Crew Profile – Little Wonderland – Sarah Edwards

Crew Profile – Little Wonderland – Sarah Edwards

What’s your role at Nozstock? How did you get involved?

I run Little Wonderland kids and family area with my fantastic Spare Room Arts team, along with a host of talented artists, makers, theatre folk and musicians who all help to provide an all singing and dancing weekend of entertainment. Activities are designed for the whole family, whether you are 1 or 101, there is something you will enjoy!


Walk us through a day working at Noz!

Our area opens at 10am and runs through until 6:30/ 7pm (until the last enthusiastic person is standing!).We always start with a yoga session for adults which is open to everyone. It’s a lovely way to start the day, especially if the kids have got you up at 5am. We follow with a kid’s yoga and storytelling session – the calm before the painty, glittery storm! We always have a table of endless possibilities open (junk modelling) – this opens at 10am and runs through till when we close the tent. It’s definitely a festival favourite. 11am kicks off with a host of workshops from arts and crafts, theatre and interactive storytelling to beatboxing, music workshops and break dancing.


When you aren’t doing Nozstock, what are you up to?

I work all round the country running arts areas for events and festivals. I work for around 10 different festivals a year.


What do you love about festivals? What sets Noz apart for you?

I love the endless possibilities and experiences at festivals, I love the freedom, the people and the music. There is nothing nicer than being out in the open on a sunny afternoon listening to music. Noz is a really special festival – it has something other festivals don’t have. It definitely has a unique charm and pull, its the kind of place everyone can be exactly who they want to be and this amazing diversity of people it attracts is wonderful.


What’s in your festival survival kit?

Eco glitter, biodegradable baby wipes, refillable water bottle, a warm jumper for night time, cider!


Dream headliner?

This is a really tough one, I think I am going to have to say the Beastie Boys!


Best Noz moment?

I have too many to write down so I will go with the best Noz feeling (which happens more than once)! End of the day, sunset over the valley, cold drink and shine sequin dress (made for someone a lot younger and smaller than me ?) and then off into the night with my amazing staff.


What other festivals would you recommend?

I absolutely love End of the Road Festival, its always the last one.