Call out for Photographers and Videographers!

Call out for Photographers and Videographers!

a night time photo of a photographer on stage taking a photo in front of a crowd


Do you love making great photo (or video) content? 

Ever wanted to peer behind the veil of music festival magic?

Then why not get involved with Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2023? One of the UK’s most eclectic, award winning festivals! 

Based in Herefordshire, we’re an annual favorite for friends, families and all festival goers in between. From world famous headliners to hidden stages, acrobats, paint fights and family crafts, we’ve got something for everyone – and we want to show the world. 

That’s where you come in! 

We’re seeking talented volunteers to join our Media Crew, capturing the festival in every vibrant detail. Our creative team exchanges a little of their time for an experience that’s hard to beat. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with talented artists, performers and a whole circus of dazzling professionals.

Whether you love taking photos or shooting video, we’ll find something that matches your interests while still giving you plenty of time to enjoy the festival!

We’ve been at this game for over 20 years and in that time we have built a friendly and supportive Media team who are always ready to offer help and support you in creating great content before in front of the stage and behind the scenes!

Here’s some of what we offer in return for your time and creativity:  

  • Weekend access to Nozstock The Hidden Valley, 2023 
  • Meals supplied by Crew catering. 
  • Secure equipment lock-up and charging points.
  • Access to media professionals and publications. 
  • Named accreditation for any of your work that we use. 
  • Access to crew camping.  
  • We’ll work with you to make sure you’re making content you’re interested in, based on your own ideas and interests. 

Hosting a festival is no easy feat and is an incredibly rewarding experience that inspires the whole team, both professionally and personally, long after the festival has concluded. Many of our volunteers return year after year, unable to resist the allure of festival charm and all the excitement it offers!

Not sure if you’re the right fit? 

We appreciate this might sound daunting. To that we say – don’t worry! – we will (and have in the past) worked with a whole range of skill levels: you don’t have to be a professional. In fact, some of our best content has come from people who were fairly new to this! Why not check out some previous examples, to get an understanding of what we’re looking for? 

Keen to apply? 

We’re glad to hear it! We do need to see what you can do, so please prepare a small portfolio showcasing your experience and work. Previous event festival experience is great, but not a MUST. 

What we do ask in return: 

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll provide you with an introduction brief about the festival to help you get started. 

Although we want you to have fun and enjoy the festival, as a volunteer we do need something from you: 

  • After the festival we will need your deliverables (video, photo or both – as agreed). These will be used for media and promotional purposes and will need to be high quality – the brief we mentioned above will tell you more about what’s expected. Successful delivery of these deliverables will allow us to refund your…  
  •  …festival ticket deposit. To ensure the team delivers, we do need you to purchase a ticket in advance. This will however be refunded to you in full once we have the deliverables above.  
  • That’s it! 


With so many opportunities and benefits available, we’re sure you’ll love the whole experience. 

You can find detailed photographer & videographer briefs and a link to our application form here.

It’s only a few months until the festival kicks off in July, and we can’t wait to hear from you!


Written by Ivy Walls & Alex Avery