It’s not just the stages keeping you entertained in The Hidden Valley.  When you need a break from the festival hive our chill-out healing area down by the pond can provide a proper pampering or visit our garden and get yourself some remedy and soul-soothing. When the bouncing and partying has tired your legs clap along with our folk jam artists or indulge in a spot of retail therapy…

2018 line up included…

A varied programme of workshops and complementary therapies from Yeleni Support Centre. A quiet, reflective zone to get spiritual and relax, visit Yeleni in the Healing Zone for a massage and an unwind. By helping yourself you will be helping someone else too! Profits from therapies go towards helping those with cancer and chronic illnesses…
Forgotten your rain mac? Had one glass too many? Nozstock is proud to be working with Chill Welfare to make sure Nozzers high and low are able to feel safe and supported. Chill Welfare have a fantastic ethos which aims to keep people safe by reducing the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. “We recognise that some people use substances at music events and might at times be in need of support because of what they have taken.” Whether you’ve partied too hard or just need a reassuring chat and a safety pin, the Chill Welfare team will know exactly what to do to get you back on your feet and back into the festival!

Talented musicians who love to strum, sing, blow and pluck unplugged and informally, join us! There will be a safe place to put your instruments down and the opportunity to sing your favourites and play your heart out. It’s at the bottom of the craft area by the pond. See you there. Confirmed acts include:

SLIPPERY SLOPE: Slippery Slope are a four piece acoustic band combining an unusual mix of instruments and musical styles to produce a charming, fun and foot stomping sound. Playing traditional and contemporary musical styles from classic French accordion to stomping Klezmer, with occasional dips into ska and Irish folk along the way. The line up is accordion, fiddle, guitar and Trinidadian steel pan. Slippery Slope supply the perfect mix of silly, melancholy and beautiful music.

MICE IN A MATCHBOX: Mice In A Matchbox are about as local as it gets – the duo, featuring Sally Stamford and Jim Rolt are based in Bromyard, Herefordshire. Together they form an exciting and interesting acoustic blend of styles with the lyrical and evocative vocals of Sally merging with Jim’s punchy guitar work and harmonies. They will definitely get your toes tapping and your fingers snapping!

At Nozstock we know how hot The Cubicles can get so as a haven for you sweaty ravers this year in The Bullpen we are introducing you to Prango…an area like you’ve never seen before. We had hoped it was going to be a nice chilled out space for people to gather their thoughts and recharge before re-entering the rave, but it seems we asked the wrong local… As surreal as it gets, this is a chill out space come ginger supremacy haven. Expect the unexpected, from bath tub ball pits to a volcano giving life to the auburn haired (yes, you read that right.) Anything orange goes. Plus Sunday afternoon sees 5 hours of drum ‘n’ bass from the orange-inal nutters Shire FX. Wear Orange for the occasion! You will know when you’ve been Prango’d!
Psychonauts offer an immersive experience like no other. This team of professional psycho-surgeons will be administering an audio visual assault of delirium and delights for those in need of a little light relief.
Not to be outdone by those big consumer festivals, Nozstock brings you your own shopping boulevard, so treat yourself to a bit of consumer naughtiness. Don’t forget to browse our selection of official Nozstock merchandise with brand new designs for 2018. Almost everything you can imagine can be found, so try and pull yourself away from the music to have a stroll around… As well as delicious sweet treats from our various vendors, meat and veg of all varieties can be found on site to sate all appetites. With a focus on local sourcing, good variety, and high quality, no belly should be left unfattened! Our themed homegrown bars will be serving you the finest local ciders and home made cocktails. Get salivating over lovely fresh Italian pizzas, warming curries and the ultimate in comfort food: toasties! Plus we’ll be finding you sweets treats to meet every desire, from ice creams to crepes for that much-needed sugar injection. Fill your tummy – you’re going to need the energy for all that dancing.
If you’re a novice with the arrow or fancy yourself quite the bowman, hone your archery skills with Golden Lotus on Saturday and Sunday above the Coppice. Expand your skill set as well as your horizons here on the Nozstock farm…
Back by popular demand! Will luck be on your side? Will the chicken crap on your number? Will you win £50? All this and more will be answered during the fifth instalment of chicken shit bingo!
Can’t resist a flutter? At 20p a go, with all proceeds going to charity we can’t blame you. Three matching fruits and you win!
Old songs, new songs and songs made up on the spot. Musicians in a box, what next?!
What better way to end a fantastic weekend of festivities than a firework display? Well, that’s exactly how we will be ending Nozstock. Once again, Jordan’s Fireworks will be supplying the sparkles this year, and we are all stocked up with our favourites from the past, plus of course some nice new additions. So make sure to come along, you really don’t want to miss out on witnessing what is set to be a breathtaking display…



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