A food stall called wrappers delight with a bright green sign and people passing by. its a sunny day.


They say an army marches on its stomach – and what are you Nozzers but a horde of party soldiers seeking total domination of the dancefloor?


While there’s plenty to be said for the humble camping stove and the classic English Breakfast in a Tin, here at Nozstock we pride ourselves on providing a smorgasbord of street food options to perfectly complement the visual and auditory delights you’ll be experiencing all weekend. 


Our main arena will be packed to the rafters with culinary options to suit every palate. What is summer without ice cream? Splitscreen Ice Cream will be back in their vintage ice cream van to provide all manner of cooling treats. Staff favourite Pimp my Fries return with their infinitely customisable chips and blinged-out truck, while Hot Rocks Pizza will be bringing their artisan, wood-fired pizza pies to the party! Sick of sandwiches? Get your hands round a delicious, healthy and perfectly portable wrap from Wrapper’s Delight – or take a trip to Mexico a tasty burrito from That’s Nacho Burrito. Want to go even further afield? Nawa Kitchen will be bringing a taste of the Himalayas all the way to Hereford. If you want to keep it local, the Hereford-based Beefy Boys will be bringing their legendary burgers back to the Farm (a favourite of Jurassic 5!). If you’re thinking about dessert, Licorice World will be on hand with your favourite old-school sweeties, or you can kickstart the party with a decadent brownie from Boozie Brownie Co (non-alcoholic options available!).


Down in the Dingle, the gastronomic journey continues, with veggie options aplenty from the fine folks at Authentic India and classic Caribbean favourites from Tasty Ragga. The Melted Cheese Co will be on hand with their famous raclette – for those not in the know, that’s melted French cheese with a range of tasty toppings, including the poshest cheesy chips you’ll ever have… For more sweet treats make sure to visit the glamorous ladies at Donut Dollies, or warm your chilly bones with a hot bev from The Cocoa Caravan.  


But the fun doesn’t stop when you head back to your tent! There are stalls, vans and traders to cater to your every whim, right in the campsite. Coffee snob? Start your day off right with a steaming cup of Joe from our pals at The Bean Machine and Gower Coffee Cart. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially if you’re going to spend most of that day dancing. Why not indulge yourself with freshly-baked and brewed wares from Hedonist Bakery? Get Your Oats Here will have tasty, hearty porridge options to keep you powered up throughout the day – or go Greek with traditional wraps and mezze from My Gyros. Hereford-based The Lodger will be providing a wide range of tasty treats, with something to suit everyone’s tastes. If you want a chill hangout to unwind after a long session in the Cubicles, Smoky Tentacles will be back with their exquisite Moroccan marquee, providing hot drinks, ethically sourced food and traditional Egyptian hookah pipes late into the night. 


Phew – that’s more than enough for you to be getting on with – but that’s just a tiny tasty morsel of all the delights we have hidden on the Farm for you to explore this summer…