The stages of 2023!

The stages of 2023!

Here at Nozstock, we play host to several unique stages and provide a platform for a huge diversity of live music and performance. Ever wondered how they all started? A few have been around for a while, and some are newer to the mix. Here’s the low down on just some of the creative and wonderful stages we have at Nozstock…

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Orchard Stage 

The biggest stage on the farm and one of the originals; the Orchard Stage is the perfect space to stomp your feet, link arms with your old or new friends and just soak up the variety of sound offered there. The Orchard stage has played host to the likes of Gentleman’s Dub Club, Chase & Status, Jake Bugg, The Proclaimers & Rudimental. It’s fair to say that with this stage, you’ll be surprised, entertained and amazed. So grab your eco-glitter, grab your mates and we’ll meet you there, you can’t miss it!

Garden Stage 

The first ever stage of Nozstock! This one goes all the way back to 1998 when the first Noz BBQ took place. Now, the Garden Stage is for all of you quirky alternatives who like to live life with your arms embracing the unconventional. The Garden Stage, fittingly, overlooks the farm lake and has its own bar. The Garden Stage has a reputation for providing something for everyone, having previously gifting spectators with music from the blues genre, a bit of hip-hop, some dance, a touch of funk and even rock and acoustic sessions. So please come and wrap those unconventional lovin’ arms all around us at the Garden Stage. 


Ital Sounds perform at Elephants Grave, Nozstock

Elephant’s Grave

The Elephant’s Grave stage was developed in 2017 as a refuge for reggae and dub during the day and deep blasts of house and techno through the night. This stage has a special history… Back in the Second World War, Noz gained a neighbour on the Tack Farm, Ms Chapman. Ms Chapman was only a girl at the time but brought with her an array of exotic animals who were part of a circus act who could no longer perform due to the political climate. After acquiring part-ownership of the Nozstock farm, Ms Chapman’s tropical animal collection enjoyed roaming on the land and some are believed to be buried there. There’s even evidence of the matriarch being buried by Lake Shepard, giving this stage a little blue tick of authenticity.



Our Cubicles dance arena was made for you dirty drum n’ bass face lot. We love you! This stage used to be a functioning cowshed and has hosted RAM & Hospitality records. Not your average cowshed. Please be prepared to be blown away by a mass of internationally accredited talent and bass that may melt your face and swell your heart. We’ll catch you skankin’ until the cows come home here in July! 



a group of people sat on a bench in front of a stage have their backs to the camera


If you want to see something fresh off the press, get to the Bandstand stage – the whole vibe here is underground, unsigned, experimental and assorted acts, raised to a platform for you to enjoy. Some acts from here have gone onto some bigger and better things, we like to call it our Nozstock lucky charm of stages. It’s one for those of you who like to explore and absorb the unknown in a comfy environment. This stage has it’s own spot at the top of the Dingle Hill, creating it’s own microclimate of uniqueness. Come and get cosy and support the up and coming!



The Cabinet of Lost Secrets

This unusual multi-roomed venue, with live sounds from around the globe was founded by Kate from Clik Clik Collective and her team of equally unusual individuals! The cabinet hasn’t been around for the whole 25 years, but it sure feels like an integral part of the Nozstock family. This stage is where you’ll find funking good grooves, deep reaching electronica, weird extraordinary performances, immersive playfulness, DJ’s in the caravan, haircuts, characters, secret gigs, pop ups, and surprises! What are you waiting for? The Cabinet of Lost Secrets is all dedicated to making you experience the unexpected.

Department of Cultural Affairs

Resting in the wacky, creative, theatrical world of Altered State, lies The Department of Cultural Affairs, focal point for all things theatre, culture and discussion. Come and enjoy psychedelic UV wonders, be left in awe by poetry, meet a lover dressed as an animal or possibly save a life or few.



The Bullpen

Nozstock’s original dance arena was a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space for musicians and music lovers. Nowadays, the walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs.

We cannot wait to have you all at Nozstock with us, so get yourself there and become one with the Noz. Ticket information and products available here!


Written by Kacey Fox