In need of something to shake you out of that post-Christmas doom/pre-spring gloom, when the days don’t seem to be getting longer and it’s still somehow sodding snowing?


Us too – which is why we’ve come to sprinkle a little Nozstock summer magic into your inbox and on your newsfeed by giving you a taste of what’s to come…


That’s right, we’ve decided on the theme for this year’s festival, and it’s one we’ve been itching to do for a fair old while. So far, you’ve travelled with us into parallel universes, witnessed the wonderful Land of (N)Oz, walked with the dinosaurs and much more besides.

a collage of different nozstock stages with different themes, all with a large audience in front.


This summer we’ll be inviting you intrepid explorers to come with us on a journey into the uncharted depths of the ocean, encountering heretofore unknown creatures and putting Sebastian’s claims to the test: is it really better down where it’s wetter?

Taking inspiration from Jules Verne’s science-fiction masterpiece, in 2023 the Hidden Valley will be submerged…

20,000 acres under the sea! 



We’ll be swapping land cows for dugongs, tractors for submarines and trees for great big sea anemones. As well as everything oceanic and underwater, you can expect a heavy dose of Victorian-inspired steampunk mechanisms and machinery, in honour of Jules Verne’s exploration of hypothetical technologies and visions of what the future might look like. 

So don your diving suit, pack up your pet sea monkeys and, if you can’t swim, you might want to bring a pair of inflatable armbands. It’s time to get nautical…

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