T>I Interview

Rachael Franzen, Author at Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Festival

T>I Interview

Caitlin caught a moment with drum and bass DJ T>I, to discuss all things Nozstock, his distinct sound and earliest influences. With dnb heavyweights such as Andy C and Hype supporting his music for over twenty years, we can't wait to see what smouldering mixes he conjures up in 2021 in his B2B set with Saxxon.


The Garden Stage

Have you read the Big Beats manifesto lately? It goes ‘big beats are the best, go to the Garden Stage all the time!’ Never has this statement rung more true as this year we have gone all out to bring you an eclectic blend of music, covering the full alternative spectrum. Spend your days soaking up the sun listening to the finest hip hop, dub, funk and swinging soul whilst overlooking the farm’s picturesque lake before venturing into the unknown as the night draws in and the finest selectors of drum and bass, garage and bassline come out to play! 


Self-isolation and Wellbeing

The world can be a challenging place at the best of times, but when you’re regularly being faced with Covid-19 updates, news on bog-roll bandits, hand sanitiser hoarders and a potential country lock-down, it can suddenly become downright scary and anxiety-inducing.

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