Crew Profile – WBX Manager – Suki Taylor

Crew Profile – WBX Manager – Suki Taylor

Welcome Nozzers to another edition of getting to know the Noz crew! The people that make the magic happen for your festival fun, by putting in bucketloads of love, sweat and generally a few tears too. This time the focus is on a person whose face will be seem very familiar since he’s been a core crew member since the very first event. That and the fact you can’t get into the event without seeing him. That’s right it’s the guarder of the gates, Wristband Exchange Manager, Suki Taylor….

Photography by Ray Whittaker

What’s your role at Nozstock?

I am the Wristband Exchange Manager and Wristband Exchange Security. I have 14 staff to organize over the weekend as well as the main wristband area. Plus we look after the family live-in gate and the car park ticketing.


What’s your festival survival tip?

For me a good pair of boots and fresh socks! Keeping hydrated and looking after your personal belongings.


What’s your funniest Nozstock moment?

I have had so many funny things over 20 years but the one that will always be stuck in my mind is Neil Pulling playing his organ and singing at the wristband front entrance. It was hilarious, people dancing around, Kathy Tate our Sustainability Manager turning his pages over. One of those got to be there moments…


Have you ever been star struck?

I have worked as a SIA security guard at lot of concerts and festivals and been lucky enough to meet the rock stars, actors and sports personalities. I have even Guarded Jo Whiley in a outside Radio 2 live broadcast. At Nozstock I don’t really see many headliners as the wristband area is very busy 24/7.


What do you love about Noz?

Everything! My job, my staff, the Noz family – even Rob Noz – what’s there not to love? It’s got that magic feel. Even COVID-19 couldn’t keep me away on the 23rd July – I was at the farm in the wristband area feeling really sad in a empty campsite! Also on the 25th five wristband staff sat in the field for hours. We just wanted to be there.


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Friendly, loyal, honest.


Who would be your dream headliner?

Boomtown Rats.


How did you get involved with Noz?

It was a friend who said in the pub ‘come up to Noz with me, they are having a party’. We ended up doing the security. Same the next year and so on and so on. It’s been 20 years now – it got more serious around 2004, when I was with Mama Noz and a young Ella checking wristbands on the gate.


What do you do when Noz is not happening?

I’m a AGA RAYBURN engineer and part time security guard.


Anything else you want Nozzers to know?

My staff are amazing and they are the heroes of the wristband exchange. They can wristband 7.3 people every minute!