My Baby


For those not familiar yet with MY BABY, the Dutch-New Zealand trio plays roots and rock driven alternative dance.

It’s a sound shaped by blues and slide guitar mixed with psychedelic riffs and rises. A true angelic but raw and heartfelt voice with pumping and haunting organic beats.

MY BABY mixes the rawness of rock and punk, the warm sounds of roots and blues with a touch of EDM and big beat. All played on guitars and drums.

They’ve been spreading their psychedelic blues-trance rave to the approval of audiences worldwide since 2012, featuring on renowned festivals such as Glastonbury and Isle of Wight.

For the mixing and additional production of MY BABY’S 5th album ‘sake sake sake’, they chose to work with 5 times Grammy award winner Steve Dub. Best known for his productions for the Chemical Brothers.

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