Psytrance stalwarts Tribe of Frog return to Nozstock to bring deep beats into The Coppice all weekend long. Euphoric, luminous and with an incredible attention to detail, this beautiful spot within the festival, run by these tried and trusted promoters with their finger on the pulse of their audience, brings regulars back year after year.


Dirty Saffi is Al from Psymmetrix and DJ Nuky; one is a production monkey the other a DJ, which makes for great combination of understanding of how to make a well structured track and what it should sound like. The first release from Dirty Saffi was in 2009 and since then they have released over 20 tracks on 5 different labels, most of their releases are on their home label ‘Bom Shanka Music’ where their début album ‘Beauty and the Bitch’ was released. They have been playing their live set in many countries and many of the biggest festivals, as well as countless underground parties where their high energy live set ensures that the dancefloor rocks and no one leaves without a smile on their face.
Alta is the solo project of Al Shanka. After working on the nightish sounds of Psymmetrix and Dirty Saffi for over 10 years he looked to a slight change of direction, this project still has the energy that hes known worldwide for but now it incoorpates more space and soul and melodies.
DJ Nuky has been in and around psychedelic trance for many years, A natural DJ she started to mix 8 years ago and very quickly gained a huge reputation and following for her super-smooth mixing technique, cultured choice of music and awesome power and energy behind the decks
Subliminal System is a full on psytrance project with its roots firmly in the underground music scene. Combining influences from the international festival circuit, and many different genres of electronic dance music, the music is a fusion of full on psy with an emphasis on varied beats, baselines and melody to create a dance floor friendly and psychedelic experience.
Evo is on a mission to psychedelify the Middle Kingdom, with Spirit Tribe and Goa Productions. Established in 2009 GoaProductions is a purveyor of quality electronic music and China’s leading psytrance crew.
DJ, producer, melodic music maker, rapid innovator, thrilling entertainer and fascinating performer Holyghost has been making a rapid progression in the underground dance music scene for some time now. Having made his musical focus all about the vast plethora of different sounds within trance music, Holyghost has mastered both production and live DJ work and specialised in trance as his particular area of expertise. From the sprawling, late night, moody edginess of progressive trance, to the more throbbing, pulse pounding offerings of psy-trance Holyghost has a vibrant and entertaining DJ style. Holyghost has performed across the U.K and shared a stage with industry leaders such as Billy Bunter and Zetan Spore.With an impressive set of live DJ performances behind him, a number of noteworthy gigs in the pipeline ahead of him and a weekly radio show on Unite Radio gathering new followers, If it’s hard, melodic, epic and wildly entertaining you are looking for then look no further (Jon Brown).
DJ Suddha is Tom Armstrong, originally from London but now a frequent Bangkok resident and mischief-maker on the city’s small yet vibrant party circuit. DJing for over 15 years, his pumping, positive and deeply-psychedelic sound ignites dancefloors wherever he plays. Label DJ for the infamous Phar-Psyde Records, Tom discovered psytrance through the UK underground scene and has sporadically played across the country. He’s also played throughout Thailand – a place that has had a defining influence on his sound. A DJ for any time of day, Tom is a passionate proponent of many diverse facets of the psychedelic genre and the curator of a hugely varied array of sounds and styles.With a pair of itchy feet that no backstreet chemist has thus-far been able to cure, he continues to wander the globe in search of good times and phat basslines. Look out for his infectious, harmonic music and cheeky smile down in The Coppice.
Adam Gradwell, known to us as Gradual, has a dark prog, psygressice sound. Originally from Switzerland, since relocating to Bath, Gradual has become a label DJ for WooDog and is heavily involved with Brain Drill Records.
First visit to The Coppice for psytrance duo Jezawix & Wakadoo.
Mr Black is the product of the early 90’s rave scene. Evolving with the times but never growing out of the electricity that upbeat dance music brings he moved through EDM genres and has a musical history flowing through hardcore, breaks, new energy, hard-house, psytrance, techno and progressive house. A tendency to steer away from the main stream elements of dance music, he loves to play for the more adventurous dance music enthusiast.Mr Black is down to earth in his approach to dance music “If it doesn’t make you want to dance hard with a smile on your face it’s probably not for me” this ethos and his energy is transferred to his sets whereever he plays.
Returning to The Coppice after a memorable set at Nozstock 2017, Orestis plays pumping, positive and deeply-psychedelic sounds which ignite dance floors wherever he plays.
Originally mixing Goa trance, Neutron has developed his style to be fluid and melodic. Playing parties all over the UK, this Lua signed DJ will get you floating.
Simon Pieman is one of the core members of the Tribe of Frog crew, label manager of genre defying Broken Records and signed to the cutting edge psylabel Bom Shanka. Pieman has been DJ’ing since his inspiration from the Haadrin and Goa parties in the early 90’s. He is one of the few DJ`s out there that can genuinely play at any party, at any time of the day or night, without more than a moment’s notice, and still maintain the flow of the music. With a very unique feel, his sets can be described as maximal-psychedelic, trash-pop, disco-filth with dollops of full fat ice cream and wafers of random audio for good measure..
Tribe of Frog marauder and resident at Woo-Dog Recordings, Bristol based Producer Krosis offers dark and fast paced sets to get the crowd pumping.
Dr G’s love for expansive progressive psychedelia shines in the open air. A resident frogger and experienced DJ, Dr G has played extensively, including sets at Boomtown, Nozstock 18 and the ToF Summer Gathering last year.
Bath-based DJ, PsyDigital‘s passion in life is music. He produces trance, progressive and techno you’ll be sure to remember.
Psychosonic is one of the original core frog crew. Step into the TimeGate and he will send you on a nocturnal journey of twisted growling psychotech.
Long term frogger, Bristol based F’da F’da, always makes an impression. He has perfomed all over the U.K including Boomtown and returns to the Coppice to deliver once again. He desribes himself as a ‘Psychodelic DJ, Father, Lover, Husband, Gashead, Music Addict & All Round Good Egg!’ Good Egg indeed; he once walked up Mount Kilamanjaro for charity.
Inspired by the festival scene in the mid nineties, Natzan first started djing in 1995. Soon after he started to put on psy-trance parties, before joining the frogs. He’s a regular at the Frog parties and has played Waveform and Nozstock.
Dr Pod kicked off in the mid-1990s playing hard-house in the South-Wests free party scene. He formed with night Ripsnorter in 1997, which quickly became the area’s leading underground night. He started playing psytrance at Tribe of Frog parties in the mid-2000s and has been a versatile resident ever since, playing full-on, forest, twilight, progressive, psy-dub and psy-breaks over the years. A resident at Sheffield’s Planet Zogg, Dr Pod still plays high energy psychedelic sets but can also be found masking up techno, glitch and dub.
As a resident frogger for years, Hemp is well known for his dark psy sound. He makes a welcome return to The Coppice after a memorable set last year.

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