Sweet Charity


Well Nozstockers, we think it’s time to give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back and bask in your do gooding smugness…

We are very pleased to tell you that thanks to your support our official charities have done better than ever in 2015. The 450 of you who took a break from the festival hive and visited The Yeleni Healing Zone for a massage over the weekend have helped to raise £2165 which will go towards helping those with cancer and chronic illness. Thank you! It’s a massive boost for Yeleni. You can learn more about what they do here.

The foodies amongst you have been at it as well. Those who indulged in a delicious treat from The Chicken Cow Café have helped to raise £622 for Water Aid. That money will be used to help transform lives by improving access to water and sanitation.

We also need to thank all those who got involved with the Human Fruit Machine and supported The Music Pool’s Livewire performance on The Bandstand and the OMG Herefordshire performance on The Garden Stage. Last but not least a big shout out to all of our Oxfam Stewards. Through working at Nozstock Oxfam are able to provide 91 midwives, 52 cows or 4,200 school books. Festival stewarding is fun, but the money raised is serious, and your support saves lives.

Who would have thought festivalling could feel so good? 🙂

Feedback, frogs and frolics

main stage

Well, the reviews are coming in…. and our downright oddness is being addressed! (great success)

Thank you to everyone who came, performed and contributed to an amazing weekend. We still can’t quite believe just how much fun we had!

Here is a selection of our favourite reviews so far…

Summer Festival Guide

Data Transmission



Global Mouse Travels



The Metropolist

Red Peffer

I am Hip Hop

But don’t leave all the feedback to the press. Let us know what you thought about Nozstock 2015 by filling in our survey.  Might even be a prize in it for yer!

If you are already missing the frolics on the farm then never fear…The lovely Tribe of Frog crew have provided 36 hours of amazing recordings from The Coppice…

Or, if quickfire recall is more your thing then check out this 40 seconds hyperlapses teaser from Painted Life Productions. More videos on the way soon Nozzers!

WOW!! Thank you, what a belter!

Thank you 2015

We’d like to give a HUGE thank you to each and every last one of you.

To all the artists, traders, crew + our crazy loyal punters who all danced and sang the weekend away – YOU ALL ROCK!

Loads of pics coming soon Nozzers, in the meantime, please share your favourite bits with us here.

Photo by: Matt Allsop – http://www.mattallsop.com/


Travel green, reuse a tent, save money + lighten your load.

CamplightMake the Travel Easy: Now you don’t need to Carry or Pitch a Tent.

You can book your camp equipment for the smallest amount of cash ever, it’ starts at only £30 for the whole event!  Your tent will be there waiting for you, in a prime location with the camp equipment you choose.


Book from Camplight here.

We’ve also have a competition over on our Facebook where we’re offering one free tent for two people!

All the info on the comp can be found by clicking here.

Camplight 3

Jiggy Stardust …


Calling all Starmen, Starwomen, Starboys-and-girls!

One of our newer Nozstock traditions – this’ll be the third year in a row – is our good ol’ fashioned Sunday Flash Mob. In 2013 you Dolly Parton’d with the best of ‘em, in 2014 you Got It On as Marc Bolan, and who better to emulate in 2015’s space odyssey than the Man who Fell to Earth himself … monsieur David Bowie, the original rock ‘n’ roll alien.

We had to call someone, so we picked you, our loyal Nozzers – we’ll need you to turn up to Bluebell End (the wooden decking down by The Dingle by any other name) at 15:30 on the Sunday of the festival to get made up in your Ziggy Stardust finest before we troop over to the Bandstand at 16:00 with the rest of the Spiders from Mars for a cosmos-shaking performance of ‘Starman’.

If you’re feeling a little shy, why not come along to support your starmates – it might just blow your minds!

Bring along anything sparkly, spangly or downright spacey you might have on hand to perfect that gender-bending hot-tramp chic.

What’s that sound drifting across the farm? That ain’t no DJ (for once…) it’s the hazy cosmic jive of the Nozstock crew warming up for what promises to be an out-of-this-world flash mob …

Rock down to Celebritree Avenue…

Mr B Celeb

Mr B’s Celebritree…

Before delighting you with his elegant rhymes about cricket, high society and pipe smoking, Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer has agreed to lay down his banjolele, gracefully remove his tweed jacket and ever so elegantly roll up his sleeves. Why you might ask? Well being the gentleman that he is, Mr.B has charmingly agreed to get his hands dirty (perhaps for the first time…) and join us at Celebritree Avenue! This is the place where Nozstockers can see the stars of the show showing us their concern for our carbon wellyprint by planting a tree. A tree that we are sure will grow to be as well dressed as the man who planted it! By doing this Mr.B will be joining a list of other greats including Molotov Jukebox, The Electric Swing Circus and The Proclaimers who’ve all planted a tree at the star studded Celebritree Avenue.


Travelling to Noz – Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Travel Noz

To make it nice and easy we’ve got a one-stop page where you can find all the travel info on how to get to Nozstock including:

* Pre booked coaches from London, Bristol, Hereford and Worcester.

* National Rail train information

* Car share with GoCarShare

* Parking

* Free shuttle bus from Bromyard

* Local Buses

So whether you’re coming to Nozstock by car, coach or train be sure to check out our travel page here for all the info.

2015 brings a tangled menagerie of new acts and old Noz faves to the Bandstand stage

Bandstand News post

Tucked away in the cool shadow of the Dingle, the Bandstand is an idyllic escape for all to rejuvenate from those Noz flavoured antics of last night… With its roots firmly planted in a philosophy of diversity and unknown acts, the Bandstand hosts our widest variety of style. From bluegrass to beat-boxers, indie to Indian-sitar and roots reggae to rock, Nozzers can be certain they’ll find that perfect, cider-filled afternoon in the sun.

2015 brings a tangled menagerie of new acts to the Bandstand stage and old-time Nozstock favourites, The Computers are first on our hit list with their constantly evolving punk, soul and blues style which, as anyone who’s ever seen their live show will confirm, is guaranteed to make you dance. 60s and 70s sonic inspired Jolta hails the arrival of stomp-fuelled rhythms and gargantuan riffs, their visceral live show is set to impress. Newcomers and 5 piece indie-rock band Sahara Heights will channel their experimental sound through the Bandstand sound system delivering a vivid blend of indie, psychedelic and classic 60s material to the Dingle. Rock n rolling their way onto the Bandstand is the bluesy-glam-punk quartet Pink Cigar, whilst Herefordshire based band KeyGreen are set to play their debut album reminding us of our homegrown talent. Noz favourite Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer, who needs no introduction, will dazzle with dignity and Circe’s Diner are set to hold it down for you folk lovers taking you on an intoxicating journey that will leave you thoroughly charmed.

Whatever your mood, the Bandstand’s variety of talented occupants is sure to excite and keep you lingering for hours.



#PlayNoz 2015 competition in partnership with Gigslutz

Play Noz Comp

Nozstock and Gigslutz band competition open for 2015!

Reckon your tunes have what it takes to captivate a crowd? Are your friends telling you you’re going to be the next big thing? Well, we want to hear from you! Here at Noz HQ we have teamed up with Gigslutz, for your chance to win a slot on our main stage!

Yes – you heard it right, you could be up there with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Martha Reeves, Fuse ODG, Neville Staple and The Mouse Outfit!

On top of this, Gigslutz will feature an interview with the winning band on their website and do a session and interview for GSTV at the festival too, plus we’ll throw in free weekend tickets, food and drink and cover your travel.

To be in with a chance of winning, please submit your best track via our SoundCloud Group by midnight Sunday 21st June 2015 following these simple steps:

1. Through your bands Soundcloud account (if you don’t have one, sign up here), upload your best track to the #Playnoz 2015 with Gigslutz group on Soundcloud here.
* Your track should be labelled in this format: “PlayNoz2015 – ARTIST NAME – Track Name”.
* This has to be a fresh upload, so the track starts at 0 likes.
* No covers please, original tracks only

2. Tweet Gigslutz and Nozstock to let us know you have entered with a link to more information on your band. This could be a Facebook or website link.
Use this format: Hey @Gigslutz_ @Nozstock we’ve entered the #PlayNoz2015 competition! HTTP://WWW.YOURLINKHERE.COM/

Only bands that follow both steps of the submission process will be considered for the competition. It’s that simple!

Public voting will then open from 9am Monday 22nd June 2015 and will close on midnight Sunday 28th June 2015.

The top 5 artists with the most likes on their song will then be put forward to a panel of judges from Gigslutz and Nozstock who will then pick a winner.
(This will be judged on song merit and which artist is most suited to the festival.)

Please read carefully the full Ts + Cs and how to apply by clicking here.

Entries have to be in by midnight Sunday 21st June 2015 so get uploading!


Head in the Wrong Directions Cinetent to be entertained, amused, confused and inspired.

“Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future. You are interested in the unknown… the mysterious. The unexplainable. That is why you are here.”

Criswell – Plan 9 from Outer Space

Open throughout the whole weekend, the Wrong Directions Cinetent is an audio-visual sanctuary for the weary traveller. 
Re-energise your mind with informative and provocative documentaries; immerse yourself in cinema classics; reset your cultural compass with an array of quality shorts; and be hypnotised by an eclectic selection of experimental works.

This years programme so far includes:

The Empire Strikes Back – Uncut
The Journeys of Georges Méliès (1896 – 1913)
Plan 9 from Outer Space

Cat Show
White Panther: The Legacy of John Sinclair
MOOG: Back to the Future
The Dust On Our Feet
TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard
Buy Buy Europe
The Internet’s Own Boy

Sculpture: Video Plot
Jake Fried

Fireball XL5
Flash Gordon

This Is China
Lights On
BFI Film Academy
Plus lots more to be announced soon!

Check out Mash Cinema Facebook here


Voting open! Nozslam 2015: time for the wordsmiths…

The shortlist has now been selected… but you’re welcome to continue showing your appreciation with likes!

Here they are!!! This year’s entries for the online preliminary round to Nozstock’s very own, highly popular, nationwide POETRY SLAM COMPETITION!!! 

Who would you like to see in the live finals at Nozstock 2015? It’s up to you!

(Not sure what a poetry slam is? Head to www.nozstock.com/nozslam for all the info!)

All you need to do is watch the videos in this playlist and give the poems you like a ‘thumbs up‘ before Thursday 25th June. The top ten most ‘liked’ videos will be sent to our judges to pick their favourite five, who will each receive a free ticket to come and compete in the live finals headlining The Bantam Of The Opera Theatre Stage on Sunday 26th July at Nozstock this year!

Winners announced on 1st July!

Watch, like and share your favourites!

More tasty line up treats revealed including Fuse ODG, Neville Staple Band, P Money

2nd announcement 2015_TEXT

Greetings earthlings! It’s all go here as the Nozstock elves come out to play preparing your favourite weekend so it’s exactly how you like it. Just in case you weren’t excited enough already about the line-up, we’ve just added a whole host of tasty line up treats to get you in the mood for summer fun…

Friday welcomes Urban Music Award winner Fuse ODG to The Orchard Stage along with the original reggae rudeboy Neville Staple Band. With style and hair vaguely reminiscent of late 80’s cult films, Will and The People are set to bring the whole indie package, whilst flow heavy bass masters The Mouse Outfit ft. Dr Syntax & Sparkz return to show Nozstock how it’s done. We also welcome saviours of soul The Computers and the self dubbed ‘cross pollinated reggae group’ By The Rivers.

Clarence Clarity hails the arrival of a deranged, dervish of creativity; one of the most exciting newcomers on the scene, whilst Welsh group White Noise Sound introduce their hypnotic onslaught of melody, groove and exploration. One of the most memorable acts of 2014, Disco Panther return to The Hidden Valley. Folk fancies Keston Cobblers Club and swing specialists Broken Brass Ensemble join them along with garage-punk quartet The Black Tambourines.

 Over in The Coppice Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring guests from across the pulsating psy-spectrum, including Brainiac, Asimilon, Psymettrix and Occular all doing live sets.  The Garden Stage also stars Granville Sessions, NLP, Afrocluster, Future Dub Project and Ella Martini whilst The Bandstand hosts House of Lions, Evenu, Circe’s Diner, Rozelle and Black Persuasion amongst others. 

See the line up pages for full details. All this plus interactive theatre, workshops for the little ones and a stellar space themed cinema programme. Nozzers, we are good to you…