Crew Profile – Artist Liaison Decor Manager – Meg Dugmore

Crew Profile – Artist Liaison Decor Manager – Meg Dugmore

Introducing Meg Dugmore! Meg delves into past memories from way back when where she first experienced the wicked world of live events as well as showcasing her free spirit to provide a showcase of creative flair! 

Who are you and what do you do at Noz?

My name is Meg and I am the Backstage Dressing Room, Hospitality and Artist Liaison Decor Manager at Nozstock.


Tell us about your role at Noz – what are your highs and lows?

I am responsible for making the backstage at Noz as fabulous as front of house!! Fortunately I have an absolutely incredible partner in crime who works along side me, Abbie!! We also get a couple of extra crew to help us out closer to the end of the build. We generally have 2 huge marques to drape, furnish and decorate for the head liners, 9 smaller dressing rooms, an artist liaison hut and a set of dressing rooms over by the Bandstand too. Not only do we like to jazz it up inside the dressing rooms for people performing, we also love bringing our concepts together with some cohesive outdoor decor, lighting and communal seating areas. Ours backstage at Noz is like none other!


Give us your funniest Noz memory!

There have been to many vivid and wild experiences at Noz in my time there to be able to pick my funniest (and the majority NSFW)! I can safely say though that working the Burlesque stage as a production assistant years ago was hilarious.


What’s your absolute festival essential?

A diminished sense of responsibility, rum and wetwipes!!


Who would your ultimate festival headline act be?

Ultimate festival headliner would be…. man, this is a difficult question!! My tastes are deep and diverse…. Right now? After having been rave free year I would have to say Jerome Hill. The man is madness and mixes more mayhem better than any I’ve ever known!


What do you get up to outside of Noz?

Outside of Noz (and the pandemic) You can find me working independently in wardrobe and as an MUA. I can also be found creating my wares, on the yoga matt, climbing mountains and working in retail management for a very well-known British company.


What’s your go-to chill out activity when escaping all of the festival mayhem?

My go to for escaping the festival mayhem is either, bail to the van or score an ice-cold cocktail and go hangout backstage to celeb spot and gloat over our hard work with Abbie!


Tell us about your first festival experience!

My first ever festival was Ozfest @ the Milton Keynes Bowl when I was 13…. and now I feel old AF for remembering that!! Ahahhaa!! I went with my mate Dan and his Dad took us – looking back it was awesome, and surreal to see your idols who adorn your bedroom walls hanging off the rigging and whipping the crowd into moshpits!! I came home sunburnt, soul cleansed and sold to the world of live entertainment!!


How did you get into working at Noz?

I got into working Nozstock years ago after some travel plans fell through, I didn’t want to spend a summer being bummed out by the fact I wasn’t in India!! Myself and a group of friends used to host parties on the boarders and gig nights in Birmingham, some of which Pete had attended, which I suppose is how our paths crossed… and the rest they say is history.


What would be your number one tip for all festival newbies?

My number one tip for festie newbs?? I would say, check the line up, get involved, don’t say no to new experiences (unless its some ropey old wrong un trying to lure you into any type of creepy scenario) and don’t be afraid to dance alone – there’s so much more to festivals than the front row!! If you allow yourself to connect and develop through creativity and celebration of the arts and skills people contribute, you’ll be rich for life ❤️