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You will receive important information direct from The Hidden Valley about the festival and access details to get you quickly and easily onto site on festival day. We are not fans of spam,  you will only receive relevant updates and they will be few. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time, but do please understand that if there is a major announcement via email you may not receive this if you have unsubscribed. Also, our newsletters have info in about competitions and special offers, we ask for your feedback to contribute to better future festivals and you’ll be the first to know about any line up changes and news. What’s not to love there? Subscribe here.
How do I get tickets for the next Nozstock?
We sell our online tickets through Ticketsellers and you can buy them right here.  Click here for  details of our physical outlets if you’re local and you prefer to go in and purchase your ticket in person. Concession tickets are only available online and in advance – they cannot be purchased on the day. We ask you to only use our registered outlets and not to participate in secondary ticketing. If you have any further questions about ticketing please email Ticketsellers or call them on 0844 870 0000 (out of hours) or 0121 472 6688 (office hours). Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions and rules and regs.

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Can I buy a ticket in instalments?
If you’re strapped for cash then you can pay in instalments. You can pay for weekend tickets with a Thursday or Friday arrival.  First instalment due now, 2nd instalment on June 1st and final instalment on July 1st.

You can also buy tickets in through our easypay system.  Just pay your deposit and booking fee now and then pay as and when you are able. Final payment must be made by 1st July. This offer will become available in 2019.

Buy your tickets here.

What type of ticket should I buy?
We offer adult and teen tickets at Nozstock. A teen is considered to be anyone aged 13-16 at the time of the festival. Anyone who is 17 on the Friday of the festival is an adult. There are limited numbers of reduced price teen tickets, once these are gone the teen price is the same as an adult ticket.  In the event of teen tickets selling out, then a teen may buy an adult ticket. Anybody aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a guardian of 21+ to the event whatever type of ticket they purchase. I.D will be requested on entrance.  A guardian can be responsible for up to four people at the event. Children aged 12 and under can enter Nozstock completely free. Anybody who requires a guardian at the event must have that guardian with them on arrival and if they leave / re-enter the site. Entrance may be refused unless we are satisfied you have a guardian with you. Security may require photo I.D from you when leaving and re-entering the site. Guardians are responsible for their charges for the entirety of festival until that person/persons have left the site.

For those requiring accessible camping you must call Ticketsellers to book your space as these are limited and cannot be guaranteed on the day: 0844 870 0000 (out of hours) or 0121 472 6688 (office hours)

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Can I buy day tickets for Nozstock The Hidden Valley?
Nozstock is taking a fresh look at its ticketing structure as it does every year. In previous years we have sold Sunday day tickets, available on the gate only, but these will not go on sale should the festival sell out of full weekend tickets. Subscribe and you will be the first to know if and when Sunday day tickets go on sale.
When will my tickets be sent to me and how do I get in?
For online orders made through the Nozstock website your e-tickets will be issued after payment confirmation from 1 July 2019. Please remember to appraise yourself of the terms & conditions and site rules & regulations before arrival at the festival. We will email you any updates regarding your ticket status and how to gain access to the festival. Please ensure that you check your emails regularly. If you think you have not received your ticket then please check your spam email folder. If you have not received your ticket in good time to attend the festival please contact us. You should bring your e-tickets to the festival with valid ID, whatever your age or status. Paper ticket buyers will also be required to present valid ID on entry. Concessions will need ID that shows proof of age. Types of ID that are acceptable include: passport, provisional or full driving licence (of any nation as long as there’s a photo of your lovely face along with your name on it!), Citizencard, national proof of age scheme card or an NUS card. All these types of ID should contain a date of birth and photo ID. A £5 discount on an I.D card is automatically applied with CitizenCard when buying through the Nozstock website. Your tickets will be exchanged for wristbands from the wristband exchange on entry and you will be asked to keep your copy of your ticket barcode with you in the event that your wristband needs replacing or there is some issue with your ticket reference after entry. No concession tickets will be on sale during the dates of the festival so please book in advance. Please note the gate closing times for your intended arrival day.
Will I need to show ID at Nozstock?
Yes. Photo ID will be requested on entry and may be requested by management or security staff at any time during the event. It may also be requested when leaving and re-entering the site. E-ticket and paper ticket holders will be asked to display ID on entry and concessions will need to present valid photo ID to prove their eligibility for the concession tickets. Under 13’s get in free, but they may also require photo ID to clarify their age. Concession tickets are only available online and in advance of the festival dates. Children aged 16 and under can only enter the site accompanied by an adult aged 21+, proven to be their guardian.   ID can also be requested for the purchase of alcohol from any of our bars or traders if you appear to be under the age of 25. Types of ID that are acceptable include: passport, provisional or full driving license, CitizenCard, national proof of age scheme card or an NUS card. All these types of ID should contain a date of birth and photo ID. CitizenCard offer a £5 discount on their cards, which is automatically applied when when using the link here.

The Anomalies

Do I have to pay extra for parking at Nozstock?
Yes. Not only to cover the cost of the car park attendants and green initiatives on site, but also to discourage the gas guzzlers from taking to the roads. The charge is minimal, but we encourage festival goers to use public transport or arrange car shares wherever possible using GoCarShare. Bear in mind there is limited parking available. Campervans and live-in vehicles require a different pass and these must be booked in advance to be allocated a space. Campervans and live-in vehicles cannot purchase passes on the day. Live in vehicles for the family area are also available and must be booked in advance as space is limited.

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Do I have to pay extra for camping?
Camping is free in The Hidden Valley. You can purchase Thursday or Friday arrival tickets for your festival weekend. Campervans/caravans are also welcome at Nozstock Festival but as you need a little more attention we do require you purchase a pass in advance so that we can allocate space. Parking a car is also chargeable. Campervans will be parked in a campervan area separate from the camping site, as space is limited and for safety purposes. Tents cannot be set up in the campervan field and campers attempting to camp in a vehicle field will be asked to move and may be forcibly moved from these locations. There is also a specific area for live-in vehicles with families. You must purchase the relevant pass and can only access this area with a child aged 12 or under or a 13/14 yr old teen on board your vehicle.

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What pass do I need for a trailer tent

A trailer tent is classed as a live-in vehicle  and will be located in the live-in vehicle area. You will need to purchase either a live-in vehicle pass or a live-in vehicle for the family area pass. You must purchase the relevant pass and can only access the family live-in vehicle area with a child aged 12 or under or a 13/14 yr old teen on board your vehicle.

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Do you offer boutique camping?
We offer lovely cosy camping through ZooBells – take a look at their website to see what packages are available. You can get a full-on boutique experience, as well as phone charging, sofas and even a luggage porter.

It’s the high life for me.

Camplight will set up a tent for you, taking the sting out of camping. This service is low cost with prices varying depending on the size of the tent that you have.

Yes please, I’ll take the ready made tent.

Is there separate camping for families?
Yes, we offer separate family camping but space is limited to those with children up to the age of 14 and is on a first come first served basis. You must book space in family camping in advance. If you are bringing a live-in vehicle and would like to book your vehicle into the family live in vehicle area please purchase a live in vehicle in the family area with your ticket. Please note: if you have not purchased a free under 12s child or a 13/14 yr old teen  ticket as part of your order you will not be granted a family live-in vehicle ticket, nor will you be given access to this area at the festival without a legitimate booking, including attendance at the festival with a child.

There is also a quiet camping field which is slightly less noisy than the main camping field. This space is limited and fills up fast and we can’t guarantee that you will find a space here.

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Can I guarantee my camping space?

This year we are also offering a Save Your Space family camping zone which allows you to guarantee yourselves a reserved camping space within our family camping field – enough for large family-sized tents and everything that they entail, giving peace of mind to all you Nozstockers who want to make sure they’ve got a camping plot reserved. Save your Space gives you a 5m x 5m pitch which is large enough for a family tent and all the kit you need when you’re camping with the kids. Children must either have a 21 or under ticket or a 13/14 yr old teen ticket. You will need to add  a family camping pass to your order in order to access this area.

Save Your Space plots cost £80 (max of 2 adults and 4 children per plot) and are perfect not only if you know you won’t be arriving as soon as the gates open but also if you just want the comfort of knowing that you’ve got your camping space sorted.

Please note Save your Space is for people with tents only. If you have a Campervan or Caravan you need to buy a Live-In vehicle Ticket.

You can still camp in Family Camping for free, if you do not want to Save Your Space. This is simply a scheme for those of you who want to be sure of having a large pitch available in the field, whatever your arrival time.

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What are the rules for camper vans and live-in vehicles?
We welcome campervans and live-in vehicles at The Hidden Valley. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • You will need to purchase one pass per vehicle to gain access to the campervan field. These need to be purchased in advance of arrival with your festival entry ticket and you will be asked to present your campervan barcode with your festival entry ticket barcode at the gate.
  • The maximum allotted space for your vehicle is 7m x 5m. You will only be allocated this size space if your vehicle requires it due to space limitations in the field.
  • Once you have parked your vehicle you will not be able to exit the site and re-enter excluding in the event of an emergency. Should an emergency occur a festival steward and the Health & Safety or Site Manager should be informed and a banksman will help guide your vehicle to a safe exit. Otherwise, once your vehicle has left the site it cannot re-enter.
  • Tents cannot be set up in the campervan field and campervans cannot be located in the general campsite. The only exception is small tents for very young children, in the campervan field. In all other cases you will be asked to take down your tent.
  • If you are disabled and receive PIP, then please check out our access page to find out more about disability provisions.
Can I park next to my tent at Nozstock?
No. To ensure the safety of our visitors, only disabled visitors will be given access to park next to their tents. This must be booked in advance by calling Ticketsellers on 0844 870 0000 (out of hours) or 0121 472 6688 (office hours) and proof of requirement must be supplied on arrival. However, the car park is very close to the campsite. It will only take you two ticks to get to and from your car. There is also a live in vehicles camping area on site and a separate family camping area. You will need to purchase a live in vehicle pass or a live-in vehicle in family area as there are limited quantities. The live-in and family live in vehicle area is strictly for vehicles and tents are prohibited, sorry.
What time can I arrive at The Hidden Valley?
Thursday ticket holders can arrive from 16:00, gates shut at 23:00. Friday ticket holders may arrive from 10:00, gates shut at 23:00. Please do not arrive before your ticket type allows, before our gates open or after they close as we will not be able to admit you.
When is the main arena open each day?
Thurs: 19:00 – 00:00
Fri: 10:00 – 03:00
Sat: 09:00 – 03:00
Sun: 09:00 – 01:00
Please be sure to pick up a programme which will detail timings for our acts on each stage.
What time do I have to leave the site by?
The campsite will close at 1PM on Monday 22 July 2019. The cows need their home back, after all.
How do I get to The Hidden Valley?
Check out the directions and plan how to get here using our travel page.
Will there be a shuttle bus to Nozstock?
Yes.  There is a FREE shuttle bus that runs from the centre of Bromyard (The Conquest Theatre car park, Tenbury Road) to the drop-off point at Bromyard Rugby Club, and on to the Festival site, that runs every 20 minutes throughout the opening hours of the Festival, as well as before and after.   Check out directions for more shuttle bus details. There will also be buses from Hereford and Worcester Shrub Hill to the Festival site for those travelling by train to either of these stations, as well as buses from Bristol and London. Please check our travel page for details in a couple of weeks.Please do not endanger yourself by walking along the road from Bromyard to the festival site – take the bus, it’s free!
Are there any local facilities at The Hidden Valley?
Aside from a variety of food from the ‘Shire and around the world, drinks from our homegrown bars and various handy consumables to buy on site, the nearest town of Bromyard hosts a variety of shops to meet most needs. We have a proper handy festival shop, so you need never leave the confines of the site for the real world! Plus we have an ATM on site too.
However, if you’re feeling nosy we encourage visitors to use the local shops where possible and help support the local community. Vegans can get basic commodities as well as loads of treats and the local bakeries and delis are always worth a visit.
Is there accommodation near the festival?
If the thought of setting up a tent and resting your head on a rolled up hoodie gives you the heebie jeebies, or you just want to spend your Nozstock in style, then cosy camping with ZooBells is for you. Rent yourself a bell tent from a menu to suit your wallet and choose those home comforts you just can’t live without. There’s cushions, charging facilities, a lounge and even a luggage porter service. Cosy, comfortable, warm and dry, ZooBells are the perfect place to rest your head after an exhausting day being entertained on the farm.

Or get in touch with Camplight, who will set up a tent for you, along with a sleeping bag and roll mat to take some of your camping stresses away.

However, if sleeping anywhere near the ground really isn’t for you there is a plentiful supply of local inns and great countryside accommodation in Herefordshire. Check out Visit Herefordshire for more info.

Can I bring a gas camping stove?
Yes, you can bring a gas camping stove as long as it is raised up off the ground. Unfortunately we cannot allow BBQs or campfires, the cows don’t like it!
Can I bring my pet to Nozstock?
Sorry, no pets allowed. Resident cows, chickens and ducks rule. If you are are bringing an assistance dog to the festival, please supply proof your dog is registered with an organisation which is a member of Assistance Dogs UK.
Can I bring my own drinks to Nozstock?
You can bring your own drinks into the campsite, but will not be permitted to bring them into the arenas during the event, whatever container they may be in. Bag searches may be undertaken so please do not attempt to sneak alcohol in. You will be allowed to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol onto the campsite with you on your first entry on Thursday/Friday for you to consume over the weekend. However we do not allow alcohol on re-entry on the Saturday and Sunday. What is deemed reasonable is at gate staffs’ discretion but as a guide – one crate of beer, a couple of bottles of wine or spirits is fine. Turning up with your own portable off license won’t go down very well. We are very grassroots and still growing. The revenue from the bars helps to keep Nozstock bringing you the fun and frolics that it does year after year. Plus we serve not only real draught lager, local ales and top quality ciders from orchards down the road, but also fresh cocktails, great wine all at very reasonable prices – no festival rip offs here! Think of the cows when packing for the weekend – no glass is allowed on site.
Is there anything I shouldn't bring to Nozstock?
For security reasons and for the protection of the cows’ land, we do not allow glass anywhere on site including the camping areas and car parks. We also do not allow drones. Chinese lanterns are harmful to our birds so these are not permitted. Nitrous oxide and any pyrotechnics such as fireworks and flares are also not permitted at the festival. CBD buds are also not allowed because they can be mistaken for cannabis buds. These items will be confiscated. Please make sure you note our rules & regulations on site and terms & conditions before arrival for a list of prohibited items.
What essentials should I bring to Nozstock?
Number one – your tent! And all the bits and bobs that go along with it – pegs, poles, sleeping bag, even a pillow if you want to go the extra mile. A battery powered torch can also be a lifesaver when your phone dies at 3am and you’re looking for your strategically packed loo roll. Don’t forget wellies or rainproof shoes – while we’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed for sunshine, the occasional raincloud does pass over and wellies are essential for a dry, clean festival experience! Make sure to bring sunscreen for the bright sunny days, but it’s just as important to bring warm, cosy clothes for the night times – think jumpers, hoodies, and thick woolly socks. A little bottle of hand sanitiser helps to make living in a field and using portable loos feel that bit more human, too. Don’t bring too much alcohol – save yourself the hassle of lugging a crate of cans half way across the country and buy from our reasonably priced bars. If you’re a festival first timer and want a bit more advice on what to bring check out the Festival Safe website for lots of different advice.
Are there any showers?
Yes, showers are available for your luxury festival experience. Expect that clean-head feeling whether rain or shine… Shower outside of the morning rush and you’ll find you don’t need to queue for long at all.
Can I get cash onsite?
There is an ATM onsite, though all transactions will be subject to a fee by the ATM provider. The local town Bromyard also has  3 ATMs for your use. The ATM at the festival site will be denoted by a £ pound sign on the site map. If tickets are available to buy on the day, they cannot be purchased by card at the gate so you will need cash on arrival at the ticket hut if you have not pre-bought your ticket.
What accessibility facilities are there at Nozstock?
Nozstock is set on a country farm and therefore the terrain is rugged and can be hard to navigate. However, we have had many disabled visitors in the past and with good preparation, we will meet any practicable needs. In 2015 we received a bronze award from Attitude Is Everything who work to improve access in the music industry and in 2016 we won an Outstanding Attitude award for our comprehensive online information. Full details regarding facilities for those with access needs can be found here as well as pictures of the gradients on site, accessibility of the stages and a social story. To ask any further questions or help you plan your visit please contact our accessibility co-ordinator.
What is The Hidden Valley's policy if children get lost?
We take safety of children very seriously at Nozstock. The Health & Safety Manager will quiet the event and announce any information over the public address system, in order to reunite families as quickly and calmly as possible. Parents should take children to The Hope Centre Lost Children Area in The Dingle on arrival to the site to ensure their phone number is written on their child’s wristband. If leaving or entering the site anyone aged 16 or under would need to be accompanied by a guardian of 21+. Photo I.D may be requested.
What can I do to promote safety at festivals?
We want you to have the best time imaginable at Nozstock and we believe that staying happy and staying safe go hand in hand. Our safety at festivals page has advice on keeping yourself and your friends safe, well and in tip top condition. You’ll also find lots of information on The Festival Safe website – there’s everything from advice on alcohol to tips on what tent to buy.
What can I do to help keep my belongings safe?
The Hidden Valley is a very friendly festival, however inevitably some criminals do try and spoil it for others. Tent theft can be really distressing and seriously put a downer on your weekend. Nozstock has experienced security and stewarding teams on site doing regular patrols, targeted lighting and barriers to deter thieves. Our crew keep their eyes open. However there is plenty you can do as well. Before the event register your belongings on immobilise.
Once on site, never challenge thieves, but immediately report to campsite stewards any unknown person entering your tent; this includes someone “accidentally” entering the wrong tent or looking for a friend. You are also the eyes and ears of the festival so let a steward or security personnel know if you see anything suspicious. Make friends with your neighbours and watch out for each other. Always keep valuable items about your person. Split cash between your pockets, don’t have a wallet sticking out. Never leave bags unattended. Place valuables in your sleeping bag when you go to sleep. Keep your camp tidy & your tent messy. Having a messy tent will make it harder for thieves to find items they are looking for. Consider using cheap phones for festival use and stick your phone number onto your keys. Save contact details of a mate at the festival are on your lock screen or write their details on a sticky label on the back of your phone.  If you think you have been the victim of crime or have lost any property then please report this to our Info Office staff straight away. For more information on keeping your belongings and yourself safe, please read our safety at festivals page.


What should I do if I lose any property?

Any property found over the festival can be handed in to the Info Office. If you lose anything this is the place to start.  The staff there will ask you to fill in a form with details of what you have lost – please fill in as much detail as possible, including contact phone numbers and  passcodes if it’s your phone that is lost. Once the Festival is over you can contact work@nozstock.com to see if anything has been found once we have recovered and tidied everything away. Any lost property will be kept for a maximum of one month and then handed over to the police or given to charity.

Does Nozstock recycle?
Yes we do. Waste is sorted at an offsite facility after the event. We are working year on year to further improve the amount of waste we recycle and of course anything interesting is kept as material for the next sculpture! We also support Camplight, who recycle abandoned tents into comfy new abodes they will assemble for you in advance of the festival and People In Motion who collect abandoned tents, camping equipment and non-perishable food items to send in aid of the refugee crisis throughout Europe. Our work on reducing environmental impact has been recognised by A Greener Festival Awards, winning a Commended Award in 2014 and an Improvers Award in 2016.  Find out more about our green initiativies.
How do I get my ecobond refunded?
Bring a full bag of rubbish to our litter station on the Monday morning after the festival, along with your barcoded ecobond ticket. As long as your bin bag is full and your ticket can be scanned you’ll receive your £5 ecobond back, or you can choose to take Nozstock merchandise on offer (limited availability). Tickets can only be scanned once. If your bin bag contains bottles, or cans, then it will not be accepted. These items should be placed in our recycling bins. Find out more about our green initiatives.
How do I request a performance at Nozstock?
Check out our info on artist applications. Bands, DJs and solo musicians should complete an application form including as much information as possible and we will get in touch if we would like to book you. Music applications are open from 1st September – 1st March each year. Theatrical performance artists should contact us here and visual artists should contact us here. Sadly, due to the high volume of applications we receive, those who are unsuccessful cannot always be notified.
When do I find out if I have been selected to perform at The Hidden Valley?
If we can get you on the bill we will let you know as soon as possible, usually via email. However, final selections can be made as late as July.
How do I find out about volunteering?
Whether you’re looking for short or long term experience with the team at Nozstock, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Lots of opportunities exist to join in the magic for stewards, sales and bar staff as well as longer-term posts where you can join the crew in the preparations and get grafting over the weekend! You can find out more, apply online or download an application form on our join the team page. If you’ve got more questions then please email us.
How do I request a stall pitch?
Check out our requirements and complete the application form. Upload any information or images that might support your application. Questions? Email our stalls team.
Can I take photos or shoot video at The Hidden Valley?
Fill in our application form to join our media crew . Photopasses may be granted on a ticket-buying basis to unknown photographers. Once we accept a minimum of 30 images after the festival, which can be used for the website and future promotions, we will reimburse photographers the full price of their ticket. Check out our gallery to see what previous photographers have achieved at Nozstock.
What images are allowed in the gallery?
Any images of the festival are allowed, subject to decency! Send us links to your images if they are already hosted online or send us a disc to The Hidden Valley, Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4LS. You can upload a limited number of images to our flickr group and share your best festival moments. Please only display your best images that are likely to be interesting to other website and flickr visitors and ensure you have full rights for the image and those depicted within, particularly that you have the rights of parents where a child is recognisable in shot. Do ensure you check the rules when uploading to make sure you agree with all the terms of involvement.
How will Nozstock handle my data?
Please read our data policy for all information regarding why and how we collect data and it’s safe storage. 
Where can I read more about your festival policies?
We’re determined to keep our visitors in the know and also to protect your rights and safety on site and through all your endeavours with Nozstock.

If you would like more detail on any of the policies or procedures detailed here, then email us and we’ll answer any further questions.

My question hasn't been answered here. What should I do?
Please look at our contact page to find the correct department to direct your enquiry to. Alternatively you can leave a message on our info line on 01885 475005  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

*All content within this website is correct as at the time of publication but please remember that bookings for artists, facilities and venues are all subject to change any time up to the end of the festival. To stay as up to date as possible, subscribe to receive updates and keep in touch on facebook and twitter.

* last updated: 28 Sept 2018