The Marine Conservation Society partners with Nozstock

The Marine Conservation Society partners with Nozstock

a sunny beach with a litter picker holding a plastic bottle


Nozstock teams up with the Marine Conservation Society!


This year we’ll be partnering and partying in honour of The Marine Conservation Society’s environmental crusade to fight for the future of our oceans, in our very own habitat 2000 Acres Under The Sea. 


A potential hero in the fight against climate change when healthy, our oceans capture nearly a third of the world’s carbon emissions. That’s even more than trees! 


As well as championing the fight against microplastics, and the unnecessary use of plastics, The Marine Conservation Society are also fighting for:


A cleaner ocean  – finding ways to prevent and clean up marine litter and pollution, and using science to track the health of our waters. Last year, a crew of hardy volunteers cleared our beaches of 393,150 litter items – collecting 17,772kgs of litter. That’s heavier than a double decker bus! Find out how you can get involved in your local area here.


A better-protected ocean  – securing spaces where species and habitats can recover. Only a sea full of life can absorb carbon and tackle climate change. Check out MCS’s ongoing Campaigns here


A healthier ocean – promoting sustainable fishing to minimise harm caused by harvesting resources. They also educate the public, so that consumers can make better seafood-buying choices.


The Marine Conservation Society is a “UK-wide community of ocean lovers all working together towards our vision of a sea full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive”.


A community of people coming together with a shared vision of a healthy, happy, thriving  environment? Sound familiar Nozstockers?! We thought so too. 


Unfortunately, our seas are becoming more polluted, those precious habitats are being destroyed and human activity is damaging the ocean’s ability to combat the climate crisis. 


So what can we in the hidden valley do, to do our bit?


When 80% of ocean plastics are coming from land-based sources, with nearly one million tonnes of microplastic entering the ocean every year, it’s only right that we make land-based changes to combat this. 


And so, we present to you: 

Ocean Friendly Living – The Nozstock Festival Edit


Be the change you want to see by changing your habits around plastic this festival season. Here are our tips for festi-friendly plastic swaps you can make at Nozstock 2023:


  • Take a water bottle or reusable cup with you – as is tradition, we’re asking everyone to ‘Get Ready To Refill’ and use the delicious, free water available form all our taps and bars to refill their water bottles. Alternatively, take advantage of our £1 reusable cup deposit service. 
  • Choose bright makeup and face paints instead of glitter (Sadly, even ‘eco-friendly’ brands can have a negative environmental impact
  • Embrace slow festival fashion – revisit your favourite sparkles, or upcycle an old festival outfit – What’s already in your wardrobe that could be turned into a prize worthy 2000 Acres Under The Sea costume?
  • Pack a metal straw – as a member of the Association of Independent Festivals Final Straw campaign, we’ve banned plastic straws from our festival.
  • All our food traders use biodegradable plates and cutlery, but you could even go one better by bringing your own plates, containers and cutlery.
    • Opt for a plastic free deodorant.
    • Avoid using wet wipes – use a wet flannel or reusable pads with coconut oil to remove makeup.
  • Replace disposable vapes with a refillable pen (See The Marine Conservation Society’s campaign to Ban Disposable Vapes)
  • Try an alternative to disposable sanitary products, such as period pants, washable pads or a menstrual cup.
  • If you’re a smoker, use a portable or pocket ashtray and biodegradable filters  – traditional cigarette butts are particularly damaging to waterways. Not to mention the land!


Whilst we spend the weekend 2000 Acres Under the Sea, we can also be the change needed to protect our seas, waterways and our real life underwater counterparts.


We know our Nozstockers are a conscientious lot, that’s why we’re giving you the option to donate to helping protect our oceans when purchasing your festival ticket. You’ll find this option under Charity Donations here. 


During the festival, be sure to pay our beloved human fruit machine a visit! It’s completely non-profit, meaning all the funds will go towards supporting the future of our oceans.


Written by Becky March