Uphill and Still

Uphill and Still

Harmonies, Strings, Washboard and… Things. 

Jon and Maddy form a dynamic and intimate duo, influenced by Old Time Folk, Canadian Roots and their own experiences busking, and living on the road.

The two-piece met by chance in New Zealand, 2014. Within days they had accidentally embarked on a musical journey that would allow their individual sounds to grow together as they travelled, whilst conveniently keeping food on the table. 

Driven by their growth, and looking for a new challenge, the following year they dedicated time to DIY recording their first EP, Elkonomic Develophant, using what they had, when they could.

Since the debut release in May 2016, Uphill and Still and have spent two years  performing back and forth across Canada; from East Coast Fishing Taverns, to Prairie Porches; West Coast Surf Towns to Yukon festival stages, absorbing life into their sound.

After taking the winter out to record their new album, No Time Forever, the travelling two-piece are back on the road in the UK, so follow your ears, quit your jobs, and bring your spoons*!

*/thimbles/baked bean cans/ broken van stories/ wanderlust