As we inch towards a brand new summer of festivalling, with great excitement it’s about time we announced who will be joining us down on the farm in our beautiful Herefordshire fields. Yes, it’s the line-up you’ve all been waiting for, from the festival you all love the most!

Now we all know Nozstock is a place for variety, with an intention of making you dance, smile and think, ‘I don’t know what this is, but I love it!’ So trust that we’ve brought you a mix of bassy, melodic, bizarre but incredible music this year. Let’s get on with the show…

First up we have some reggae legends among us, if you don’t know this lot then where were you when everyone was singing ‘I Shot the Sheriff’? That’s right, THE WAILERS are coming to the farm, bringing classic and new reggae beats to the Orchard Stage and we can’t wait. Talking of smooth operators, FAT FREDDY’S DROP will be delivering their smooth bops to us, giving respite to the thumping cow sheds. You won’t have a wandering eye when watching this lot (see what we did there?), their immersive performance will entrance the cows from fields away. Fancy something a bit more drum & bass? We’ve got a double act to suit your needs. SHY FX & Stamina MC are sure to satisfy your raving cravings, especially as they’re taking over the main stage – there’s no way you’ll be able to walk past without a jig.


Just in time for the 50th year anniversary of hip-hop, GRANDMASTER FLASH graces our stage to show us how it’s done. This hip-hop spinning legend has consistently pioneered the DJ game for many years, and he’s not done yet. Another legend who’s been dedicating years to the craft, but takes a different spin when it comes to genre is DAVID RODIGAN; a lover of all things dancehall, reggae, afro beats and every dance-worthy genre in between. Rodigan has featured on many stages and radio stations throughout the UK, he cannot be stopped! Not far behind you’ll find our farm-favourite EVA LAZARUS, if you saw her performance in 2018 you’ll know why we are SO excited to welcome her back to the festival on the Orchard Stage this time. That’s what you call bigger and better. 

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a collage of different portraits of performers including Katie Spencer, Shy Fx, Grandmaster Flash, Eva Lazarus

Now, let’s add a few more musical members to the mix, or in other words.. Bands. THE ALLERGIES LIVE will be injecting their mix of soul, sample-filled, rock & roll, groove worthy tunes with added members to truly make it come alive, we cannot wait for this one. Added to the bill we have, HOLY MOLY & THE CRACKERS, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DUNCAN DISORDERLY AND THE SCALLYWAGS, FIDGET AND THE TWITCHERS, THRILL COLLINS, MY BABY, ROVING CROWS and THE PLEASURE DOME who will be hauling their crews to Herefordshire for a blend of folk, rock, indie, ska, punk and all round ‘party music’ (quoted from Duncan Disorderly himself). Speaking of party music, ever wanted to go to Carnival in Brazil but can’t hack the flight? Never fear, BLOCO B have you covered. This multi-member party starting act brings an authentically Brazilian energy to the stage and we cannot wait for this high-intensity performance. Not forgetting the solo artists bringing a different but no less energy to the main stage, GASPER NALI, KATIE SPENCER, JAKE SPICER, DRIFTA, FUNKE & THE TWO TONE BABY and NATI DREDDD will fill the fields with a variety of exotic, acoustic sounds throughout the day to keep you going through to the evening. 

Through the valley and out the back door we arrive at The Garden Stage. This year you’ll see the return of vinyl scratching expert DJ MARKY alongside MC GQ, with a truly once in a lifetime set you will not want to miss. Another iconic MC and lyricist, the incredible GENERAL LEVY will be delivering his recognisable high pitched sounds and fast paced pronunciation. We really are spoilt for choice this year with MCs, GARDNA, TOO MANY T’S and ex-foreign beggars member PAV4N will also be joining us. Gardna is the gardener to our Garden Stage and continues to get better every year he performs, he’s become part of the family. Another regular to the farm is BEANS ON TOAST, known for his honest and relatable writings about life, we look forward to what he has to say on stage in 2023. Don’t worry it’s not just a family affair, new-comers CHARLIE TEE from Radio 1’s drum & bass show, ex Prodigy member LEEROY THORNHILL and MANDIDEXTROUS are sure to blow your socks off with their bassy, techno beats.

A collage of different performing artists

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They know how to get this party started. MR BRUCE will also be bringing the energy with his creative presence on stage, previously a member of The Correspondents, he was known for throwing some serious shapes to some bizarrely fantastic beats. Not to forget KENNY KEN, ED-COX and E-COLI , COLLETTE THE DOTS, CMPND, DON PIPER, NATTY SPEAKS, BEATLES DUB CLUB, TRIPPLEJAYY, MAD APPLE CIRCUS and so many more will feature on the Garden Stage over the weekend, taking us through journeys of hip-hop and getting us pumped up to dance all night. 

Now let’s head to everyone’s favourite cow sheds, the Cubicles! And what better way to start things off by bringing the trusted DJs of HOSPITALITY RECORDS in to really get things going. S.P.Y & LOWQUI, WHINEY, UNGLUED, DEGS and LENS have been put forward to represent and we have no doubt they will deliver a drum & bass dream come true. But that’s not all, MEFJUS ft. MAKSIM MC will also be delivering a headline set sure to shake that corrugated iron into next July.  Joining them will be ALCEMIST, GRAY, TRAFIC MC and OCTO PI alongside some up and coming artists that are bursting through the music scene; CROSSY, KARA, JENKS, COLLETTE WARREN, BEN SOUNDSCAPE and our boys from the next village over, NU:MOTIVE who may be coming with a few surprises…keep your eyes out for this set. There’s some serious mixing and mc’ing skills being performed here, so when the sun goes down you know what to do… get your head in those sheds. 

Now it wouldn’t be Nozstock if we didn’t have 7 OTHER STAGES to showcase more talent, get you into some arty farty goodness and get you laughing till your belly hurts. The stages to explore are:

The Bandstand: where our favourite punk, folk and acoustic bands will be playing including THE DEEP BLUE, MELIN MELYN, ECHO GECCO, LOS DEDOS and DD DARILLO. The perfect place to chill out during the day with the best seats in the festival and a bar right next to you, what a dream. 

The Bullpen: It’s your favourite underground club but fabricated within the Nozstock farm. Joining us will be THE KITTEN CLUB, APH, FRENETIC, VERSTYLE, T98, GABBY GUNN, CHOPPA, CHILLZ, DUBRUVVAS, FRENCHISH, SIX WAS NINE, THOBURN, POLO LILLI, NATTY SPEAKS, REX, SILVERBAK, TENZ, DNB CITY and our winner of the DJ Noz competition 2022, STEZ. We are proud to be hosting so many female DJs this year, come on gals let’s show them how it’s done!

Down where the lost secrets are kept locked away in the cabinet, never to be let loose.. there’s some mischievous musicians about to unlock it just in time for July. If you’ve not guessed it already, it’s The Cabinet of Lost Secrets! If you’ve taken a trip down the rabbit hole before, you’ll remember this place as where you lost your head but gained some great memories. Taking you on a funkadelic, electronica, ska and balkan journey is CRINKLE CUTS, FAT GENEROUS, BETHLEHEM CASUALS, HIGH FADE, DESERT BOOTS, NEUTRINO, PEEWEE AND THE ONE SKINS, THE BALKANEERS, LARSEY & LEWIS, ENDAF, KAY MULLET, PLAY IT AGAIN DAN and FUNKY NAVIGATION. With some risky tricks alongside them, THE DEMON BARBERS will be on hand to give you the best cut of your life… or the last. As well as Life Drawing taking place in the day to get you on form for the evening. 

Speaking of day to night, down in the Elephant’s Graveyard, ITAL SOUNDS will be taking over in the day to provide dub and reggae sounds as you bask in the sunshine. But when the sun sets, the energy rises and STRENGTH IN NUMBERS will provide the boots ‘n’ cats house tunes. Coming along with them are; PLUMP DJS, SONNY WHARTON, GAWP, SPLONIE, SPACE JUMP, DIRTY SECRETZ, DARK ARTS CLUB, DOM KANE, LUKE STANGER, KAITZY, PAUL FLYNN, INNERKEY, HOUSE MEANZ HOUSE, GAVIN SEVIER, NATHAN COOK and DEX. Don’t be shy, delve into this nook at the bottom of the hill and get to toe tapping. 

We love a bit of arts and culture at Nozstock, it’s where we all started and what keeps us going. So what better way to entertain ourselves and the family than some Cinema, Theatre, Cabaret and Craft! The West Midlands Community Cinema will be taking over the Wrong Directions Cinema this year, with award winning showings like Parasite, Painting of a Girl on Fire and Studio 54. That’s what you call sit-down entertainment. 

Fireworks display

Some more newness this year is the re-booted craft area, filled with paper, felt and plenty of PVA glue, perfect for the young’uns to keep their minds and hands busy as you enjoy a well earned break. You’ll find workshops like wooden mushroom making, recycled material sea creatures, willow weaving and so much more, all run by our very skilled crafty traders. Next door in the Altered State, the circus workshops are open to all ages. Learn to hula-hoop, diablo or juggle with the family in-between watching your favourite bands. 

Join us in the evening at the Department of Cultural Affairs, a place where all kinds of performance art takes place, sometimes with a cheeky nudge nudge, wink wink. You’ll find a mix of Cabaret, Poetry, Comedy and Theatre here, enough to make you belly-laugh into the early hours and you’ll possibly find glitter in some unusual places. 

This isn’t the end, it’s simply just the beginning. All this and so much more will take place at Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2023!

Don’t forget our 2023 theme is, 20,000 Acres Under The Sea, and make sure that fully informs your dress code for the weekend. If it doesn’t look like you’ve been pulled out of the sea backwards, we’re not interested. Stay alert by signing up to our newsletter – we’ll be sharing our annual turn of secret sets, surprise visits and places you never knew existed. See you in July for our under the sea adventure!