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Bloco B

Bloco B


BLOCO B, born out of Bristol’s Bloco dos Sujos (directed by Paul Baxter) in 2018, teaches, performs and celebrates Rio de Janeiro Carnival style samba under the leadership of Terry Moore and musical director Matt Manley.

They create authentic versions of Rio samba tunes using rhythm, song, melody & dance. To achieve this, they blend percussion & drumming (bateria) with singers, cavaquinho players and dancers.

BLOCO B strives for excellence, providing a platform for Afro-Brazilian culture through music and dance. They play samba as played in Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo where it is truly the popular art of the people.

Samba cannot be separated from carnival. The band regularly takes part in events such as St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol, Notting Hill Carnival in London and, of course, Rio Carnival itself.

BLOCO B believes in fairness, community involvement and the promotion of positive attitudes, respect and inclusion. Honouring the musical traditions of this amazing music is at the heart of what it does.

BLOCO B will challenge you not to move and be moved!

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