The Bullpen

Nozstock’s original dance arena was a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space for musicians and music lovers. The walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs. Previous hosts staging beastly takeovers include Sika Studios, UK hip hop collective bringing some of the skankiest riddims to the scene, Reggae Roast showing what’s great about good-time, bouncin’ reggae rhythms and The Blast bringing a mixed bag of bassy wonder.

Nozstock 2012 - Susana Sanroman

2019 line up includes…

Gorilla Tactics describe themselves as a badboy events promotion and production collective. Bringing the party to the South West from 2014 til infinity they curate regular nights in Bristol and Bath as well as running festival stages all over the UK – including Wrong Side Of The Tracks at Boomtown. Their motto is to bring fun to anywhere, one or thing!
As surreal as it gets, in Prango you should expect the unexpected. Staging a Sunday afternoon takeover of The Bullpen, we welcome the first ever Prango wedding at Nozstock and everyone’s invited. For the wedding party there’s drum ‘n’ bass from the orange-inal nutters Shire FX. Wear Orange for the occasion! You will know when you’ve been Prango’d

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