hello, she won’t bite!
After their cracking toga-tastic debut at Nozstock 2016, Glitter Culture are back! A world-conscious collective of powerful women ready to remind you how to party! The Centaurs are a mobile games collective of half human, half magical creatures who have come to enchant and captivate. With their glorious decorated horns, hooves and fluffy trousers, they offer a variety of tomfoolery and games to entertain, dazzle and delight any festival goer, young or old. They bring a tote of tricks to ensure all have the chance for an old fashioned frolic in a field with an enchanted twist. Prepare for the ultimate in decadently nonsensical encounters.
A curious walkabout display of surreal, aquatic, bondage-clad mischief, Yes, you read that right. The Dreams of Venus crew will awaken you into the most peculiar dream you’ve ever had…
Splish has lost her way on the high seas and found herself in the fields of Nozstock. Look out for her as she meanders through the crowd in her sail boat. If the wind dies down she may even need some help from you to get moving again, so keep your fans, lungs, and bellows close at hand to put some wind back in her sail!
Classical music? At Noz? You’d better believe it, but of course we’re serving it with a twist. Trifonics are a trio of professional musicians who specialise in involving the audience in their shows. Expect madcap dancing, plenty of requests for high energy volunteers and lots of improvisation as they roam the site in search of anyone who thinks classical music could be a bit too serious for them.