2008 & before

2008 saw a pirate theme invading the festival – did anyone spot Jack Sparrow? Hayseed Dixie instigated an extraordinary hoe-down, the Utah Saints fired lazers at a pulsating crowd and local wunkerkinden the Anomalies stormed their home ground with their energizing hip hop for the masses. And let us not forget the throbbing bass oozing out of the Cubicles thanks to the dextrous fingers of one Sub Focus. And Nozstock’s newest area, the Coppice, grew out of the trees by the lake bringing psytrance to the thousands.

The year of rain, 2007, shared some sun with Nozstock and John Power of Cast and the La’s brought his enchanting voice to the stage. Fortune Drive drilled a magnificent drum solo out across the Orchard and areas expanded and migrated out from the centre of the site. New theatrical area, the Dingle, brought children’s entertainments, performing arts and gave the vintage tractors a place to shine. A year of dragons, fairies and good quality wellies.