Siblings Day with Rob & Ella!

Siblings Day with Rob & Ella!


For those that don’t already know, Nozstock is founded and run by the Nosworthy Family consisting of Pete (Dad), Julie (Mum) and siblings Rob & Ella. They’ve worked collaboratively for over 20 years now, which can only mean some eventful discussions at the dinner table.

So for this year’s Siblings Day, we decided to ask Rob and Ella Nosworthy what it’s like to work as a family and especially with your sibling. As you can imagine, it’s not always smooth sailing running a festival with your nearest and dearest.  And the answers, of course, involved some brutal honesty sprinkled with some sarcasm….



What are your roles at Nozstock?


Ella – I am Creative Director but really I do anything that doesn’t quite fall on someone else’s desk. I look after music management, promotion, recruitment, access. It’s a pretty varied job spec!


Rob – I am officially deputy MD but as with Ella, my job spec is pretty varied. I oversee the site design and build and I have an input with lots of aspects from programming and marketing all the way through to toilet litter.


What’s it like working with your family?


Ella – Generally we work really well together. We are quite different so our skills complement each other. We understand each other extremely well and we know when the other needs support. We can be totally honest about what we think which is refreshing. But that can lead to some frayed tempers and some late nights when we don’t agree! We are all really passionate about this event and what we pull together. We want to get it right and that means it can take over your life a little bit. It’s not uncommon to hear arguments about headliners over the dinner table!


Rob – It’s a bloody nightmare. Luckily I’m very calm and understanding. We seem to have enough different skills to be able to oversee all the various aspects it takes to run a festival so in many ways it’s great. We believe in what we’re doing, so to achieve what we have as a family does make me proud.


Is it always smooth sailing?


Ella – No! Definitely not. We are building a temporary town on a farm, with all the infrastructure problems a town would have, with the added consideration that half the inhabitants are drunk! Every year there’s a new challenge we’ve never had to grapple with before. It’s hard work. There’s plenty of radio calls wondering where the hell something has gone or nail biting over a spreadsheet. But we thrive on the chaos. There’s something really special about working festivals, the satisfaction it gives you seeing people love what you have put your heart and soul into. We laugh as hard as we cry.


Rob – Hell no! Ella has an attitude on her. Dads a moody old farmer and Mum has to put up with us. We all can have a short temper and of course you always take it out on those nearest to you. To be honest though, we get on great and try and support each other when it matters.


What’s your favourite thing about Nozstock?


Ella – The crew. They are absolute legends who work like trojans every year.. We’ve made some amazing, hilarious memories together that I will always treasure.


Rob – I really love seeing the crowd going off in front of one of the stages. The crew and us all work so hard to create something that we believe is unique and when the crowd is cheering it’s a powerful thing. I also love seeing them leave.