Cosy camping awaits with Yippee Yurts…

We know two things about you Nozzers. 1. You’re hardcore. Number 2. You have impeccable taste (because you come to Nozstock, duh!)

If there’s one thing that would make your Noz experience that little bit snugger, it would be having a non-soggy sleeping bag and no muddy footprints on the tent ceiling from the previous weekend (don’t ask). If this sounds like your festival wish list, then you need to book yourself in for some cosy camping.

We’re over the moon to have partnered up with Yippee Yurts who are offering you the chance to build a pick and mix package that suits you (and your wallet!) for the festival weekend, with cosy and spacious fab cotton canvas (no soggy nylon nightmares here!) bell tents, assembled and waiting for you simply furnished with scatter cushions, textile rugs, fleecy throws and decorated around the entrance with solar fairy lights, and more standing room than you’ll know what to do with. If you want to push the boat out why not book an airbed with bedlinen and a snuggly duvet! In the Yippee Village there’ll be a covered chill area with chairs, tables, bbq’s and charging facilities for your phones and pads! They even offer a luggage porter service and they stay on-site to look after you for the whole event! Start your cosy camping experience at or email  to chose what you want for your weekend home.

Just imagine, perfect days at Nozstock and perfect nights in your bell tent. Could your weekend get any better?


Stroll into the Wild, Wild West…

There’s a strange feeling in the Hidden Valley these days. Tumbleweeds are appearing over the hills, cacti are growing through the brambles and- slightly more traumatising- our farmers have taken to wearing, ahem, ‘chaps’. There’s only one explanation for this Nozzers, we must be getting ready for a huge weekend in the Wild West this July! It’s our official theme for 2013, so dig out your cowboy hats, fringed moccasins, saloon skirts and darn good John Wayne impressions while we set to work making this farm wild enough for the both us!


Nozstock 2012_Paul Appleby

Presenting Enei at the Jailhouse…

Nozstock The Hidden Valley presents one of the freshest names to hit DnB in years, the awesome ENEI, at one of our favourite local nightclubs, the Jailhouse, Hereford this Friday 12th October.

Homegrown in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexey Egorchenkov began his endeavours into drum n bass in 2003. Since then he has hotfooted his way to the esteemed Critical label, under the wing of Kasra, with a signing to Dutch label Fokuz en route. Last year he came away from the Drum & Bass Arena Awards with ‘Best Newcomer Producer’. You can’t really argue with those kinds of accolades.

Self-professed Photek fan, Enei has been developing his own rigid form of drum n bass, with early music inspired by Kemal and Bad Company. Nowadays, he mixes old-school Neurofunk and Techstep with fresh and trendy futuristic minimal Drum&Bass and favourites producers such as Icicle, SPY and Alix Perez.

On the subject of his new EP, Resident Advisor state: ” “Stone Head,” and to a slightly lesser extent “No Fear,” are the aural equivalent of one of those royal guards who can never, ever break a smile…. The former is one of the most aggressive tracks Enei has put his name to, but it’s all about the deafening snares rather than the punishing basslines of a track like “Cracker” (which is given a percussive makeover here by Metalheadz associate Jubei)….

Riya’s vocal turn on “No Fear” largely accomplishes the same thing, the soulful diva reduced to barking catchphrases over an especially militant beat that moves so fast it seems to double back on its own shadow before a bar can even finish (think Rockwell-level detail here). The release is rounded off with “Movin’ Fast,” which sounds like Enei’s own take on Breakbeat Kaos pop-dnb…”

We’re looking forward to seeing where this producer gets to in the coming months, but for a taste of him on the up get yourselves to the Jailhouse for some proper Drum&Bass on 12th October. You’d be a fool to miss it.

Vote for us in the UK Festival Awards!

Well, we know that we had an amazing time at Nozstock 2012 but to hear that we have been nominated in this years UK Festival Awards is the icing on the cake. A very tasty icing indeed! We are up for 5 different awards – Best Small Festival, Best Family Festival, The Grass Roots Festival Award, Best Dance Event and Best Toilets.  This calls for a celebration! Check out the festival awards website and you could be celebrating too. Vote for your favorite summer event and you could win yourself a pair of V.I.P tickets to every winning festival. Can’t say better than that. Voting closes October 31st, thank you Nozstockers!

2012: Categorically the Best Yet!

“Nozstock boasts a real laid-back vibe and is essentially the epitome of what a music festival originally set out to be.” ~ Summer Festival Guide

Only a few tickets off sellout at Nozstock this year, the site was brimming to capacity, and we really made the most of the weather. Nozstock 2012 was a proper weekend to remember and this showed in the smiling faces, brilliant personalities and astounding acts that were on show across the Farm.

Photo: Orchard by Jon Cornbill

Mr Pete ‘Noz’ Nosworthy himself said: “We were just so happy that the clouds had cleared, we could get the bales off the fields and really make it the best festival yet. There wasn’t a murmur of discontent at Nozstock this year, just ‘wow’s’ and ‘woops’ from across the Farm. It was really encouraging to see that we were enticing the right kind of fun-loving, caring crowd that we felt could bring so much originality and a great attitude to the Hidden Valley. Stand out moment had to be standing on the viewing platform with all my family, friends and loyal crew, watching the Proclaimers and thinking “Yes, we got there. It’s all been worth it.” “

As a crew, we had an amazing year this year and this was all down to you being an incredible audience, not afraid to get stuck in and make the most of the sunny spell we all richly deserved! In a weekend where the reigning sock-wrestling champion held his title, two boys trying to jump the fence had to call rescue services to save them from a circling bull, and Phil Kay was wrestled to the floor and forced to eat hay by an organised team of children, the Farm housed unprecedented numbers of revellers and joymakers. It’s impossible to list them all but there were some sterling performances from a whole host of acts across nine stages including the Rubberbandits, Jake Bugg, Dreadzone, Zinc, The Correspondents, Four Owls, The Futureheads and of course, The Proclaimers. With a diverse programme to counter all others, the festival took punters on a whirlwind tour through ska, reggae, roots, indie, rock, swing, hip hop and the finest of heavy-tempo beats per minute.

Nozstock’s very own resident daughter (seen here cradling the newest member of the crew and family) Ella Noz said: “I’ve got to say that it really felt like the gods were thanking us for putting on a myths & legends theme. We couldn’t have hoped for a more beautiful sun-soaked weekend, glorious foody smells, smiling faces and a programme jam-packed with colour and proper old-fashioned entertainment. From the folk jam round the fire, the mesmerising cabaret, groundbreaking comedy and some of the strongest live performances in the business, I was so gutted to be working – I couldn’t help but look around and say to myself “I want to go to this festival, it looks amazing!” A proper explosion to the senses. We’re always thinking of the future here at Noz HQ and I can’t help but wonder “How are we going to top this?” We owe a massive thanks to all our friends and crew, old and new, that have supported Nozstock since it began as that party on the lawn 14 years ago. It’s amazing to see how it’s grown and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Keep your eyes online for upcoming reviews and spot yourselves on our Facebook and Flickr pages over the coming days. And don’t forget, you can do it all again next year!

Photo: Ella and Caleb by Jon Cornbill

Last Chance for Cheap Tickets!

The sun’s out and Nozstock is only two days away! Woop!

This is your reminder that TONIGHT (Wednesday) at MIDNIGHT is your last chance to get online tickets!

Buy them on our website now to get a £10 discount off our price on the gate and a £5 discount off car parking prices. Not to mention guaranteeing a place at the festival.

We are also looking at releasing a number of day tickets for Sunday. This will be dependent on sales over the next couple of days, but do check our website on Saturday afternoon to keep updated.

Don’t forget to bring your e-ticket and a valid photo ID with you!

And lastly, hope you all have safe journeys over here and have an amazing time this weekend!

Something special for the grown ups

You lucky, lucky people of Nozstock, do we have a treat in store for you! As the sun sets over the Dingle, the Bantam of the Opera Theatre transforms into a realm decadence and delight in The Velveteen Valley.


Join Ophelia Bitz , the smut peddling pin up, through a journey of erotic cinema, slapstick comedy and porno sing alongs. ArtWank seeks to stir debate amongst you dashing modern people about the nature of human sexuality. The show will make you hoot with laughter at every available opportunity. Rolling in the aisles helpless with mirth is vigorously encouraged, even for snort-laughers.

Taking all the very best, sauciest, silliest and most interesting developments from the speak-easy style ArtWank! events and brand new songs, 2012’s show is a more refined, linear and directly political affair, studded liberally with rare antique skin flicks and crimes against pop music.

Seeking neither to condone nor condemn pornography, ArtWank’s aims are compassionate debate of contemporary sexuality and the use of cabaret for explicitly political purposes.

Venus – Goddess of Beauty and Love

A night of all thing burlesque. Hosted by the Goddess Hotcake Kitty!. Featuring a plethora of burlesque beauties including The Glitter Kittens, Pink Elephants, Amber Rosia, Oh! Carolina and Betsey Blaze.


Artemis – Lady of wild things and huntsman to the gods

Saturday late is set for an intriguing mash up of variety cabaret for your entertainment and amazement. Your ring mistress Ophelia Bitz will bring her own brand of fabulous filth as she leads you through a naughtily behaved night. Presenting a rounded programme of humour, song and music, let us take you on a journey along the incredible, the dark and the downright electrifying.

Featuring –
Basschimp – Brighton based DJ playng a variety of styles from swing & hip hop, gypsy, balkan, drum & bass, jungle, hardtek, hardcore and of course, breakbeat. The Grindshow Massacre – leading Alt-Magician Dee Christopher and Rock n Roll Gorelesque Starlet Clare Lepard. Owen Niblock – Comedian, geek, weirdo. Amber Rosia and Beulah Bell – Burlesque. Baubo – Diverse solo and group belly dancing with fascinating prop work. Marielle – Contortionist and acrobalance. Tom Hunt – a talented young Bristol-based circus and physical theatre performer with a wide array of diverse and versatile skills. Ouse Valley Singles club – a sound has been described as George Formby meets the Arctic Monkeys and is a cabaret show that blends Vaudevillian and working men’s club values into one.

Get in free by joining the crew…

Here at Noz HQ, it’s all about making friends and seeing the fruits of our hard labour in the joy on your faces while you’re dancing, drinking and generally enjoying a high level of debauchery. We have some amazing long and short-term volunteers and this year is no different. So we just wanted to put a big shout out to say thanks to you all!

And also to let those of you interested in getting in free and getting into the fold, that there are a few much-coveted slots left doing bar or stewarding shifts over the weekend. There’s approx. 14 hours to cover all weekend per person so leaves you plenty of time to have mountains of fun and it stops that ever-growing dent in your pocket.

We’re a lovely bunch and so many of our volunteers come back year after year, they have so much fun, so why not give it a try?

Just fill in the volunteer application and we’ll ‘ave a look atcha!

Crew Profile- Bethany Gallimore, All round egg of knowledge

What is your favourite festival item that you couldn’t live without?  
Gaffa tape. If it can’t be fixed with gaffa it’s properly broken.

How often do you get to shower over Nozstock week? 
A lot less often than would be considered necessary in normal society. Wet wipe washes count though, yeah?!

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a weekend of revelling in a field?
Socks, Socks and more spare socks.

Who out of the crew would you predict to make it to sock-wrestling champion for 2012 and why?
Toki. She has the determined toes of a ballet dancer and the competitive streak of an olympian.

When were you most starstruck at Nozstock?
Russell Howard. I wont speak of the moment we shared, all I will say is that is was… special.

What are you most looking forward to at 2012’s festival?  
The Comedy… Perhaps I shouldn’t be the one to say that, but we’re definitely taking things up a gear for 2012

Random interesting fact?  
It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs… We learned this one the hard way at Nozstock HQ

The Countdown Begins…..

There’s only 9 days to go until everybody’s favourite weekend gets going. Make sure you’ve packed your tickets, ID and everything you’ll need. Check out our FAQ’s for directions and info on safety at festivals…Then turn your stereos up and wash your wellies down!  We can hardly wait!  To get you in the mood here’s a battle hymn from our resident wordsmith Nathan Thompson.

Battle Hymn of the Nozstocker

Through traffic jam and grizzly rain we traveled
to sleep in sodden tents and dream of soap.
… In the premature dawn we stand bedraggled
set adrift, we, fine women and noble blokes.

Released from double glazed lives, spirits rise
like canvass zips revealing tents and friends.
On freshly laundered grass beneath blue sky,
we, brave with hangover, smiling and spent.

Through tented streets past bottle Golgothas,
past scrumpy victims sunshine baked and red,
past drum’n’bass angels, past beer-mug frothers,
past mosh-pit, cyber punk and rave we tread.

Tonight, we wellie-clad illuminati
in Bromyard bosom held… tonight, we party.

Crew Profile- Carolann, The Lady of Liaison

What is your favourite festival item that you couldn’t live without?

Strong deodorant

How often do you get to shower over Nozstock week?
Are there showers?

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a weekend of revelling in a field?
-Sleep with your wellies on,
-Watch for the porta- loos to be emptied and nip in quick,
-Enjoy every minute

Who out of the crew would you predict to make it to sock-wrestling champion for 2012 and why?
Bob Noz – very competitive has to win at all macho/caveman competitions

When were you most starstruck at Nozstock?
Ty Taylor of Vintage trouble outside the garden bar yum

What are you most looking forward to at 2012’s festival?
Meeting all the newbies and watching everyone having a great time

Tell us your most embarrassing or entertaining Nozstock story.
Calling Netsky, Netski even after an email not to do so hehe

Random interesting fact?
I have had afternoon tea with Tammy Wynette and her husband George.

Voting now open to find a student band to Play Noz…


Voting is now open for Playnoz Competition!! The Nozstock team put out a call for student bands who would get peoples ears a’tinglin this July, and we were inundated with talent but the power is now in your hands. Get online to our Soundcloud and vote for your favourite! It’s bursting at its online seams with foot tapping originality, so don’t forget to share the tracks you love with your friends. Every vote counts and you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re all jumping about to your new favourite band knowing you helped them get there!!

Voting closes Monday 16th July and the amount of ‘favourites’/’likes’ on the Soundcloud track will influence the judging. Good luck to all the groups involved from everyone on the Nozstock Team! We’ll see one of you on the main stage….