That’s right. Countdown time is upon us, just one month to go til Nozstock the Hidden Valley 2019. We warned you, the yellow-brick road has caused quite a queue, loyal Nozstockers and new friends alike have snapped up their spot on the farm.  Our wicked control tower has some dastardly plans for farm-dwellers this year. Expect secrets, surprises and wonders galore.

Like what you see in your crystal ball? Grab your tickets while you still can, my pretties!

As much as we’d love to invite the whole darn world and his wife onto the farm, our little Emerald City can only hold so many tents before we’d start spilling out into the surrounding paddocks. Because of this – and the world-renowned vibes of our little festival – a ticket to see the Wizard of Noz is a hot ticket, baby – and tickets are flying off the shelves at a record-beating rate.

That’s right, we’ve almost sold out of Tier 4 tickets. The clock’s ticking, we’re only a month away, and you’re running out of time to secure yourself a sweet spot on one of the farm’s comfy sofas. They’re cheap as chips right now, so grab yourself a bargain while you still can. We hit capacity in 2018, and 2019 is looking like another sell out year – so what are you waiting for? Hot-foot it to the tickets page ‘coz when they’re gone, they’re gone, and you don’t want to doom yourself to a weekend spent watching YouTube vids of Rudimental sets, wearing wellies in bed to try and recreate the magic of Noz while your mates are experiencing the best weekend of their years – nay, their lives!

Catch you in July…