Little Wonderland Kids Area

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Here at Nozstock we embrace the whole family festival experience – this means you will find great activities and entertainment for all. Our children’s space is a friendly welcoming environment for both parents and littles alike. All are welcome to get creative, be amazed by wondrous stories, sculptures and entertainment, or roll your sleeves up for some physical fun. Because we know that engaged minds and fingers mean happy kids, your little ones will leave with a whole heap of things they have made and magic moments that they will never forget. All events and activities are free of charge in the kids area, as we strongly believe families shouldn’t foot the bill for festival fun. We even offer a bottle warming service! Workshops are carried out by the lovely crew from Spare Rooms Arts. Spare Room Arts has been running for 8 years specialising in out door events and music festivals. Working nationwide, providing innovative and creative arts workshops to people of all ages even gaining gold awards for arts areas!

2016’s line up included…

The outrageous and zippy funny man performs for the second time over the weekend with his special show for children ‘Gimme your left shoe’. Every child who comes gives Phil their left shoe and then performs a skit to get it back. Come along and be foolish in a safe, creative space where everyone gets to shine and everything is improvised.
Ancient and Medieval Chinese sources describe kites as being used for measuring distances, testing the wind and lifting men (plus women and children)! Kites were bought into India by Chinese travelers, and now they are celebrated every year in a kite festival. So what better way of celebrating this ancient tradition than making our own super kites! We will use ancient methods with a bit of 21st-century know how…and pritt stick! A workshop suitable for ages 1-101…
Nothing says ‘Roman’ like a whopping corinthian pillar and a whole load of paint! Come along and help turn the Nozstock Roman pillar into a work of art. This is an interactive 3D piece of art work that everyone can get involved in decorating…
Be the ‘Pharaoh- ist’ (geddit?!) in all the land by making yourself the very finest of Egyptian headdresses. Learn about ancient hieroglyphics and symbolism to decorate your crown and proudly ‘walk like an Egyptian’ around the festival. Egyptian arm gestures optional.
We already have a beautiful setting in The Hidden Valley, but this workshop gives you a little bit of beauty to take home with you. We are going to decorate our own plant pots and plant seeds for you to enjoy when you get home – let’s make a garden King Nebuchadnezzar himself would be proud of!
The Aztec Calendar Sundial was carved from solidified lava in the late 15th century…they were the forerunners for our yearly calendar. We are not going to play with lava, but we are going to make our own sundials that actually work! A workshop for everyone to enjoy…
The Mayans were one of the big contenders of The Ancient World. Not only did they develop science, astronomy, calendar systems and writing, they made amazing pyramids, temples and palaces .. pretty impressive stuff, and all without the use of a black and decker drill! In this workshop we are going to make amazing Mayan masks looking at symbolism, patterns and 3D shapes… think ancient 3D junk modeling and that’s pretty much it!
Let’s bring tie dye out of the 1990s and give it another chance! Tie dye is one of the oldest methods of dying fabric and is still used in India today. It involves sewing or tying the fabric and dipping it in dye. When the fabric is removed from the dye it leaves amazing and unique patterns. In this workshop we are going to make our own tie dye t-shirts. Feel free to bring your own clothes to dye if you are an adult and want join in; an assortment of t-shirts will be provided for the children. Get to this workshop early – it’s always busy!
The idea of dressing up, letting your hair down and having a jolly good dance is one of life’s beautiful things. We are all at Nozstock to celebrate, dress up and enjoy being with each other…is this the meaning of life?! In this workshop we are going to make funky festival clothing from old fabric and ribbons and some snazzy jewellery too. But how?! I hear you say. Well, you’ll have to come to the workshop to find out…
In this workshop you will learn how to make, coil and pinch pots from air drying clay. Come back the next day to paint and decorate.
Way back in the olden days, a long time before electricity, there were such things as ‘battery powered tea lights.’ These were marvelous inventions which meant you could make yourself a beautiful lantern to guide you to your tent at night, without the risk of any pesky fires ruining your evening. Come along and make a lovely lantern for yourself…
A drawing table will be operating all day everyday throughout the festival. If you don’t fancy any of the activities on offer and your imagination is in creative mode we have more pens, pencils and paints than you could shake a stick at!
Children’s yoga is very interactive and engaging – a great way to start the day. The adults’ yoga offers parents a chance for some ‘me’ time to stretch your way into the day whilst the children are playing..
At the end of every day, when you have had the best time imaginable, this is your chance to chill out and be proud of what you have made, with a wonderful story to help you relax and wind down.

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