That Nozstalgia Feel

Now this is a story all about how Nozstock appeared on the Bromyard Downs, we’d like to take a minute if you’ve got one spare, to tell you all about how Noz over these past 20 years has fared.

Banging throwback tunes aside… people have you heard?! It’s our 20th birthday – and we thought it only right to travel waaay back through all the great times of old.

That’s it folks, the official 2018 theme is Nozstalgia and boy o boy are we excited.

We all reminisce about the good old days, and this year we’re going to bring ALL the good old days bang smack into one weekend. The best of the past, and some of the worst (Yeah Baby, Yeeah!) we’re talking about frosted tips, ¾ length trackies and mullets.

Our humble roots stretch all the way back to ‘98 and what a time to fondly remember. You just know our decor team will go all out on this one: from your favorite cartoon characters, TV and film, to retro games, toys and famous legends of the past. This all will culminate of course in a stellar line up that picks up on our very favorite acts from previous Noz appearances and the last few decades of musical innovation.

NOZ HQ, we hear you ask, but what does that mean for my amazing festival costume? Well we’re expecting big things from ya costumes this year Nozzers, and we reckon you’ve got some pretty great scope to play around with too. We wanna see Scooby-Doo, Pokemon and if there’s not an Inspector Gadget walking around site, we’ll be very disappointed… Nanananana! Where ever in the time-space-nostalgia continuum you choose to get off, we have faith that you’re going to look and feel radical. Double denim, neon rave, acid-house, ra-ra skirts and MC Hammer pants… You remember something you loved? You got your outfit. Excellent.

Our brains are reeling with smashing times gone by, but what about you? What are you Nozstalgic about? What do you think fondly of? Let us know!

Mix of the Millennium: J5 meets BBC Radio 6 Music

DJ Nu-Mark BBC 6 Mix

Here on the farm it’s fair to say that we love a good ol’ playlist to jam along to. Whether it’s Ella listening to the Spice Girls or Farmer Noz listening to a heavy dnb mix there’s always a tune a’ playing.

To get you in the mood for a festy, the irrepressible DJ Nu-Mark has teamed up with Tom Ravenscroft to get y’all excited for a Nozstock extravaganza. Pulling up the brakes on BBC Radio 6 Music,  one sixth of the dynamite hip hop crew; the supreme, the ultimate Jurassic 5, has produced an exclusive mix for the good old beebs.

With tunes from legendaries such as The Sugarhill Gang, A-Skills, Mobb Deep, Krafty Kutz and Bowie (Rest in Rock Star Peace) Nu-Mark’s guest mix is just the ticket for those summer vibes and Noz jitterbugs. it:

Catch you on the flippity flop Nu-Mark!


Wonders Await in the Velveteen Valley

Temptresses and tales, allure and attraction, The Velveteen Valley plays hosts to some of the most enticing cabaret acts for you aberrations to deluge yourselves in…. Hidden behind the curtain, away respectable society, lurk our fantastic compères, Tom Hunt and Alex Silcox. They will throw their hats into the ring whilst intr7685837920_2f9647b4c5_zoducing steamy seductresses, circus creatures, fire fiends and all things swing to the Cabaret Stage. For years now, Tom Hunt, self-proclaimed cabaret maverick has been at large, his dubious trade in juggling, danger and acute eccentricity around the U.K giving him a preceding reputation. Serving up some razzle dazzle as host, Alex is an acting, music and dancing triple threat.

With all the sex appeal of Barbara Windsor and the cheek of Kenneth Williams, Florence Fontaine, the smutty Scouse sensation delivers to you eager Nozzers. Looking for high-energy satire? Look no further, Allure Cabaret are here combining glitz, glamour and seduction. Chris Lynham presents pyrotechnics galore alongside outlandish operatic and orchestral overtunes, whatever else springs into his vivid imagination, it’s sure to wow.

Also on the billing is Lilliputian lovely, Oh! Carolina, supersonic Indria Skyflower and deviant daredevil Doe Demure.

Slink down to Velveteen Valley for a twisted taste of the dark side…


The Timer’s Been Set for Buying Tickets…

Can you believe Nozstock is just eight days away??! We’re counting down the days here at the farm14895277033_d5c91bbdae_z and everything’s looking pretty peachy. Just a quick note to say remember that we stop selling tickets at MIDNIGHT on SATURDAY 18TH JULY via our website so you gotta get in quick. The only way you’ll be able to snag a ticket after Saturday is through See Tickets, who will continue selling them until midnight on Wednesday 22nd. If you want to buy a local ticket then vendors in Bromyard will be selling them for the next few days- but when they’re gone they really are gone.  If you haven’t already planned your travel, spare a thought to the Nozstock buses and the GoCarShare pages. Make some festival friends and keep it green!

We can’t wait to see you next weekend, don’t forget to pack your bass faces!

Cleanest of Clean Campsite Competition

Nozstockers far and wide, hold your horses, the Tent judges are back! With your festival preparations in full swing, we wanted to remind you about our Clean Campsite Competition.7687884344_e9d3ecbdc9_z (1)

Our Tent judges we will be coming around all weekend to judge your tent areas on cleanliness, friendliness and funkyness. We will be scoring on these and then awarding prizes the best tents, and also giving out spot prizes for special efforts. We want you to decorate your tents as best as you can. Think bunting, flags, up-cycled trashifacts. Be as creative as you can be. Extra points will be awarded for keeping to the Sci-fi theme. The more creative you are, the more points you will receive. Also get your party tricks up to par, we think we’ve seen it all, but want you to prove us wrong!  Best ones can get up on stage at the award ceremony to show everyone.

The award ceremony will be at 16:45 on the Sunday at the Band stand, where we will be giving out prizes, including goody bags, trophies and free tickets to next years’ Nozstock.

So get creative, and keep an eye out for the Tent Judges.

Happy Nozzing!!!