Crew Profile – Cabinet of Lost Secrets- Kate Cox

Crew Profile – Cabinet of Lost Secrets- Kate Cox

Next up in our crew profiles is the incredible brain who dreamt up the funkiest  hidden world at Nozstock: the Cabinet of Lost Secrets! Bursting to the brim with creative ideas and visions, it’s Kate Cox!

Who are you and what do you do at Noz?

Hello! I’m Kate Cox, Co-Founder & Director of the Cabinet of Lost Secrets. I also help Noz with some stage managing and other bits and bobs.

Tell us about your role at Noz – what are your highs and lows?

Creating the Cabinet is a journey!  Initial design ideas and programming the Cabinet acts start well in advance, then me and the core team work on developing the plans.

The rest of the team comes in for the final build week, it’s full on and we work super long hours. We are dirty and tired but we have such a fun time. Then it’s the weekend and we go from 15 people creating this crazy world to seeing loads of people explore and enjoy the magical space and line up. Then it’s Monday and time to break down everything we created!

It’s definitely highs and lows!

Give us your funniest Noz memory!

One of the farm chickens moved into the Cabinet one year, and upon breakdown we found she had laid us 3 eggs under the stage! We like to think it happened during the Stiff Joints, with all the bouncing!

What’s your absolute festival essential?

A cosy bed to make sure even if it’s only a few hours sleep it’s good!

Who would your ultimate festival headline act be?

Ahh 100% Daft Punk – sadly too late!

I really like Bicep at the moment. In an ultimate dream world, Fela Kuti.

What do you get up to outside of Noz?

I am a freelance producer so a vibrant array of events usually. Then I have a huge passion for travel and graffiti/street art. If I can combine the two then great! I also like throwing on my jamas and closing the door to the world!

What’s your go-to chill out activity when escaping all of the festival mayhem?

I don’t get to escape at Nozstock – I’m chained to the Cabinet!

Tell us about your first festival experience!

Sneaking into Glastonbury before the mega fences. Climbing a tree, finding mates at the stone circle, staying up all night and then working out where the hell we were going to camp bleary eyed!

How did you get into working at Noz?

I work a lot of festivals and had a mate at Noz already who said they were looking for walkabout acts. So I started with my performance venture Clik Clik Collective and the dodgy cleaning ladies The Peggies for years, before the opportunity to run a venue came along. I’ve been at Noz in some form or other for 11 years now.

What would be your number one tip for all festival newbies?

Don’t blow everything on the first night!