Dates and Dinosaurs…

Florence Fox 3

Well Nozstockers, it feels like only yesterday we were galloping around the sun-drenched fields, a spring in our step and a stetson atop our head. But now that we’re inching up to the festive season it’s time to tell you about some of the plans in the pouch ready for 2014…That’s right. The keen beans amongst you will already know that next years festival is inching deeper into the summer, 1st – 3rd August 2014 so book your time off now! The theme for 2014 is ‘Jurassic Farm‘ – yeah, you heard us. So we’re thinking pre-history, Flintstones, dinosaurs and getting your BC style on. Giant killer pigs? If you like! Rest assured we’ll be getting the crew to do their usual sterling job getting the site looking decidedly neanderthal in readiness for your arrival…


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