To the theatre!


The ancient Greeks were a society pretty into their entertainment. So, we think they’d be pretty chuffed with the simply outrageous line-up of theatrical wonders to behold at the Hidden Valley this year.

The Bantam of the Opera will be host to the weird and the wonderful, the joyous and the jaw-dropping. There is a whole kaleidoscope of entertainment; from the hip-crobatics of Nula Hula, to the vagabond talents of the Threadbare Jugglers. You can experience dialectal debauchery from Monkey Poet, Irrational Behaviour’s recycled travelling machine, psychedelic audio/visual spectacles from Hummadruz and crazy contortion from acro-balancer Matt Horton. Missing your Saturday night bingo? Don’t panic! Backyard Bingo awaits; to fulfil all your bingo-ing needs and more. With belly-dancing, balloon modelling, poetry and even Professor Pumpernickel’s laboratory of lunacy, there is more to see than you could pull out of a magician’s top hat (please note: rabbits are not permitted at Nozstock).

The thrilling theatrics of Noz are not confined to the Bantam of the Opera though my friends, oh no! All the farm’s a stage and you are the beloved audience. There will be walkabout wonders a’plenty for your entertainment, participation and interaction if you should so fancy.


Lose yourself in the Velveteen Valley

Lock up your daughters, batten down the hatches and pour yourself a stiff drink …

When the clock strikes midnight, Nozstock’s home of all things thespian – the Bantam of the Opera – takes on an altogether slicker, sleazier and silkier edge. On Friday and Saturday night the Theatre tent plays host to the Velveteen Valley, your one stop shop for all things burlesque, cabaret, comedy, circus and all the little oddities that wallpaper the cracks in between.

After a long day’s dancing, surrender yourself to sheer sensuous delight down in the Hidden Valley. Prepare to be engaged on every sensory level: let your eyes be dazzled by the sight of bodies doing things you never knew bodies could do, with hula-hooping – of both the fire and LED variety – by Indira Skyflower and Nula Hula and mesmerising, James Bond-inspired bellydance from Doe Demure.

Serving you up a big, sizzling platter of burlesque, we have Ci Ci Noir, who’ll have feathers – and your hearts – a’flutter, and Mike Bathke, who’ll be taking the medium apart, shaking it about and sticking it back together again topsy-turvy in his ‘talk’ on How to Burlesque… maybe even inspiring a few of you to give it a go for yourselves.

Finally, once the Laughing Stock has closed for the night, our cabaret-comedian-comperes will take up the mantle of their daytime peers to give your funnybones a sly old tickle. Shamefaced circus maverick Tom Hunt will be attempting to juggle and charm his way into your affections; Ursula Dares … to go places no act has gone before with her ingenious character comedy; Owen Niblock comes armed with poetry, flute skills and a ringing endorsement from Russell Howard; and Jolene Dover and Vicky Lee bring up the – ahem – rear with their outrageous cabaret stylings and larger than life stage presence.

Ladles and jellyspoons, while our cabaret acts are a sight for sore eyes, they’re certainly not a show for young ears, so once the kids are asleep, climb out the bathroom window, down the drainpipe and into the Velveteen Valley for a little taste of what makes Nozstock oh-so-special…

20090024871_b5e9e30aa9_o (1)

2016’s Celebritree – Henning Wehn

Henning Wehn is not only a comedy connoisseur, he cares about the planet too. This year, as well as gracing the Laughing Stock with his downright hilarity, Mr Wehn is our very own Celebritree Avenue tree planter. We caught up with the German comedy ambassador to discuss all things green.

Henning Wehn
Q: What does being ‘green’ really mean to you?

A: To have some awareness of the environmental impact of your actions.

Q: Why you think it’s important for cities like your own to be filled with trees?

A: Trees are obviously important to clean the air and as a habitat for wildlife. Trees are also crucial to generate a sense of community. Wherever there’s trees, plants or flowers it feels like an obvious place to come and pass the time.

Q: Nature has inspired us for centuries, can you tell us about a time when it’s inspired you?

A: Never mind inspiring, I feel the countryside is mocking me. When I encounter fields and forests and clean air they tend to look at me and ask: “What are you doing living in London? You’ve only got one life and you’re wasting it there? What sort of tool are you?” What can I say? Their guess is as good as mine. It makes no sense.

Q: Are you looking forward to heading out to the sticks for Nozstock festival? Do you enjoy rural festivals?
A: I have been to Nozstock a good 10 years ago. It was essentially a small Do in someone’s garden. I wonder how the festival has changed. I wouldn’t mind it being a bit less wet than that year but I hope the character is still the same.

We simply can’t wait to see Henning Wehn planting his feet firmly on stage AND in Noz’s Celebritree Avenue this year.

Mark Marks announced as winner of #MCNoz2016

Back in early June we collaborated with hip-hop publisher Bonafide and long term musical legends and headliners of our Orchard Stage this year Jurassic 5 to provide an exciting opportunity for a budding MC to win a host of tasty prizes. The winner was to be judged by Akil the MC, and other members of J5. Yes, one aspiring microphone assassin would get the chance to perform live at Nozstock! Through this competition we all gained personal and unseen access to the bedroom talents of many Nozstock fans and sterling up-and-coming MC talent, as they used the hashtag #MCNoz2016 to share their lyrical abilities with the world.

At Nozstock HQ we attempted to critically assess the entries, whittling them down to a shortlist of five. Then, came the job of the difficult final selection, but frankly, who better to do it than world-famous wordsmiths J5?

It was a close decision, as according to Jurassic 5 ‘they all had skills’. The Lady Sanity got an honourable mention and runner up Abakus came a close second. However, we are pleased to announce the winner is Mark Marks! Akil commented that Marks’ “very polished flow, delivery and content meant he outshined others with his presentation”.

So, on the judgement and recommendation of J5, we are honoured to welcome Mark Marks, aspiring lyrical mastermind, to Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2016!

Check out our winner Mark Marks, when he performs in The Bullpen at 11.30am on Saturday.
To see his winning entry, check Youtube right here.

And don’t forget to share the love for this most auspicious winner of #MCNoz2016.

mark marks 2



We could easily be accused of being disgracefully focused on a lovely bar experience at Nozstock – from our sweet and keen bar staff, through to our pub prices and homey environs. But nothing tops off that dreamy festival day more than one of our themed cocktails.

Every year, we rifle through the pages of our favourite recipes, hold long-winded but purposeful discussions about the pro’s and con’s of certain mixers and obviously taste-test in our own, perversely dedicated way. This year, we took the trial out of the equation, chancing upon some of the dreamiest rum in the land. Hence a delightful collaboration was born, between Old J Rum in it’s many, carefully blended varieties, and us with our penchant for tasty fruit-pulped, alcoholic beverages.

You’ll find Old J’s cocktails evoking the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’ across all our bars at Nozstock this year, plus they’ll be giving out some free samples in the Orchard to whet your appetite.

oldjcocktail-11aBABYLON ICED TEA

1.       House Vodka 12.5ml

2.       Old J Spiced Rum 12.5ml

3.       Tiki Fire 12.5ml

4.       Cointreau 12.5ml

5.       Bombay Sapphire Gin 12.5ml

6.       Fresh Lemon Juice 20ml

7.       Sugar Syrup 12.5ml

8.       Cola 50ml C

Power leads to debauchery and this drink is no different. Mind your step with this one. Everything in a glass.



1.       25ml Old J

2.       25ml Briotet Peche

3.       75ml Pineapple

4.       ¼ lime wedge

5.      Lime wheel garnish

They dominated Mesoamerica and now feel them dominate your senses with  a peach and vanilla blast.


1.       25ml Old J Cherry

2.      50ml Raspberry Cider

3.       1/8 Lime wedge

4.       Ting top

5.       Raspberries & mint garnish

As Mount Olympus in the dawn, Cherry Rum and Raspberry Cider rise and strike like lightening at your tounge!




1.       50ml Old J Gold

2.       25ml Real Coco

3.       75ml Pineapple Juice

4.       ¼ Fresh squeezed Lime wedge

5.       Pineapple garnish

“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools,” they should just drink Pineapple and Coconut!!!





Find out more about Old J’s splendid blends on their website and we’ll see you very soon for some sampling splendour in the Hidden Valley…


Courtesy of our wonderful friends at Old J Spiced Rum we’re giving you and your rum-drink compadre the chance to win all these goodies! …2 tickets to Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2016, a weekend supply of the finest Old J Rum (4 bottles!) to be enjoyed in your very own Old J Camping mugs …of course whilst wearing these matching snazzy t’s 😉

To enter, click here.

Nozcast 001: Gentlemens Dub Club

Ahead of Nozstock 2016, Matt Roberts, from the legendary Gentleman’s Dub Club caught up with us to give us a glimpse into the life and history of one of the most prominent reggae, ska and dub bands in the UK right now.

Emerging from Leeds, in Yorkshire, the nine-piece band and Nozstock Saturday Night Headliners have supported Roots Manuva, The Streets and The Wailers but to name a few.

Matt talks to us about the bands early influences and there key festival prep. It’s now, a full 10 years since the band began, the nine-piece continue to deliver showstopping performances and have something very special planned for Nozstock 2016.

So give the first ever Nozcast (exciting times) a listen and find out what exactly makes this incredible band come to life on the stage and don’t forget to come see it for yourself!


Golden Welly Awards!

Fellow Nozstockers, it’s nearly time to start voting for your favourite independent festival at the Association of Independent Music Awards.

Vote by clicking on the link below and selecting Nozstock as the Best Independent Festival. Remember to share on social media to spread the word! Voting opens at 10am on Monday the 11th July and closes at 5pm on Monday 25th July – just after another epic weekend at the farm. Thank you loyal Nozzers! – Not active until the 11th July

Crew Profile: Martine van Dusschoten – “Volunteering at Nozstock, you won’t regret it!”


A few years back I came to Nozstock as a punter and had an amazing time. The small scale of the festival makes it cosy but there’s still a broad array of entertainment and music: high-quality music. The enthusiasm is felt all around; I danced vigorously for more than half of the time! The next year I decided I wanted to be more part of the festival, to add to the lovely atmosphere and fun experienced. I worked as a volunteer behind the bar, serving quality drinks to fantastic people. I had such an extraordinary time that since then I haven’t visited a festival without getting involved.

Half a year ago I started volunteering for Nozstock as administrator and a walk-about assistant and I honestly have never met so many amazing people in one place. And the common denominator? We all love Nozstock. Apart from just looking good on your CV, volunteering at Nozstock brings you so much more. I feel like I have found my second family! My ‘non-biological’ family; where people will be there for me when I need them, where I feel at home, where you’re taught new skills through aiding in putting on the most epic festival and just the laughs, the endless laughs… Working in an environment like this stops becoming work; it becomes hobby, or maybe even passion. I would strongly recommend anyone to get involved in this festival; you won’t regret it!

Keen to volunteer?

Mix of the Millennium: J5 meets BBC Radio 6 Music

DJ Nu-Mark BBC 6 Mix

Here on the farm it’s fair to say that we love a good ol’ playlist to jam along to. Whether it’s Ella listening to the Spice Girls or Farmer Noz listening to a heavy dnb mix there’s always a tune a’ playing.

To get you in the mood for a festy, the irrepressible DJ Nu-Mark has teamed up with Tom Ravenscroft to get y’all excited for a Nozstock extravaganza. Pulling up the brakes on BBC Radio 6 Music,  one sixth of the dynamite hip hop crew; the supreme, the ultimate Jurassic 5, has produced an exclusive mix for the good old beebs.

With tunes from legendaries such as The Sugarhill Gang, A-Skills, Mobb Deep, Krafty Kutz and Bowie (Rest in Rock Star Peace) Nu-Mark’s guest mix is just the ticket for those summer vibes and Noz jitterbugs. it:

Catch you on the flippity flop Nu-Mark!


Enjoy yourself and help the world become a better place!


While you’re at the farm, please make sure to get involved to some fun activities hosted by the charities participating at this year’s Nozstock or just hi-five the amazing volunteers who are working hard to improve the lives of other individuals in Hereford, the UK and the world.

Here are a few things you can do to help others while you’re having fun at Nozstock:

Grab a coffee and a bite from The Chicken Cow Cafe and play games at the Human Fruit Machine. 50% of their profits go towards good causes.

Check out The Music Pool’s recruits at The Bandstand. The Music Pool is a community based music charity for Herefordshire and its borders, dedicated to providing chances for people of all ages and abilities to make music.

Cheer up Oxfam stewards! A proportion of our Nozstock stewards are provided by Oxfam every year. With the money Oxfam raise from working at Nozstock they can make amazing things happen like buying 52 cows or 381 chickens for farmers to support their families, provide shelter and clean water for 32 Syrian refugee families or enable 247 young women to attend school in Ethiopia.

Head to Yeleni in the Healing Zone for a massage and unwind. By having a treatment for yourself you help Yeleni deliver free complementary therapy sessions to anyone with cancer and chronic illness in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties. So whether you want a back massage or a few hypnotherapy sessions, £10 of the money you pay for your treatment will go towards supporting their charity work.

Join the Big In The Gambia takeover in the theatre tent on Sunday night, featuring the best of world music inspired sounds. The Gambian Maternity Foundation has been set up to help improve the lives of mothers & babies within The Gambia. Their need is great as the health system there lacks the basic supplies & equipment needed to effectively sustain itself. They organise events to raise funds and awareness, providing information & stories from the Gambia to give people a real insight into the country they help.

Legs4Africa’s founding principle is to minimise waste and maximise life. By collecting redundant prosthetic legs from across the UK and shipping them out to Western Africa, the charity is helping to dispel the isolation that disability can bring. In just two years they have managed to get 1500 African amputees walking again. They will be decorating prosthetic legs whilst on site.

Stay hydrated with FRANK Water Refill bottles. FRANK Water Is a Safe Water & Sanitation Charity, since 2005 they have managed to fund safe drinking water and sanitation for more than 300,000 people in 208 communities. FRANK will be running a FreeFill event at Nozstock selling lovely FRANK Water Refill bottles. People can then fill them for free all weekend at the refill station with refreshing, chilled, filtered water.

Trees for Cities is the only charity working on an international scale specialising in planting much needed urban trees, improving the lives of city dwellers and inspiring children to grow and eat good food. They plant trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates. The charity began in 1993 and has since engaged over 70,000 people to plant more than 600,000 trees in cities worldwide. They will be making willow wands!

…and for when you get home! Beat the post-Nozstock blues by helping find a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinsons. Stanford University’s Folding@home programme is inviting you to donate your unused computer power, to crunch some of the numbers, in order to find a cure and new therapies, which will save lives. Nozstock has been sharing computer power and now you can too by simply clicking on the link above.

Noz – How should one festival?

Kristian Lam-Clark Nozstock 2015 friends

Things to bring

  • Your favourite people
  • Not your best shoes – farms can be a muddy affair.
  • Socks – to keep your wellies company.
  • Decorations! To adorn both yourself and your tent.
  • A portable phone charger – unlike your festival spirit, your phone will die.
  • A money belt – to store hopes, dreams and gifts from strangers
  • Gaffa Tape- if gaffa can’t fix it, nothing can
  • Extra tent pegs.
  • Clothes that make your festi-loo experience a seamless operation (jumpsuits are quite the challenge…)
  • A light jacket – the perfect accessory to your most elaborate costume.
  • Dry shampoo (smells so good)
  • Lip balm
  • Mouthwash
  • Wet wipes – the efficient cousin of the shower.
  • A basic first aid kit for any minor mishaps that may occur.

Choose the right camping spot

All camping areas at Nozstock are full of fantastic folk, but finding your ideal site will mean you have a truly pitchin’ time. There is family camping if you’re bringing the little nozzers along and some areas closer to the main site for those who enjoy partaking in some fine Herefordshire Scrumpy after hours.

Respect the farm – keep it clean and green.

The last thing you want to wake up to is an unsightly site. Fill up the bin bag and recycling bag that you’ll be given when you arrive at the farm and hand it into the office (psst…you can even win tickets for next year’s festival when you do this!).

Be Noz to each other

Festivals are a treasure trove of excellent humans so treat everyone with kindness and care. Create community with your campsite neighbours and maybe you’ll meet some new compadres.

Noz-so-secrets of the Hidden Valley

At least once during the weekend, go and sit on the hill in the far field (near the carpark) and watch the sun rise – a crew favourite!



Get creative in our craft quarter…

Sophie Wheat Phaded - Nozstock 2015 crafty leather

Our Craft Area invites you to weave a bit of magic and create beauty from all nature provides. Be wowed by the skills on show as our clever craft bods offer demonstrations of traditional techniques.  The industrious amongst you can learn a new skill or make a memento of your weekend with playful exploration of various techniques and materials. Utilising metal, wood, textiles or stone, come and be creative with the amazing workshops we have on offer.  Make hooks with our blacksmith, unique metal jewellery or dream-catchers out of willow. Learn all about knots and impress your friends by making the most spectacular wooden mushroom or welsh love spoon. Get dirty with clay and become a potter in a day with our drop in sessions.

If you are a craftsman yourself and feel like captivating The Hidden Valley with your skills then applications are still open. Get in touch with a completed application form available below.

Trader and Workshop Application 2016

Trader Application Guidance 2016