Terrain & Gradient Information

To give potential Nozstocker’s more information about the accessibility of the site here is a rough break-down of the site areas, gradients and terrain on the farm with pictures.

Please note that these pictures are taken in the build up of the festival so do not fully represent the sites terrain as it would be over the weekend. The grass will be mowed and if the ground becomes wet or muddy woodchip will be spread to help dry and  improve access. Pictures are labelled with areas where possible to help give an idea for those who have not visited the site before a greater idea of the lay of land.

The Main Arena containing Orchard Stage and Orchard bar is the flattest part of the site with gentle slopes on either sides, one side leading to the Dingle and Craft/Comedy Area, and the other side leading to Garden Stage, Elephants Grave, Coppice and Rave Yard.

There is viewing platform in the Main Area, next to the sound tower, which enables users to watch Main Stage performances. The other stages do not have viewing platforms, but all have generally flat areas in front of the stages. To the left, there is a gentle slope to Garden Stage; the ground in front of the stage however is flat but grassy.

From Main Arena to Dingle Area, over Wok’s Bridge there is an initial steeper slope, which is gentler on the Dingle side. (See pictures). The Dingle has a varying uphill gradient with grassy terrain. In front of The Bandstand there is quite flat area for watching bands. In this area there is also a bar, Little Wonderland Kids Area, Wrong Directions Cinema Tent and various traders.

From The Bandstand to Far Meadow (near Lake Sheersy) there is a path however it is very steep, even on foot. Access to The Altered State from the Main Area is sloping but not too steep. However, from here to Yeleni’s Healing Area (near Lake Sheersy) is also very steep.

The path to the Coppice from the Main Arena/Garden Area has an extremely steep gradient and uneven grassy terrain. The path from the Garden Area to Elephant’s Grave is also extremely steep.

The Yard which contains the Bullpen and Cubicles is flat made up of concrete and gravel.

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Viewing platform

Floor of viewing platform

Ramp up to viewing platform

Wok's Bridge