Tell us about more Nu Motive… What are you guys about, what do you do?


Back in 2016 we shared Hereford with Noz! However musically we saw no market for our age group – we wanted to party and enjoy the music like everyone else! We started throwing under 18’s parties and before we knew it we were hosting shows of all scales across the country. We’ve jumped back after COVID as a multi-platform promotions company – bringing you a DJ collective, showcase platform and hand-picking the best in all types of DNB & other underground music.. It’s exciting to be back!



What can we expect from your Noz takeover?


Our last time at Nozstock The Cubicles were rammed pack from start to finish. This year we’ll be aiming for exactly that… but this year we will be bringing some extra flavour. Expect the best from us! You will be seeing a whole range of Drum & Bass from our residents; Caliginous, Sentience, FLD, and Paradigm Shift. On hosting duties will be Trafic, Elkay, and LT!


What makes a great audience or venue? 


We believe there are two factors to a good venue. The first is the crowd and the second is the sound system. A crowd needs to be good vibes only. We’ve had so many shows where they’re interrupted by violence, moshing, or just misbehaving. We want everyone to be safe and enjoying themselves! It’s key to a good night. Of course, the obvious one for a great venue is the sound system! It’s hard as a DJ to create a good atmosphere if the crowd isn’t able to hear the music how it should be heard.


How did lockdowns and restrictions during COVID affect you?


Lockdown was strange for us (and for everyone else!) and we took a hiatus from hosting events. We didn’t really put on any shows so we thought about other ways we could connect, so we managed to build a very popular Soundcloud platform for guest mixes, and resident take-overs and also featured on some podcasts covering very important topics!


Once we were past the sit-down period of events, we were back with a bang hosting some of the best shows to date. It was a tough time, but it was refreshing to see the scene still making ways to get out there, and it’s also great to see such a strong bounce back!



What artists are killing it right now?


Voltage – We’ve always loved having Voltage play at our shows, his energy is unmatched! We have been big fans of his work for years and his most recent release with Shy FX is no exception. That tune is sick!


Particle – Another friend of the brand who has played for us a few times. We think his sound is so unique and brings a modern side to the old-school jungle vibe as well as smashing out more techy-tracks too.


We wanted an honourable mention to Tim Reaper and Coco Bryce too. These guys are consistently putting out great music that brings back the 90’s sound with a modern fresh feel. Definitely, one to get on our line-up ASAP!


What’s next for Nu: Motive?


After a busy summer, we’ll be planning on announcing a whole bunch of shows/takeovers/sets planned for the Freshers and Halloween period which is going to be exciting. Last year was just insane with involvements across Old Crown Courts, Lakota, Thekla & so many other wicked venues!


We’ll also be touring two artists across the country in Q4 and Q1 next year. That’s going to be special, they’re both absolutely smashing it currently so keep an eye out for that!


What are you most looking forward to for Noz 2022?


We can’t wait to get back onto the farm and party with everyone again. I think everyone has just missed being in each other’s company and listening to good music. The last 2 years have been a tricky one for our scene and just to catch up whilst having a few drinks with familiar faces is going to be wicked. We can’t wait for this summer at Noz, we’ll see you all there!


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