Fat Freddy’s Drop

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Fat Freddy's Drop band members playing instruments on stage in front of a crowd. There is a large, red neon sign behind them reading Fat Freddy's Drop, with purple stage lighting.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Internationally regarded as one of the world’s finest live draws, the self-described “Hi-tek soul pirates”, Fat Freddy’s Drop will be storming the Orchard Stage this year.

This seven piece band’s signature sound is a combination of sunshine reggae and soul psychedelia. The kind of music which demands to be heard live.

Having delivered over 1000 shows in their career to date, FFD will not disappoint. Hailing from New Zealand, the band are consistently touring the continents with high profile performances, consolidating a massive fan base along the way with good reason.

“Anyone who finds themselves at a Fat Freddy’s Drop concert, no matter how they’re feeling beforehand, can’t help but lose themselves in the atmosphere the band delivers.” – The Music

Watch them smash it live during their recent WAIRUNGA  album release Euro/UK tour, on their official Youtube channel.

You can catch up with Fat Freddy’s Drop on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also recommend giving them a listen on Soundcloud.