Voting now open to find a student band to Play Noz…


Voting is now open for Playnoz Competition!! The Nozstock team put out a call for student bands who would get peoples ears a’tinglin this July, and we were inundated with talent but the power is now in your hands. Get online to our Soundcloud and vote for your favourite! It’s bursting at its online seams with foot tapping originality, so don’t forget to share the tracks you love with your friends. Every vote counts and you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re all jumping about to your new favourite band knowing you helped them get there!!

Voting closes Monday 16th July and the amount of ‘favourites’/’likes’ on the Soundcloud track will influence the judging. Good luck to all the groups involved from everyone on the Nozstock Team! We’ll see one of you on the main stage….

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