Piotr Sikora

Piotr Sikora

Man holding brown teddy bear while looking menacingly to camera

Piotr Sikora

A punk-rock comedy show starring Furiozo: an aggressive hooligan with a giant heart.

Police chases, petty theft, drugs, and longing for the greatest thrill of all: true love. A disturbing yet absurdly funny portrait of toxic masculinity. You will love him. You will hate him. You will experience the presence of the beast.

As Furiozo would say: Live fast; Die.

Perth Fringe Weekly | Award Winner
Pick of the Week | Adelaide Fringe

‘Hilarious and surprising… Spontaneous fun’

‘The punkest, most heartwarming anarchic clown show you will ever see’
Natalie Palamides

‘Unexpected storytelling at its finest’
Fringe Feed