Accessibility Breakdown of the Nozstock Stages

Bracken Bolaan Nozstock 2

Orchard Stage

The Orchard Stage is our main stage at Nozstock, it is a 1-2 minute walk from our accessible camping area. It is across grassy field and the gradient of the terrain is slightly downhill after you pass through the main gate. There is an accessible viewing platform for our Orchard Stage. The closest accessible toilets are in the campsite, not far from the entrance.

Garden Stage

The Garden Stage is a 2 minute walk from the Orchard Stage, there is a slope leading from the Orchard to the Garden stage. Although this slope is fairly smooth terrain, under wet weather conditions it can become slippery and harder to manage. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if needed, our stewards are more than happy to do whatever it takes to ensure your safety and enjoyment! The main audience area for the Garden stage is flat grass. The closest accessible toilets are a 2-3 minute walk away, near the entrance to The Coppice.  Strobe lights are used during some sets on this stage.


The Coppice is our psytrance stage and is behind the Garden Bar down a slope. This slope is extremely steep and can be treacherous, especially in wet weather conditions. The audience area is enclosed by trees so the roots could potentially be a nuisance or a hazard. Tribe of Frog, who run this stage, are known for their exciting light displays and magical decorations, so if you would like to know more specifics about this, please don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information.

Elephant’s Grave

Elephant’s Grave plays reggae by day and house by night. It is approximately a 4 minute walk from the Garden Stage and 2 minutes from Garden Bar. This is the second furthest away stage from accessible camping. There is an extremely steep downhill slope which leads to the stage, which can be tiring to walk back up and could be difficult for those with mobility issues. This slope can be treacherous, especially in wet weather conditions. Please note that there are also some steps leading down to this area. The stage is a marquee roof with open sides which means the area stays relatively dry, but can be difficult to manoeuvre when busy. Please note that strobe lights can be used in this area. The nearest accessible toilets are at the entrance to The Coppice approximately 5 minutes away. There are toilets within the Elephants Grave venue but these are not accessible, with steps up to them.

Rave Yard

The Rave Yard consists of The Bullpen / Prango and The Cubicles. This is a 2 minute walk away from the Garden Stage. The Rave Yard area and the path towards it is fairly flat and made up of stone and concrete. The stages are actually in the barns so they are enclosed spaces that do fill up with people to capacity. At peak times we do operate a one in, one out process. It can be hard to manoeuvre easily through these arenas, especially when headline acts are on so this could potentially be an issue to someone with mobility issues, a person in a wheelchair or anyone who may feel claustrophobic or trapped. Strobe lights are sometimes used in these venues.

Wrong Directions cinema tent

Our cinema tent is situated just after Wok’s Bridge, on your left when you enter the Dingle. The stage is a marquee set up on flat grass, with sturdy roof and walls, so nice and sheltered from the elements.  However, as a lot of people will sit on the floor, it can be difficult to get through the crowd during really busy shows. This tent is a 1 minute walk, to the nearest accessible toilets.


The Bandstand is one of our smaller stages based in the Dingle, it is right of the main stage and across Wok’s Bridge which is fairly steep and downhill. In wet weather conditions this can become very slippy and may be hard to manage for a customer with mobility issues. It is then a slightly uphill 3 minute walk across the Dingle to the Bandstand. Although there is no accessible viewing platform, there is seating by the bar which has a clear view of the stage. There are accessible toilets towards the entrance of the Dingle, about a 2-3 minute walk from the stage. This stage is the furthest away from accessible camping.

The Altered State

The Altered State houses our theatre stage, arts and crafts area and The Sunken Yard.  It is a steep downhill slope leading through the craft area down to the theatre marquee, from the Orchard Stage it is about a 3-4 minute walk. In wet weather conditions, this slope can become more difficult to use. The main marquee is on a flat, grassy area, under a marquee making sure the ground stays relatively dry. However as there is seating and standing room in this enclosed space, it can be difficult to get through the crowd during busy shows. The nearest accessible toilets are about a 5-6 minute walk away (uphill for parts) by the entrance to The Dingle just over Wok’s Bridge.

Clik Clik’s Cabinet of Lost Secrets

This venue is at the top of a steep hill near Lake Sheersy. It is less than a minutes walk from The Bandstand and approximately a 6 minute walk from The Orchard Stage. The Cabinet of Lost Secrets is a small, indoor space so can become crowded and difficult to manoeuvre. The venue has secret rooms so can seem dark before the doors appear. However there is ramped access to enter the venue and all sections are wheelchair accessible. A one in one out policy can be adopted during busy times. The nearest accessible toilets are at the entrance to The Dingle, approximately 4-5 minutes walk away.


We hope this gives any of our customers who may be concerned about accessibility issues a little bit of peace of mind. We know that sometimes you just can’t plan how things are going to happen but we hope to give you as much information beforehand to ensure you feel safe, confident and comfortable about coming to Nozstock.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us beforehand about any issues regarding accessibility and inclusion. Over the weekend the stewards are there to assist you, so do let us know what we can do to make your festival experience an incredible one.


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