Get in free by joining the crew…

Here at Noz HQ, it’s all about making friends and seeing the fruits of our hard labour in the joy on your faces while you’re dancing, drinking and generally enjoying a high level of debauchery. We have some amazing long and short-term volunteers and this year is no different. So we just wanted to put a big shout out to say thanks to you all!

And also to let those of you interested in getting in free and getting into the fold, that there are a few much-coveted slots left doing bar or stewarding shifts over the weekend. There’s approx. 14 hours to cover all weekend per person so leaves you plenty of time to have mountains of fun and it stops that ever-growing dent in your pocket.

We’re a lovely bunch and so many of our volunteers come back year after year, they have so much fun, so why not give it a try?

Just fill in the volunteer application and we’ll ‘ave a look atcha!

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