Shy FX ft. Stamina MC

Shy FX ft. Stamina MC

A portrait of Shy FX in a black jacket, trousers and cap with his hands in his pockets, and cap peak obscuring his eyes.

Stamina MC wearing a white t-shirt and black cap with his palm outstretched towards the camera.

Shy FX ft. Stamina MC

From his ground breaking jungle anthem ‘Original Nuttah’ in the mid 90s, to his timely switch into dubstep, house and roots reggae in the 00s, Andre “Shy FX” Williams is one of the most influential British producers of the last 25 years.

Shy’s fusion of sound-system culture with electronic futurism and classic song-writing has defined the music of successive generations. We can’t wait to welcome him to the Orchard Stage.

Joining him is long-term stage partner, drum and bass MC and vocalist, Stamina MC; a touring veteran who lives up to his name.

Expect lyrical hip hop, sweet soul, bass heavy break beat and riotous party vibes. Hold tight Nozstockers, we’re in for a proper old-school jungle rave.

You can check out Shy FX’s latest releases on Spotify, and scenes from recent gigs on Instagram.