The RPMs Q&A

We sat down and shared a virtual cuppa with the gang from The RPMs.

Young guns Jack,  Callum and Miguel formed in Brighton and shot to Glastonbury’s Pilton Party fame with the fortuitous winning of a new bands competition in 2015, launching their debut single ‘I Don’t Like it’ with the help of BBC Introducing. They’ve played Glasto, Camden Rocks, 2000 Trees and Beautiful Days and now they’re joining the fantastically friendly Nozstock family for 2017.


We asked them some slightly probing questions to ease our rampant curiosity:

If you ran your own festival, who would you pick to headline and why?

Abba, cos that reunion is way overdue

What are your 3 most essential items for a festival?

Well after toilet paper being the absolute essential (take it from experience) it would be wellies and some sort of crazy hat.

Do you have any embarrassing festival stories?

Some spring to mind, but they all involve toilets so they get a bit graphic.

What is your best memory from a festival?

Definitely playing the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury!

What was the first festival you went to? Tell us about it.

Answered by Jack Valero (Front man) – Well my first festival was Camp Bestival and I went there with a school friend of mine who drove us there in a Triumph Herald which was this really old rickety car from the sixties but looked brilliant. We spent three days there and I ended up singeing my eye lashes when I used my lighter and forgot I’d jacked it up.

How did you get into music?

Well I think we all started to feel evermore alienated and lost from our own generation and normally when kids feel that way they find a subculture to be a part of, but we don’t really have any of our own not artistically anyway. So music seemed to be the best way to help us express ourselves and find our place within it all.

What can we expect from your performance / set at Nozstock this year?

Tonnes of energy and catchy tuneful songs to get you moving.

Can you sum up your music in 3 words?

Catchy, thoughtful and contemporary.

Any musical heroes?

Ryan Adams, Nico & Kevin Parker

Highlight of your career so far?

Probably the BBC Intro stage again.

Thanks guys! We can’t wait to see you on the Orchard Stage very soon.

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