Decor Volunteer application


*updated 25.2.19

Read the terms and conditions thoroughly, you must be prepared to adhere to these. If not then volunteering may not be for you.

Complete the application form with full contact details, including telephone number and email address, plus copies of your proof of ID for UK citizenship, and return to Nozstock ASAP. We are most likely to contact you by email so please check your account regularly. Decor volunteers are invited to work in the run up to the festival and are awarded with access to the festival for the weekend in exchange for their work.


  1. All volunteers for decor must be 18 years old or over, or if aged under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian for all shifts.
  2. All volunteers must register at the festival site office on arrival for any shifts and must sign out on departure. This is for health & safety purposes so in the event of site evacuation we have a current register of all volunteers on site.
  3. You will be required to present proof of your UK citizenship (ie. right to work) on arrival at your training and induction session. This should be the proof, of which you have supplied copies to Nozstock, in your application. This can be provided in the form of:
    • EU passport or
    • birth certificate or
    • national insurance number card with a P60 or P45
    • [Please note that a driving license, even for the UK, is NOT adequate]
  4. If you have another means of proof that you would like to check is suitable please email to verify.
  5. All decor volunteers must complete agreed projects, whether on site or remotely, in the run up to the festival – on average our volunteers work approximately 60 hours and our best volunteers work up to around 200 because they love it! Your shifts can be arranged around your availability but you must pre-arrange your arrival time with a decor leader from Nozstock. Please do not just arrive on site without warning expecting jobs to be provided.
  6. If you fail to complete a necessary amount of hours or fail to complete your decoration tasks in the run up to the festival, Nozstock withholds the right to remove you from the guest list for free entry to the festival for the weekend’s fun. We don’t want to do this, so please work hard and get the jobs done!
  7. Your priority as a volunteer is to help us get the festival site ready and beautiful. Please bear in mind the farm during the run up is a working site, with many dangerous vehicles and works in progress. You must not wander around site without permission and should stay in a safely designated decoration area.
  8. If you are accepted to join the decor team, you will receive acceptance notification once we have processed your form and will be invited to attend an induction.
  9. If you are not successful, we may retain your information in case one of our other decorators becomes unavailable and be in touch if you are needed to join the team. We are unable to guarantee you a place so please purchase a ticket if you simply cannot miss the festival! If you are selected for the team, your ticket will be refunded. To purchase a ticket, please visit our ticket page.
  10. We will work with you to plan shifts around your availability. However, if you are not realistically able to achieve ​assigned projects during May-July then we will be unable to accommodate you as part of the team. Though we will make every effort to notify you of shift changes in good time, occasionally alterations to the volunteer rotas can occur up to and on the day of your shift. Nozstock will make every effort to honour your shifts as originally notified.
  11. Failure to attend an assigned shift without suitable notification or attendance in an intoxicated state will result in your dismissal from the decor team.

Please complete all fields in the application or it may not be considered when making selections.

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