Sustainable Nozstock – 2023 Edition

Sustainable Nozstock – 2023 Edition

Hey there party animals! At Nozstock, we’re not just about music and entertainment. We’re also committed to sustainability, and we’ve set targets based on our past efforts and the progress made by other festivals. Plus, we’ve taken the Festival Vision 2025 Pledge to monitor and reduce our environmental impact. 


So, what does that entail? Well, we’re powering up with renewable energy sources like solar, as well as sustainable biofuels and human-powered energy. We’re constantly reviewing our energy use and power hierarchy, comparing it to previous and planned usage. Our generators are properly planned and sized for optimal load, and we encourage energy-efficient equipment. Plus, we give preference to traders using renewable energy sources. Let’s keep the energy high while keeping our planet happy!


This year, we’ll publish our first Environmental Impact Report. We’re tracking our emissions from waste, energy, water, and transportation for crew, audience, and attendees, plus all on-site meals. We’ll also outline all our sustainability initiatives and their impact. We’re using locally sourced British timber from well-managed woodlands and making responsible purchasing decisions with our policy.


Get ready to indulge in delicious food served up with some green consideration. We’ll have at least 3 fully vegetarian/vegan traders on-site, and all our traders will be required to offer vegetarian/vegan options. Plus, we give preference to traders who use local, seasonal, organic, and Fairtrade ingredients. We’re also banning single-use plastic and polystyrene on-site and requiring compostable disposables. Our kitchen will source local, seasonal food wherever possible, and we’re asking our traders to report their ingredients and carbon emissions. It’s a feast for the senses and the planet!


Here’s the low down on our action towards sustainable travel to Noz: We’re charging £20 for car parking to encourage car-sharing and subsidise our shuttle bus service, which is a free service between Bromyard and the festival site during opening hours. And when you buy your festival tickets, you can offset emissions from your private vehicle. If you’re coming from further afield, we’ve got you covered too. Our coach service runs to and from the festival site from train stations in Hereford, London St.Pancras and Bristol Temple Meads. Fancy riding on two wheels instead of four? Cycling to Nozstock is encouraged with suitable places to lock up your bike on site. While you’re here, swing by the Information Hut to offset/donate to Ecolibrium. And if you want to win 2X Nozstock tickets for the following year, take a picture of yourself at your local bus/train station on your way to or from the festival and stay tuned for details (coming two weeks prior to the festival). Let’s ride sustainably, Nozstock crew!


As a festival with 5000 capacity, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste. For 2023, we have introduced a number of initiatives to achieve this goal. These include running a refill campaign to encourage water bottle refills, and offering recycling bins for mixed plastic, cans, glass, and cardboard. We also have a no-glass policy, an Eco Bond scheme, a Clean Campsite Competition, and work with local charities to donate reusable items. Additionally, FWRD will provide a “Free Shop” for much-needed camping gear at affordable deposits. We are proud to have Green Volunteers on hand to help with litter pick-up and post-festival pack up.


Nozstock is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and encouraging sustainable behaviours. The festival has implemented various initiatives to influence positive change, such as the Green Rider for artists and the Green Artist Award (that Gardna won in 2022!), the “Keepin’ it Green” document and green briefing for crew and stewards promote environmentally friendly behaviour, while the Ethical Trader Award encourages sustainable and accessible trading. Nozstock also offers opportunities for attendees to win tickets by participating in green initiatives like the Clean Campsite Competition and Snap your Sustainable Travel. With these initiatives, Nozstock is constantly striving to promote sustainability and influence positive change.


Let’s party while keeping our planet happy! 


Contact Emma at [email protected] to learn more about our Environmental Policy.