Voting now open to find a student band to Play Noz…


Voting is now open for Playnoz Competition!! The Nozstock team put out a call for student bands who would get peoples ears a’tinglin this July, and we were inundated with talent but the power is now in your hands. Get online to our Soundcloud and vote for your favourite! It’s bursting at its online seams with foot tapping originality, so don’t forget to share the tracks you love with your friends. Every vote counts and you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re all jumping about to your new favourite band knowing you helped them get there!!

Voting closes Monday 16th July and the amount of ‘favourites’/’likes’ on the Soundcloud track will influence the judging. Good luck to all the groups involved from everyone on the Nozstock Team! We’ll see one of you on the main stage….

Crew Profile- Kathy Tate, Green Queen

Kath TateWhat is your favourite festival item that you couldn’t live without?
My toolbox – the whole festival is held together by staples, cable ties and good will.

How often do you get to shower over Nozstock week?
Even though I helped run the showers last year, I still didn’t get time for a shower.

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a weekend of revelling in a field?
Drink Buckfast
Don’t camp next to an electric fence
Make sure you bring emergency bananas

Who out of the crew would you predict to make it to sock-wrestling champion for 2012 and why?
Rose Pearl – I have come to blows with her in the sock wrestling ring before, and I seriously underestimated my opponent.

When were you most starstruck at Nozstock?
When I was showing Russell Howard to his dressing room; I was really looking forward to meeting him, but all my wit deserted me and I’m not even sure if I said hello… I probably just pointed and grunted.

What are you most looking forward to at 2012’s festival?
Octo Pi – Nozstock’s resident DJ.  Correspondents (oh Mr Bruce!) and Camo and Krooked. Dr Meaker are also a massive favourite.

Tell us your most embarrassing or entertaining Nozstock story.
I jumped at the chance to be a ‘Techno Turban’ for the Nozstock Launch night without asking what was involved; I didn’t realise it would mean getting naked and painted gold in front of a room full of people I had never met before; whilst I was being painted up the song ‘Sexual Healing’ came on the radio…. luckily no-one can see you blush when you’re Gold!

Random interesting fact?
It takes a lot longer than you would think to get gold paint off your body.

Audio Visual treats abound

With less than a month to go until the gates open to the farm, we thought it was time we gave you another line up announcement to whet your festival appetites…The Tribe of Frog boys have been busy arranging psy delights for you in The Coppice, Dub Bait are back with audio visual treats to connect and play with the audience, including announcing Bass Clef as headliner, SIKA have announced the prolific London Zoo for The Bullpen and The Velveteen Valley has a new round of fabulous filth to intrigue and delight. Scottish funnyman Phil Kay will be making his way back to The Hidden Valley to headline our Friday night comedy and we’ve got none other than The Light Surgeons in Wrong Directions cinema tent! We can’t wait…how many days to go again?!

Exclusive Nozstock mix from Octane and DLR…

Octane and DLR are a lovely pair! Chris and Mr Dirty Le Roi made some serious waves within the dance music scene in 2011 with some big releases and a worldwide DJ tour. Now they have put together an exclusive mix for Nozstock to get us in the mood for this years DnB rinse out in The Cubicles. Thanks boys,  only one month to go! Listen here now

Rubberbandits, Jason Rouse comedy + AV joy…

Comedy bookings for funny-bunnies

Continuing our growing reputation for hosting some of the finest UK comedy talent, we’ve got some esteemed guests coming along in July to road-test new material. Past luminaries have included the likes of Russell Howard, Phil Jupitus, Adrian Edmondson and Steven Frost to name a few, but headlining Saturday Night this year are the awardwinning and mask-wearing hip-hop duo The Rubberbandits. Made up of Mr. Chrome and Blindboy Boat Club their satirical, lewd and at times hypnogogic blend of music, comedy and crank calls deservedly earned them ‘Best Irish Act’ at the awards in 2011. Having shared a stage with the likes of Jessie J and performed to over 20, 000 people at Oxygen last year, The Rubberbandits have proved they are even more dynamic and entertaining live as on screen. Put that pen on your programme this year and mark the spot – you don’t want to miss this.

Also treading the hallowed boards of Laughing Stock’s comedy stage is self-proclaimed ‘jester from hell’ Jason Rouse (whose riotous act has been described byChortle as a “a tirade of unspeakable depravity”), Canadian funny-man and regular on Russell Howard’s Good News/Never Mind The Buzzcocks Tony Law, new kid on the block Darius Davies and a whole host of breakthrough talent.

With an intoxicating level of up-and-comers cutting their comedic teeth, plus chips off the old block showing the youngsters how veterans do it best, don’t be surprised if you hear squeals and peals of joy, and the underbubble of dark chortles emanating from the Craft Quarter’s depths at Nozstock this year.

AV treats day and night, old and young

Things are getting a little bit exciting over in the Dingle’s Wrong Directions Cinetent where local collective MASH’s careful curation will result in a stunning programme of visual treats and inspiring eye-openers, including a highlight retrospective collection from esteemed animator and experimental artist Jeff Scher. Scher has work sited in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art, as well as in the Academy Film Archives and at the Pompidou Centre. With investigations into the culture of Mash Up, magical music videos and kid-friendly visual treats throughout the day, Mash will also be bringing you some live AV late night experiences.

Don’t miss Saturday afternoon’s Sound Art Zone. An emerging practice born out of avant-garde jazz, contemporary classical and conceptual visual art movement, sound art is a chance to open your ears and be dazzled by eclectic, live audio-visual performance and fusions of ambience, electronics, improvisation, noise and silence. Prepare to be amazed!

More hip-hop for your  mental wealth

If you haven’t heard already, beat bosses Sika Studios are once again ruling over the Bullpen, and they’ve squeezed in another load of hip-hop heroes for your viewing pleasure in the form of legendary Foreign Beggars member Dr Syntax, Bristol collective Rat Tash, explosive six-piece Raw Element, Croydon’s finest MC Du Jour, Cracker Jon and old school dons Ricta&Idyllic.

There’s so much to tell but here’s a few more upcoming highlights to get you plotting and planning the best weekend of your summer:
  • Cycle Competition – gather your liveliest of friends and convoy your way to the Farm (free tickets available – see competition details)
  • Artists – design an iconic postcard, see it in beautiful, professional technicolour and get in scott free!
  • Theme – dress up and delight in the Myths & Legends theme by donning your freakiest, furriest outfits and bring a bit of magic to play.
  • Tasty treats – A plethora of tasty meals and snacks will be offer with a chill out café for those seeking coffee-scented sanctuary.
  • Things to do – Workshops aplenty will give you that sense of achievement and whet your appetite for being clever.
  • Green Amusements – Clear campsite competitions, celebrity tree-plantings and sustainable arts & crafts.

See the latest line up and, for details and descriptions rich with palpitation-inducing suggestions, check out our line up venue pages to see what’s on offer across your intimate Farm festival site coming soon…. Oh, yes.



Nozstock comedy extravaganza!

If you’re in The Capital on the 30th of May or fancy a visit and a great night out, then pop in to the Queens Head in Piccadilly Central London for our Nozstock comedy extravaganza. Headed up by Nozstock’s very own Joe Davies, it offers a tantalising taste of what to expect from our Laughing Stock stage over the weekend. Expect to see some up and coming names of tomorrow with no less than 11 comedians performing on the night. Things kick off at 7.30pm and it’s free to get in so there’s no reason not to come and see the cream of new comedic talent, here first.

Nozstock takeover Brap FM…

Tuesday 22nd May 10pm – 12 pm was Brap FMs Subsize show where Nozstock took over the airwaves to give you a taste of what to expect from this year’s festival. Listen again to hear mixes from Nozstock residents Dex, Scope and other top sounds of Noz. Not only this but there was an exclusive mix from Ed Solo! Could there be a better way to get geared up for this year’s festival on a boring week night? We think not! So make sure you get involved to download and listen again at

Design a winning postcard – get in free!

If you’ve got an artist’s hand and have been inspired by Nozstock’s theme for 2012 – MYTHS & LEGENDS – why not practice your skills and design an iconic postcard that best represents your favourite rural Herefordshire festival? You’ll see your creation brought into reproduced professional quality for the masses to keep, swap and send, and postcards can even be posted direct from our Nozstock ‘post office’ so you can gloat to all your absent friends. You could even send yourself a postcard to remind yourself what you got up to!

Whether it’s cow-unicorns, Medusa, Thor, centaurs or fawns that get your goat, pick up a pen and scribe your style. You can submit your designs to or post them to the Farm, Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4LS by 8th June 2012. Make sure you agree to the T&Cs before sending in your work. Work cannot be returned so if you want to retain originals send us a copy!

Winners will be notified by 29th June and the winning work will be printed in technicolour and presented on sale at the festival. You, of course, will get in free as well as receiving a Nozstock goodie bag, plus a percentage of proceeds from your postcards will go to one of our official charities, Yeleni Support.

Jam around the fire at the Hidden Valley

This year we are officially inviting all you lovely people to not only come and bear witness to the wondrous music Nozstock has to offer, but to be part of it. Whatever you play (within reason; church organs not allowed) bring it along & join our folk jam around the crackling fire. It promises to be a sensational cacophony of music, harmonised with the sound of foot tapping. It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning or you’re amazing; it’ll be rip roaring fun no matter how skilled you are. If you’ve only picked up your recorder twice, then this is the perfect opportunity to get some more practise in, have a laugh and meet some like-minded recorder fanatics (and other musicians and nice people). If Norah Jones or the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix happen to be reading this, your musical prowess is very welcome! However, you non-musos can be part of it too. Make sure you pop over even if you only want to hum quietly, whack the triangle or even just listen!

Though we cannot claim responsibility for your loss of items, we will provide a storage locker for your instruments to be stored in after the jamming session has come to a sad end, and will strive to ensure that they are kept safe and sound.

More line up treats unveiled…

Here at Noz HQ we are very excited to reveal our next round of line up announcements to tantalise your festival taste buds. Post punk powerhouse The Futureheads will be topping the bill on Saturday’s Orchard Stage with their brand of guitar thrashing, sing a long favourites and we’ve no less than Mr ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ himself Zinc, showing The Garden Stage how it’s done on Friday Night. They are joined by the kings of ska-punk Imperial Leisure, and festival heavyweights Los Albertos, all alongside some of the hottest new talent in the UK including Jake Bugg, Kal Lavelle and The Caezars. But it’s not just the music that’s revving us up. Theatrical wonderment awaits in The Dingle, with Ophelia Bitz confirmed as ring mistress in The Velveteen Valley and 2011’s National Story Teller of the Year Rachel Rose Reid delighting the crowds at The Tent of Temporary Thought. Don’t know about you guys, but we actually cannot wait…how many days to go now?!

To see the line up in all it’s glory check out this page and visit the stage-by-stage pages on the website.

Glamp in style with Hotel Belltent

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hotel Bell Tent. Your Camping with Soul, hassle free delight that will revolutionise the way you go camping. Hotel Bell Tent provides a unique and magical touch to any camping experience and whilst it has been likened to staying in a hotel – you will be in the field, at the heart of Nozstock The Hidden Valley.  We hope to help create that unforgettable, not to mention cosy, experience –  you simply book your ‘room’, turn up and check in – leaving all the hard work to us giving you more time to enjoy Nozstock’s top notch music, dazzling theatrics & tickling comedy!

Hotel Bell Tent will provide you with the lavishness of home comforts, a truly unique space to unwind in after a day or night out and excellent 24hr customer service.

Ideal for families, groups of friends or couples looking for something out of the ordinary  … we just know you are going to love it!

All our beautiful canvas Bell Tents come fabulously dressed with accessories from our ‘camping with soul’ range – luxury inflatable mattresses (as required per tent), hand loomed rugs, coir door mats for muddy boots & shoes, tea light candle chandeliers (for light and warmth), low level hand painted tables, and OPTIONAL 100% Egyptian cotton bedding and lovely soft towels.

Booking more than one tent? Checking in with kids? Let us know and we will accommodate your requirements.

Visit  for more information and to make your booking.

Looking forward to seeing you in a field soon!

Tricka Technology to headline Garden Stage!

If the sunshine wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got another golden nugget of line-up treasure to bring to you today; Tricka Technology will be headlining the Garden Stage on Saturday night. The killer trio will be smashing out their finest just for you with their signature fusion of beat and breaks music. Globally acclaimed Krafty Kuts, the man, nay! the legend with a shelf of international DJ awards under his belt alongside a catalogue of club culture anthems is joined by A-Skillz, notorious breakbeat scratch’n’mixer whose presence has been felt from Glastonbury to Ibiza and to guide you on the way to ultimate bass-dom is Dynamite MC, a tongue twisting legend whose years of jungle, dnb and breaks MC-ing will bring nothing but hype, hype, hype.