Crew Profile – Assistant Office Manager – Katie Salisbury

Crew Profile – Assistant Office Manager – Katie Salisbury

Introducing Katie! Our Assistant Office Manager tells us all about her experience in the events world – this girl provides some top tips as well as letting us in on some of her festival faves!


Tell us about your role at Noz, how did you get involved?

I’m the Assistant Office Manager for the info/admin office. I joined Nozstock back in May 2018 as an administrative intern just at the start of my placement year for university. I had previously heard about Nozstock through people that I know who had attended. I then had an interest due to the music and the creative aspect of it. When it came to who I wanted to work for during my placement year, Nozstock was the first that came to mind. I had a look on the website and seen a position for administrative intern and the rest is history!


What do you do when you aren’t doing Noz?

So in a pre-covid world, outside of Noz I would be packing in working at as many festivals I could during the summer, then usually I would be at university but now I’ve finished I don’t quite know what I would’ve been doing during the colder seasons. Hopefully I would’ve been finding work in a variety of other events, and travelling all over the place. But now back to the reality of living in a pandemic, outside of Noz I am usually stuck inside watching TV and eating all the time.


What’s in your festival survival kit?

I’m a bit pathetic when it comes to festivals and camping as I really enjoy my comforts so I’ll rock up to every festival with a massive 4 wheel trolley full of stuff. I guess if I HAD to reduce my extensive packing list, my essentials would be a nice comfy roll mat to sleep on, toothbrush and paste and lots and lots of layers of clothes!! A handy tip would be to bring bin bags to keep all your stuff dry if it rains, nothing worse than a wet sleeping bag!!!


What makes an amazing festival for you?

For a festival to be amazing, for me, it has to provide something more than just the music. Yeah obviously the music is a big factor for me, but a festival also has to provide creativeness, something fun and wacky. A friendly atmosphere and community feel is very important to me. I’m usually attracted to smaller festivals because of this.


Dream headliner?

If Noz could do the impossible, my dream headliner would have to be T. Rex!


What keeps you sane during lockdown?

My wonderful partner, especially when we first went into lockdown and I was finishing my university degree. He was an angel for putting up with me. Although, he has drove me insane a few times as well!


What are you listening to right now?

As I am writing this I am listening to The Drums. I used to listen to them a lot and have just recently developed a newfound love for them again.


Any advice for people wanting to work events?

For me, to get my foot through the door to the world of events involved a lot of volunteering, building up my skills and experience and networking. If I could recommend anything, it’s to always be up for anything. People will soon start to recognise your hard work and see your passion. You’ll soon start meeting people that will want to have you work at their events and then they’ll recommend you to others.

Working for events is not a glamorous lifestyle and there’s not a lot of money involved, but if you’re passionate about events and you are prepared to work hard, working long shifts on little sleep, then go for it and you will have the best time!


Best Nozstock memory?

Nozstock holds many of my favourite festival memories. If I had to choose just one particular memory it would have to be on the Sunday of the 2019 instalment at the firework display. I was with my partner and one of my bestest pals, reflecting on what an amazing weekend I had with two of my favourite people. I was overcome with happiness.


Any other events you love?

Other than my absolute favourite, Noztsock, other festivals I love are Boomtown, Tramlines, End of the Road, Tribal Gathering, and Glastonbury. I also really enjoy the Sounds of the City concerts at Castlefield Bowl in Manchester, I love the venue!


What would be on your rider?

Vegan sausage rolls and orange juice (with bits, of course!)