The Bullpen

Nozstock’s original dance arena was a former bull pen and working milking parlour. It was converted long ago into an intimate space for musicians and music lovers. The walls shake with the reverberations of dirty bass beats and vibrant party rhythms. On an endless pilgrimage into the vast spectrum of sound, many a ‘Stocker will be seen bouncing to the darkest beats thanks to the magical hands of some super-skilled DJs. Previous hosts staging beastly takeovers include Sika Studios, UK hip hop collective bringing some of the skankiest riddims to the scene, Reggae Roast showing what’s great about good-time, bouncin’ reggae rhythms and The Blast bringing a mixed bag of bassy wonder.

Nozstock 2012 - Susana Sanroman

2019 line up includes…


Bristol’s own Billy Whizz brings the slick flow and straight-talking lyrics of a veteran of the hip-hop underground. In tow is the no-frills but all trill Twizzy who pulls on tight rhymes, quirky pop culture references and vintage tones, Jinxta JX – a poetic, boom bap rapper with an ear to the ground, Carasel MC among many more.
Northern residents Shook team up with West Midlands nightlings Bassface to bring you a whole host of big dirty stinking tunes. Shaking the foundations of the underground, this colab features: Phibes, Jay Faded, A dot R, R3dX and Burt Cope in one of biggest take-overs to date.
Ft. Third Nipple Bassline Ser ft. Selector Spinach b2b Moorman b2b Wamjam, Baitman Swell (Bassline Set) and MINIRIG takeover.

Gorilla Tactics are a production and events collective known for their unique ideas and multi genre experiences. With new ideas everyday, they always have something up their sleeves. They are teaming up with the amazing Minirig, who provide a system giving loudness and clarity all day long. They bring a stellar line up to The Bullpen with a four hour takeover full of bassline’s best including The Third Nipple crew and Baitman Swell.


Ft. Boundary b2b Fujin ft. Illustrate

Aberystwyth’s Black House Takeover will really show you how it’s done. Multi-genre DJ and mashup-er Boundary goes back to back with Bristol via Japan DJ and producer Fujin, who takes his hip-hop routes for a spin in deep bass.

Ft. Brotherman, Backward Sun & George Bucks and Mike Swagger.

Putting knowledge into heads since 1998, was the first internet site dedicated to UK hip-hop. UKHH covers artists and music without bias, offering an opinion you can trust, from people who understand the music. They show The Bullpen how it’s done with an epic line up including Brotherman, Backward Sun, George Bucks and Mike Swagger.


Ft. Boa Kusasa, Cardinal Sound, Dash Villz, Denham Audio, Juma, Koast, Mani Festo, Ngaio, Slowie, Unkey, MC Shantie

Durkle Disco is a Bristol-based record label with bass at its very core. First conceived in 2011 as a place where grime, garage, hip-hop and dubstep could combine and intertwine – with just as much attention paid to the MCs as the producers – the label has since evolved to become a natural home for the new strains of instrumental bass-driven music coming from Bristol’s next unstoppable wave of production talent. Expect a massive four hour takeover of The Bullpen featuring Marcus Nasty. Undoubtedly at the forefront of one of the most exciting genres to emerge from London’s underground in recent years, Marcus is respected as one of the pioneers of the UK funky house scene as well as a long time supporter of grime which has been led by his highly respected residency on London’s award winning Rinse FM, which he has now been a part of for over 10 years. He’s joined by Boa Kusasa, 2 of the founding members of the BRSS, the crew behind Glastonbury’s ‘Babylon Uprising’ stage, Cardinal Sound, Bristol’s Dash Villz, Denham Audio, Juma, Koast, Mani Festo, Ngaio, Slowie, Unkey.

Ft. Bish, Scratch Bandikoot, Big Mon, TBM & DC

Gorilla Tactics mission is to bring fun to anywhere, anyone or anything. And they certainly deliver here. Catch them for their third takeover of the weekend, sure to be one for Nozstock history.


Ft Revrt, Traxix and Tenz

Subwork are record label featuring genre-crossing 150bpm+ electronic music. They bring with them turntablist and party rocker DJ Revrt, Cygnus Music’s Traxix and Garden Stage curator, DJ Tenz.


Ft Jpdl x yogi beats live sampler funk, Blatant-Lee Sly and Sublingual.

Played Out Records are an Independent Record Label specialising in hip-hop, reggae, breaks, funk and soul. Featuring Jpdl, Yogi Beats, DJ and Producer Blatant-Lee Sly who specialises in anything with a hop-hop influence and Sublingual.


Ft Remarc, Kelvin 373 b2b DJ Hybrid, Kamoh.

Bristol’s award-winning party collective Rumble In The Jungle bring the Send It Session. A huge line up featuring Remarc, 12:34 Production’s Kamoh, Born on Road head honcho and winner of best breakthrough DJ at the We Love Jungle Awards Kelvin 373 and of course DJ Hybrid; one of the leaders of the nu skool Jungle movement and a firm favourite with D&B fans and Junglists alike.


As surreal as it gets, in Prango you should expect the unexpected. Staging a Sunday afternoon takeover of The Bullpen, we welcome the first ever Prango wedding at Nozstock and everyone’s invited. For the wedding party there’s drum ‘n’ bass from the orange-inal nutters Shire FX. Wear Orange for the occasion! You will know when you’ve been Prango’d.

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